Basic Information

Name Natalya Vinda

Title Jedi Apprentice - Back in Black

Biography Name: Natalya Vinda ('Nat' to her friends) Species: Human Age: 19 standard human years Sex: Female Height: 5'10 Eye Colour: Brown normally, but due to a genetic quirk inherited from her mother, Natalya's eyes change to a bright blue when drawing upon the force heavily. Build / Figure: Athletic Political affiliation: Lightsider, with close affiliations with other neutral parties. Force rank: Good question, at the absence from any real IC training gonna have to go with apprentice for now, which is, you know, a step up from 'traffic warden' Homeplanet: Etti-IV, but can be found on Bonadan (because of her Father, of course) and Capricia more often due to her training. Father: Seth Vinda Mother: Natalya Severina Favourite Colour: Blue Favourite Ice cream flavour: Pistachio Favourite Drink: A good cup of Caff. Favourite Food: Has become quite partial to Bonadan Ramen, dumplings. Favoured weapon(s): Natalya carries with her at all times her Mother's violet Lightsaber (prized more for its sentimental value) - Nat also has a custom made Military grade Syn-band able to produce HL holograms. Known friends / Asc: KO-B3 ('Kobi'): R2-Unit, Achinta Vega, Kaneda Soom, Ishara, Gaia, Tyscio Korban, OS and of course good 'ol dad. Theme tune(s): Hey everyone needs inspiration to write from right? Well mine happens to be music, (all kinds really): Live and Let Die by Paul Macartney, Bjork: 'Army of me' , RATM: 'Renegades of Funk', 'Kashmir' by Led Zepp, 'Rock it' by Sub zero, Matrix Soundtracks.. 'Other' Mad skillz: Strong martial arts training (with a strong focus on grapples and holds meant to either pin down or incapacitate opponents up close) A good knowledge of espionage techniques, and a competent pilot (she picked up a few handy tips on her travels) Character and Temperament: Natalya has had to learn to survive the hard way, and while might not be at the strongest level of force training is mentally tough for her age, wise beyond her years, and physically very fit. Adhering to a strict training regime ingrained into her from her years at the CSA training facilities. Despite this, Nat is impulsive and impatient when there is action to be taken and sometimes prone to rash actions, which can get her into trouble, (but she is learning slowly - honest!) Fiercely protective and loyal, she cannot abide oppression, despises the Empire, the CSA, and anyone stupid enough to threaten the people she cares about. While she understands the wisdom of her Father's infamous neutral political stance, Natalya does not agree with it, and frequently clashes with her Father over this. Stubborn, focused and determined, Natalya does not give up easily, seemingly to have inherited her Father's tenacity. They have both come to understand that they are more alike than they realised. By nature Natalya is a guarded, yet level headed person, but angers quickly at the sight of injustice. Being empathic she does have a softer side which she has learnt to keep hidden carefully from sight. Nat will forgive, but not forget. From the nature of her discovery and rescue, and also because of her Father's name, Natalya has suddenly found herself unexpectedly thrust into the public limelight, causing her to be recognised virtually everywhere. Nat has discovered this to be both useful and a royal pain in the arse, whilst she may have become a bit of a celebrity, especially on Bonadan, she couldn't really care less about her new found fame. Natalya's force powers are for the most part self-cultivated and centre around her empathic and precognitive abilities , able to keenly sense when something is not what it should be, but under the guidance of both OS and Tysico, Natalya is hoping to develop her powers more. Natalya can sometimes take failure too much to heart, and is her own worst critic in this regard, it is part of this drive which makes her determined to do all she can to better herself. Background and History: Natalya's history is both complex and tragically interlinked with the fates of her parents. Natalya's Father is well known in the universe, as the famous head of Vinda-Corporation, Seth Vinda, but her Mother, Natalya Severina, after whom she is named, is less known. As her Father's rapid rise to power began amid the chaotic background of intergalactic political intrigue, so did of course the number of his enemies, one of which Kalatan Aramaya, an ex-childhood friend and rival CSA CEO , was to play a huge part in the formative early years of Natalya's life. Natalya was the result of a tragic love triangle between both her parents and Aramaya. Her Mother, Natalya Severina, was abducted by the jealous rival, after he learned of Severina’s love for the Vinda-Corp figurehead, and was forced to marry Kalatan against her will. Seth Vinda searched exhaustedly for her and eventually secured her release, but over a year had passed and in that time much had happened. On the day of Vinda's rise to governor of Bonadan, he and Natalya Severina were finally reunited, but it was to be short lived. In an act of retaliation, Aramaya had Vinda's private shuttle fitted with a bomb meant for the VC figurehead , but in a quirk of fate it was Natalya's Mother, Severina, amongst others, who were killed in the devastating explosion. The bomb not only robbed Nat of her Mother, but her true Father as well , for Natalya Severina was not given the chance to tell Vinda he had become a Father, as Severina had given birth to Natalya , their daughter, during her year long abduction. As Vinda instead mourned the loss of his love, and gradually put aside the past and focused his energy into building his influential corporate and political empire, Natalya, the daughter, oblivious of her real heritage was raised by a twisted and bitter