How about we contact some ex-TRFers?
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  • Posted On: Sep 25 2013 7:51pm
And somehow, Smarts managed to take up the very last PM I had left in my inbox (talk about luck).

I'm not certain about my return to TRF, though I certainly do miss many of you, as well as probably the best outlet for me that I've ever had the privilege to write in.

Life for me is a bit different now, as I am now a part of the US Army Medical Corps, so my writing schedule is most likely going to be sporadic, especially since I have additional medical classes and training going on besides working in an ER.

But I will attempt to catch up on a few things here and there, and get back to you with a more definitive answer.
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  • Posted On: Sep 26 2013 1:16am
I missed Zell, so:

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  • Posted On: Sep 26 2013 2:58am
If anyone wanted to put together some emails, we've got everyone's email address. We could do a mass-email to everyone that has registered here.
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  • Posted On: Sep 26 2013 3:03am
That would be good. I'd suggest my initial blast, but it does talk about my personal shit and, while I don't give a fuck, that might weird some people out that never really knew me. So someone draft me something!
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  • Posted On: Sep 28 2013 11:29am
I want Amalia to come back. >_>
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  • Posted On: Sep 28 2013 11:30am
I haven't left.
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  • Posted On: Sep 28 2013 11:32am
I know, as an admin I can see people even who are invisible. :P Hence why I posted in the thread as you were reading it.
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  • Posted On: Sep 28 2013 11:56am
I know you know, message wasn't for you, arrogant bastard. :P It's for those you were falsely advertising to. :P
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  • Posted On: Sep 28 2013 1:13pm
Hey Amalia!


I have some RPing ideas bouncing around my head if you are interested?

Oh, and I don't suppose you've seen Ember around lately have you?

If you speak to her say hi from me , and tell her to get over here and finish her thread, lol
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  • Posted On: Sep 28 2013 3:26pm
So pretty much every time Amalia shows up I get super awkward and embarrassed. I think deep down I'm hoping she forgot having to teach an 11-12 year old me effectively how to write, all while I was unmedicated bipolar. That must have been fun.