How about we contact some ex-TRFers?
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  • Posted On: Oct 4 2013 1:23am
Well the sumbitch can at least pop in!

Got that right!

*Starts 'we want Hex' chant*
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  • Posted On: Oct 7 2013 11:12pm
So pretty much every time Amalia shows up I get super awkward and embarrassed. I think deep down I'm hoping she forgot having to teach an 11-12 year old me effectively how to write, all while I was unmedicated bipolar. That must have been fun.

I can only recall fun times. *lifts his chin up and pats him on the back reassuringly* Attaboy!
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  • Posted On: Oct 7 2013 11:49pm
yeah, don't forget Zark, we were all a lot younger back then. Amalia had just turned 40, and Seth still had a real hip.
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  • Posted On: Dec 17 2013 4:14am
Not sure what I think of the new format. I think I like it. And Irtar has kept up the pressure, subtly, such that I think I shall make a return as well. If Corise has come back, well, he has to have somebody to fight with, right?
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  • Posted On: Dec 17 2013 11:44am
Welcome back Wes.  How you've been?
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  • Posted On: Dec 17 2013 5:27pm
Not too bad. Tearing up Imps on ToR's new Galactic Starfighter, and attempting to tear up opposing lawyers in court. How are you?
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  • Posted On: Dec 17 2013 8:19pm
hex is a genital man and a scholar.