Aramaya. Warped by his own grief, Kalatan refused to accept Natalya as Vinda's , yet did not truly accept her as a daughter of his own, and she soon became a focus for Kalatan’s hatred of the man whom he blamed for everything. Vinda took the life of her Mother because the Bomb had been meant for Vinda after all! ergo; Vinda's responsibility. Natalya began to realise she had to work hard for any kind of recognition from her 'surrogate' Father, without ever truly understanding why, this period of her life she very rarely talks about, and is obviously a source of great pain. All she was ever told about her Mother, Severina, was that she had been killed by Vinda, and that she would one day, avenge this injustice. During this time Natalya had been assessed by the CSA, and after her force sensitivity had been noted, enrolled into a CSA funded training programme to hone her obvious physical prowess. As Natalya’s training took shape, so did her force capabilities, inheriting her Mother's keen insight and her father's empathic abilities. From the twisted logic of Aramaya, Natalya was manipulated to become the perfect assassin, a tool, to unwittingly kill her own biological Father. But fate, (as it so often does) intervened once more, and through a close friend , Natalya learned of the truth and realised her whole life had been a lie. Between them both, Natalya and her friend , Andersan, arranged an escape. Alas, due to reasons unknown Natalya's escape was thwarted, and she was captured and sent to the 'Star's End' CSA prison facility on Mytus VII. Andersan, however evaded capture and headed for Bonadan to try to get a message to Vinda, but to no avail. For by the time Andersan reached Bonadan with his message, Vinda had already left for Capricia and the whole sector faced the biggest crisis it perhaps had ever seen; The Caprician Conflict, one that would engulf the entire region into war. Faced with the knowledge CSA agents were everywhere, and not knowing who to trust, Andersan chose to keep both his real identity and his message a secret for the time-being, until he could reach Vinda himself. Fully aware it was not only his life on the line. Elsewhere, sensing its opportunity, the CSA would strike at the heart of the Vinda-Corporation Empire, with brutal and deadly precision. Andersan and his secret, unfortunately never made it to Vinda, but a Section (VC operative) named Kaneda Soom stumbled across the information held at the highly secure CSA data center on Orron III. Using this information, at great personal risk to himself, Soom managed to rescue Natalya from her frozen imprisonment in stasis. Upon her rescue, Natalya found facing her 'newly discovered' Father too much to bear, and against the wishes of her rescuer, decided to take some time to deal with the rush of conflicted emotions that had burst to the surface. After swearing a reluctant Soom to secrecy, with a promise to return , she borrowed a ship and travelled the galaxy for a while, attempting to gain as much distance from the entire affair as possible. Natalya jokingly refers to this period as her 'lost year' , a time of healing and reflection, that now to her seems like nothing but a blur. After the Caprician crisis was over, a new day had dawned for the Commonwealth, but the danger to Vinda was not yet over, and in the midst of the reconstruction and jubilant celebrations of victory, Vinda's old enemies still had one last card to play. Natalya, unaware that anyone else knew of her existence, began to learn more of her Mother's past, and discovered that Severina had once been a Jedi, and had even crafted her own Lightsaber. Before his fateful journey to Bonadan, Andersan had discovered this and entrusted it to a relative, his aunt Gaia. As Natalya came to terms with what this all meant, she was abducted and once again found herself a prisoner of her Father's enemies, an alarming and increasingly common trend. Vinda, after learning about a daughter he had never even known had existed was in danger, scoured the galaxy in an effort to find her, and it was to be Soom once again who would become her rescuer. But whilst held against her will, Natalya learned of the true motives of her captor's, and of the assassin already en-route sent to kill the Father she had not yet had a chance to meet. It was to be a race against time, and as Natalya rushed to her Father's aid , she began to realise she wanted to know the man, and to have the chance to start again. With the help of Achinta Vega, and Kaneda Soom, this attack too was thwarted, and for the first time, Father and Daughter, once separated by hate, were finally brought together. In an effort to learn more about her Mother, Natalya, with the help of her new found friend Ishara, Nat managed to track down the Jedi who had trained Severina, Salazar. After an eventful journey to Brion he told her everything he could, and started her on her own more private journey, the way of the Jedi. But there was to be more revelations, as Nat's newest friend , Ishara unexpectedly discovers more about her own past and Salazar's connection to her lost family, causing her to start down a more darker path than Natalya. As a seemingly chance confrontation back on Bonadan turns more sinister. Natalya is understanding of her friend's need to be left alone to deal with the hard truths she has learnt, and yet anxious of her friend's safety, but above all unsettled by the dark seed she senses has been planted within her. Ultimately Natalya has decided she wants to be a Jedi, but her Father has grave reservations about her decision, which mainly stem from his inherent distrust of force-users (ironic since he himself is one) most of which he regards as war-mongering religious fanatics but more because he simply does not wish to lose his daughter again. Suffice to say, as far as