Look whose back
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  • Posted On: Mar 1 2011 10:15pm
Well, I would sooner have someone to work with when I'm getting my bearings more so. I would also look forward to see just what would come out of it as well. So I suppose that is the preferred option out of all of this if it won't interrupt what you're doing currently.
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  • Posted On: Mar 3 2011 7:15am
Only I can use the force as demonstrated in Force Unleashed (1 & 2). That is all.
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  • Posted On: Mar 3 2011 7:26am
Shenanigans, that's what I say.
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  • Posted On: Mar 4 2011 1:29am
Don't make me pull a Star Destroyer down onto your holiday villa... I'll do it. Really.
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  • Posted On: Nov 27 2011 8:49pm
So yeah, RL issues dragged me away and working retail officially is the most vile thing ever on Black Friday.

How goes things? I keep hoping to find something to come up with to start writing here again but I keep stalling out and losing said inspiration. I'm guessing perhaps I should attach myself to some faction, etc just to have some purpose again.
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  • Posted On: Nov 27 2011 11:35pm
We still have factions? :P

Good to see you're still well Estro.
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  • Posted On: Nov 28 2011 12:11am
Hey! It's you!

Hi again. I write things now. It's fun. You should give it a try.

I think I made Ahnk mad the other day on AIM. Don't do that. I'm sort of afraid for my life now.
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  • Posted On: Nov 28 2011 12:14am
Ahnk is a big cuddly grizzly. Claws and all. With a winter-time naturally acquired butt-plug for hibernation (they tend to eat lots of shrubs and sticks)... it's weird, I know. But true.
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  • Posted On: Nov 29 2011 8:15am
Heh... Well, if you need a Jedi-like adversary to play-off against, I'm up for it.
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  • Posted On: Nov 29 2011 9:47am
First, you owe me something...