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  • Posted On: Feb 18 2017 1:51pm
I tried making another Forcer on another board.

The board immediately died as I started making progress.

THAT is the power of my Padawan status. :P
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  • Posted On: Mar 1 2017 5:12am
holy crap, it let me log in....  
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  • Posted On: Mar 10 2017 6:29am
If it didn't there'd be hell to pay!

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  • Posted On: Apr 12 2017 9:17pm

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  • Posted On: May 9 2017 5:02am
Wow, it is quiet around here. Just when I come nosing around to see what's up too.
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  • Posted On: Jun 8 2017 9:41pm
Dining on the ashes of fallen empires and sucking the marrow out of the bones of vanquished enemies.
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  • Posted On: Jun 13 2017 3:03am
One day Ahnk will post.

One day.
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  • Posted On: Jul 4 2017 11:51pm
Kaine lives! :O
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  • Posted On: Aug 13 2017 12:55am

Whats he been doing all this time huh?


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  • Posted On: Jan 20 2018 10:54am
My account was so old it didn't even send the password reset to my email. Geez. So I guessed it a second time and got it. The same one from 7 years ago...

In other news, hey.