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  • Posted On: Jan 7 2017 6:14am
I'd definitely be willing to start RPing again if folks are still around, though likely with a new character (I don't even remember where I left off with Kahn . .). Decided to get back into it, came back to look at TRF and TGC, and was pretty sad to see a ghost town. :( 
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  • Posted On: Jan 12 2017 8:05pm
lol... yeah.   It is hard to find the time nowadays.  That does not stop my mind from plotting..    Wes I think moved to another board and maybe he brought a few people over to that board.  I believe he called it 
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  • Posted On: Jan 13 2017 3:49am
Now there's a name I recognize!

Good to know, and I know what you mean about finding time. I did end up joining what might be the same one ( though). Apparently they re-set every few years with a new timeline/overarching plot, which I'm sure would have its ups and downs. I'm keeping it to one active thread for now to avoid over-extending . . . but I do miss the good ol' days. 

A lot of other boards are all concerned with tracking stats and numbers and such, which is really not my thing. I liked the "try to be reasonable, don't godmode, and don't be an asshole" rules we played by. Much simpler, less clutter trying to track things. Then again, some folks like the numbers games.

Hope you're doing well!
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  • Posted On: Jan 14 2017 2:58am
Hi! I don't think I know you. Do I know you? I spotted you a few days ago, but I knew that if I waited long enough, Omnae would pop in and say hi. Om's right, though: Wes went to, not whatever you said (I spy on him and Corise over there every now an then, though it's been a while so honestly I'm not sure if he's still there). 

I still have vague schemes of galactic conquest for this place, and every now and then I almost convince myself to write something up for old times sake . . . I really, really considered a National None-Denominational Holiday Time post this past Christmas in honor of Dolash, but I just couldn't make myself do it :(

Anyway if you want to take another crack at the battlegrounds, have at it! It might even inspire me to write up a post or two . . . maybe.
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  • Posted On: Jan 15 2017 12:15am
This place will never be dead.  The Rebel Faction will be with you.  Always.
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  • Posted On: Jan 17 2017 5:15am
Hey Smarts, I don't think we know each other - it's been years since I RPed here, sadly enough.

I might take a crack at the battlegrounds, we'll see. I tried to start something up at TGC, but there just wasn't much going on. I suppose it's the natural cycle and all. 

And Hyfe, well-said. I gotta figure out how to save some of the old threads on here, in case it ever really does go down. 
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  • Posted On: Jan 20 2017 1:56pm
Wow, now that's a name I haven't seen in a while... Hi Kahn! hows it going? ;)

Things are very quiet, but, we still check in, you may have a long wait though, heh...

I know where Amalia / Amnde is hiding if you are interested.... 

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  • Posted On: Jan 21 2017 5:45am
Heya Seth! Life is going well, how's about you? 

Yeah, seems quite a bit quieter. . . And I did try sending Amalia a message on Yuku just to wish her well and inquire as to how she was doing, but I'm betting she doesn't use that account any more. I am interested in dropping her a line, but only if she wants to be found.
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  • Posted On: Jan 21 2017 7:03pm
Dead? You cannot kill what never dies.
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  • Posted On: Feb 3 2017 9:35pm
lol....I have a few ideas swirling around in my head... What sort of story would you like to take part in?

Do... or Do not.  There is no "die"...