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  • Posted On: Apr 19 2010 8:33pm
Hey guys, Rob has an interest in Denon.

I have posted in a few threads about having my HQ and meetings there. I'm just posting to let people know. Does anyone object to letting me have the planet by combining all the rps together?

If people mind, that's fine, I'll post a takeover thread :)

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  • Posted On: Apr 23 2010 9:21am
Rob, are you an official group? Part of an official group? Or just one dude?
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  • Posted On: Apr 23 2010 10:48am
Just one dude??? Just one dude?? I'm no normal dude!

....yeah its just me for the moment :) Although, there actually are 2 other characters helping me out that some else rps.

Mostly I'm just like Smarts though.
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  • Posted On: Apr 23 2010 11:00am
As a one man group, or a forming group, you are entitled to one free planet, so go ahead and claim it as yours.

If you want a second planet, though, new RPs only please. :)
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  • Posted On: Apr 23 2010 3:54pm
For the record: I'm part of the Coalition.

Also: didn't Rob have a group before the Cataclysm planets list rewrite? He had five or six planets under Stellar Enterprises.
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  • Posted On: Apr 23 2010 4:42pm

"The Global Machine" for the Coalition, under the Cooperative

Thread: An Obsession, Wrapped in a Quest, Covered in a Duty

Word count: 5200-ish

Edit: this is a hidden planet.
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  • Posted On: Apr 23 2010 7:32pm
Yeah Rob had around 6 other planets as well as an asteroid field. I did RPs for them all. I also did an rp on Umbara which gave me interests there.

For Denon, I'm willing to do an rp if the rps I have done are not valid combined. That's what I was asking before :).
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  • Posted On: Apr 26 2010 7:08pm
Yes, there was Stellar Enterprises prior to Cataclysm. However, I was washing away dead groups ... so yeah.

Also, there will be groups that lose planets from Pre-Cataclysm to Post-Cataclysm. This includes asteroid belts.
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  • Posted On: Apr 26 2010 7:14pm
*posts discussion against the thread's direct wishes*

This includes asteroid belts.

Do I sense my only possession in this whole world is at risk? :O
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  • Posted On: Apr 27 2010 6:51pm
Are you in the Vahaba Asteroids?