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  • Posted On: Aug 26 2016 2:23pm
So...considering the lack of activity here, are we prepared to declare that the Rebel Faction has finally reached the end of its life?

​It's been a ton of fun, guys. Y'all are awesome, and it's been fun writing with you over the years.
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  • Posted On: Sep 9 2016 11:45pm
Well, It's pretty damn quiet, that's for sure.

I personally have some threads I would like to wrap up, but after that, honestly I don't know.

Not sure where we stand really, a roleplaying community without an active roleplaying community is a bit of a problem.  ;P

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  • Posted On: Sep 12 2016 11:06pm
True story: I was waiting to see how long it would take somebody to reply to Wes.

Hi, Wes. Hi, Seth.
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  • Posted On: Sep 15 2016 1:20am
Hey Smarts, hey Seth. If you guys are around, PM me.
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  • Posted On: Sep 15 2016 2:56am
And behold, Seth is the first to respond. Now that's irony for you...sheesh.
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  • Posted On: Sep 15 2016 3:32am
If Seth would come back to post RPs...

​Honestly, if we could get people writing here again, it'd be great. Not sure it's going to happen, but I'd love to see it.
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  • Posted On: Sep 15 2016 10:42pm
What is dead may never die.
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  • Posted On: Sep 16 2016 12:11am

Heh, I've always been around in some shape or form, the problem is I have always been somewhat erratic in my writing, which obviously does not lend itself well to RPing with others. Honestly I think Om has the patience of a saint (and not just him, lol)

I've gotten a lot of stick for not being around at TRF over the years (rightly so, as I have hardly been Mr prolific, heh)  and yet, 12+ years later (or however long its been) here I am, and I do feel I have contributed in my own small way.

Even if i did not write, I tended to read a lot, but would rarely log-in to do so.

My last IC post at TRF was four months ago, I think, I actually do have some posts to put up, but well, too many digital distractions...  :P

I will freely admit, Fallout 4 / Witcher 3 has taken me away from writing anything for quite a while, heh.

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  • Posted On: Sep 16 2016 8:38pm
Just for you Wes, just for you.


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  • Posted On: Sep 17 2016 2:12am
Dead shmead.

Hit it with a defibrillator and it will start ticking again.