Galaxy Map
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  • Posted On: May 28 2015 10:28pm
Also, Omnae, it's really dumb, but if you either "view image" or "open link in new window", depending on your browser, you should be able to zoom in on the map . . . unless your old man eyes are worse than that level of zooming can accommodate, in which case, I've got nothing. Sorry.
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  • Posted On: May 28 2015 10:28pm
5:47pm 28/05/15#501091 Omnae :
Is there any way we can host that map here so I can zoom on it and see planets with my old man eyes?

Believe me, it's obnoxious to me too.

The original I have is much larger, and actually easy to zoom in on.  It's more of a matter of finding an image hosting site that will allow us to zoom in on that.  I'll start a search for providers to see if I can come up with something.

Fair warning to everyone, but I haven't been putting every single planet on the map, simply because there are areas where it's simply too dense, especially in the R7, S7 and several predominately Confederate areas, such as the Meridian sector (seriously, there's no way to label over 10 planets in a something the size of a full square centimeter when all the way zoomed in).
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  • Posted On: May 29 2015 1:41am
Corise, on the new map I'm doing, I want to have several areas that are zoomed-in sections of the map, even if I have to do them as separate maps off to the side. Our particular corner of the map will be one such area; I'd like to get your input on that particular area. Check your PMs.