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  • Posted On: Jun 3 2015 11:38pm
Okay, so Corise added my pending planets, and I went ahead and made the Murk/Xionti switch since there's a big fancy OOC thread saying it's cool now. (Oh, and I'm going to remove Skako from the League of Companies because that appears to have fallen through the cracks). The Planets List should be up-to-date now.

And that just leaves this:

Belsus, Gentes, and Vinza for the Coalition's Western Province, as well as Ambria and the Moons of Rearqu for the Confederation's Western Expanse Prefecture.

Thread: Terra Nova Firma

Word count: approximately 29000
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  • Posted On: Jun 4 2015 12:25pm
Tholatin for new faction:  The Tholatin Republic

Count:  5100

Thread:  Rise of the Phalanx
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  • Posted On: Jun 4 2015 12:34pm
Zark has made me a little bit jumpy about editing my own planets, even with proper documentation and whatnot, so I think I'll just post this here for now and maybe pester somebody else to do the update later.

Kal'Shebbol, Pembric 2, Dayark, Exocron, and Lorize should be transferred from The New Order to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, under a new subfaction, the “Kathol Republic”. The existing Alliance planet of Yvara should be moved to that subfaction as well. “The Kathol Republic” should be removed as an independent In-Character group.

Bothawui should be transferred from The New Order to The Alliance to Restore the Republic, under a new subfaction, the “Combined Bothan Clans”. The existing Alliance planets of Sennatt, Mandell, and Kothlis should be moved to that subfaction as well.

Relevant IC threads:

The Force Wars

Relevant OOC thread: Hey Imperials (and Staff), look at this! I'm taking your planets away!
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  • Posted On: Jun 4 2015 1:17pm
Given the nature of our activity (or lack therof), I would not sweat this.  You (since you are staff) can adjust the planet list since it would be a big help.  Just note on your planet list post that you are the one making the addition (as that would also help other staffers know that it was already done and they don't have to go down the list of planets only to find you already did it).

Actually, your post also noted relevant OOC thread where you got another staffer to allow it (as appropriate) was excellent.  That is a model planet list post imo.
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  • Posted On: Jun 4 2015 8:51pm
Well in that case . . .

I double-checked the word count for Terra Nova Firma and added those planets. 

The Tholatin Republic now appears as a neutral faction, and I moved Tholatin from the Republic to it.

And I completed the TNO-Alliance planet transfers.

Oh, plus I moved Kamino from the Western Province to Outposts in the Coalition list, because Kamino's on the other side of the galaxy, and that just seemed weird.

So, once again, the Planets List should be up-to-date.
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  • Posted On: Jul 14 2015 9:18pm
Actually, sorry, I did not realize that Tholatin was a part of the Republic.  So if you could simply make The Tholatin Republic a subfaction of the Republic, that would be fine.

Also, Corellian Diktat Protectorate should be renamed:  Gyndine Compact for TNO.
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  • Posted On: Jul 31 2015 12:04am

Stop taking planets we already own!


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  • Posted On: Jul 31 2015 9:21pm
Mon Eron has been added to the Galactic Coalition's Eastern Province.

Thread: A Coalition of the Compassionate: Tears to Fill an Ocean
Word Cont: over 8000

Tholatin has been moved back to The Republic under "The Tholatin Republic" subfaction

TNO's "Corellian Diktat" has been renamed "Gyndine Compact"

I think that's everything, so the List should be up-to-date once more.
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  • Posted On: Nov 22 2021 12:02am

I'm adding Krinemonen II, Buchich, Pammant, and Dornea to a new Coalition subfaction called "Dac Province." I'll also be moving Mon Calamari (Dac) and Mon Eron to that subfaction.


Additionally, I'm adding F'tral to the Eastern Province.


You guys aren't actually going to make me copy all of those hyperlinks, are you?


Edit: nevermind, I no longer have the power to edit other people's posts  :(

Edit: Ha I can still edit people's posts. Take this you smug spaceship!