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  • Posted On: Sep 17 2016 7:02pm
Well now...

Hey Ember! Long time no see / read/ IM etc...  ;)

Oh and before I forget, Hey Smarts, Om, Zark, ;)

Hope everyone has been well?

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  • Posted On: Oct 3 2016 5:15pm
I started Fallout 4 but Witcher 3 drew me away and am almost done with it.  How that girl carries around a stuffed horse (or unicorn or whatever) is beyond me.
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  • Posted On: Oct 4 2016 1:55am
Ded gaem?

But yeah. Been sort of here and there, what with the working. Starting a new position next week. See how that goes. Still been doing some writing.

And, as always, waiting for Ahnk to post. If it takes another ten fucking years, I will finish Path!
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  • Posted On: Oct 4 2016 6:04pm
Path is still going on? LMAO! :P
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  • Posted On: Oct 4 2016 9:13pm
How that girl carries around a stuffed horse (or unicorn or whatever) is beyond me.

lol, well, I thought it was a very good game, but yeah the thought did cross my mind.  

As for Path I can't talk, I just realised when my 'current' thread I'm posting in atm was first started, kinda threw me, time flies, heh

Oh also, I actually met Titus and his wife earlier on in the year, when out for some drinks and caught a bite to eat, showed them about London a bit (they had come over from Paris) 

He is officially the first TRF'er I have ever met, what cracked me up was he seemed to want to try to forget TRF ever happened... his wife was like "how did you guys meet?" *insert embarrassed looking Titus here*

Suffice to say I told her everything,  :D

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  • Posted On: Oct 4 2016 10:03pm
LOL... forget TRF ever happened?   I certainly hoped you gave her the website address and all his character names... lol

That is cool, tho.  I would not mind meeting TRFers.

I have taken a rather long vacation from TRF myself while my brain stews on what to do with the thread I am doing with Smarts.  Not sure if I have the time/energy to go to another board and start over but it is not out of the realm of possibility.  Maybe that other board has built up and improved what we tried to do so many years ago.

In any event, I still have a fondness for the stories here and will continue working on them as time goes by. 

BTW Seth, no offense meant regarding you being the first to post but more embarrassment on my part since I like to give you "stick" about you disappearing at times... :) 
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  • Posted On: Oct 5 2016 11:46pm
I don't think you have to start over. It would not be that hard to just kick this place back into action with a little TLC.

It's kind of surreal actually. this was my very first board when I met all you guys. Now we're all much older... have families... some of us have kids now... it's amazing actually. I'm married now myself. LOL
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  • Posted On: Oct 9 2016 7:29pm
So . . . I found an unposted post, and I posted it! Fun times!
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  • Posted On: Oct 13 2016 2:02pm
*robotic dance*
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  • Posted On: Oct 16 2016 12:45am
*randomly appears to say hello before disappearing again*