Nat is concerned, he doesn't have a say in the matter. ;) * * * Force powers / training history details: Natalya has a basic understanding of the force and, being of apprentice rank still has much to learn. Most of what she has learnt has been somewhat sporadically self-taught, and her powers reflect this: Force push / pull, Force enhanced reflexes (eg: speed) , Force jump, precognition, Force sense, empathy ... While Natalya's Lightsaber skills are quite basic , she has good grounding due to her prior training in hand to hand weapons, such as the basic form of fencing she was taught during her CSA training days. It has to be noted however, she has only 'owned' a lightsaber for just over a year, a short time for any Jedi. Nat's real combat talents though lie in hand to hand combat, being taught various forms of martial arts from an early age, Natalya is more than comfortable getting 'hands on' Her preferred method of this form of combat is where she can use an attackers weight, speed and momentum against them, with many various holds, grapples and choke moves at her disposal means Nat can get to grips with assailants much larger in size and weight than her and come out on top. Coupled with Force enhanced speed, this all combines to make her a more than capable opponent for any would-be attacker. In both forms of combat, (Lightsaber and hand to hand) Natalya prefers and values quick and efficient moves in comparison to the more elaborate forms of combat available. Her martial art skills were designed to take down an opponent quickly, cleanly, in the most efficient manner possible, and this philosophy has carried itself across into her Lightsaber training. Natalya has recently come under the instruction of Jedi Knight Tyscio Korban, and Jedi Master Leia Organa Solo (or is it Korban now?) Along with Jedi Master Amnde. watch this space folks!] * * * Out of Character notes: The original idea for Natalya as a character came about as I dwelled upon her Father, Seth's own future. I realised, he had no-one with which to leave his legacy to, this paired with a desire for change, meant the seeds of Nat's creation was sown. Natalya marked a significant change in direction with me, until her creation, I had only ever played neutral characters. I have found the transition complex and more tricky than I first thought, but no less enjoyable, I have found a challenge is needed in order to grow. Part of the reason behind this was because of just how established her Father , Seth was. I found it difficult to introduce a major character such as a daughter due to the long complex history he already had, as well as areas I had deliberately avoided, there were many other issues to address also. Who was she? what would she be like? Why would he not know about her? Why would she not know about him? Who would be her mother? How would she fit in? What effect would she have on such a major character like Seth? and vice-versa? I hope these questions have been answered , and done so well, because I have become very fond of her as a character, and want to do her justice, (but that is not for me to judge) At the very least, I feel I have done so to the best of my abilities. I have found her story-arc spanning three major Commonwealth / Vinda-Corp. roleplays, and not just any kind, these were complex faction changing RPs, one which would see the formation of the CW itself and its own place in the galaxy. Suffice to say I did not plan on that, and did not expect the arc to take as long as it did, this coupled with the fact I am not the world's fastest writer, along with various other IC / OCC interruptions mean its been a long road to this point. Ces't la vie ;) As for the future, I have big plans for Nat, but the most pressing is for her to complete her Jedi training, at least for now, but after that, who knows... * * * Major Character Roleplays: First appearance: Conquest of Capricia: Part IV - Leveller of Empires First ever post found on page ten...Natalya is found and rescued Other roleplays: Genesis Part 1 - Ghosts of the Past Natalya returns home (eventually) Portents of Change - The Price of Freedom Natalya learns more about her Mother and makes a new friend... Meet the Apprentice Natalya begins her training under Leia, but she's not the only one... When Worlds Collide Natalya gains a premonition of impending disaster... Cataclysm As the Galaxy is once more thrust into chaos, Natalya finds she cannot just sit and watch it happen... Royal Denouement (Hapes) The ruling Crown Prince is missing, presumed dead along with the rest of his entourage and the Cluster is in disarray. With the rest of the Jedi still in hiding or simply incognito, Natalya is sent in undercover to investigate and uncover those responsible... The Cree'Ar War: Overture The Cree'Ar have arrived, and decimated the once all powerful Empire, and proclaimed their crusade against all Force-users of the galaxy. The Reaver menace has spread contagion and chaos throughout the core, and the Galaxy faces an uncertain future. Despite this bleak hour, there is still hope, and the newly formed Republic announces its presence, and its intentions. With the Jedi gathering on Ossus , Tysico and Natalya are sent on ahead to aide the denizens of Bandomeer... A Fading Ember Not long after the events of Cataclysm, and the attempted assault upon Leia and her family. Another unexpected visitor appears on Capricia bringing with her an unexpected threat, and Natalya finds herself rushing towards another confrontation... Cameo appearances only: (wink wink) Legacies: Alpha Ex Omega Posts on pages two and four only... Black Eyed Angels Swam With Me A post on both pages... Aspiration Preceding the Cataclysm Unfortunately, this thread never got completed, but one lives in hope... ;)

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