Out of the Firestorm (Wayland)
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  • Posted On: Nov 15 2013 1:46am

"The transaction is complete," the Noghri leader intoned, finishing a familiar ceremony that had stripped the tribe of many of their sons and daughters.

And yet, these humans still came asking for more...

Always more..

Tekka, one of their younglings stepped forward to take his side by the human, honor-bound to stay with this person no matter where his path took him.

The human grinned at the Maitrakh with an undisguised sneer, not bothering to even look at the young Noghri.

The corporate enterprise that had grown up out of the ashes of the fallen governments who had laid claim to their world was yet another glove over a tired hand.

And the Maitrakh was very tired.

"He will serve you well," the Maitrakh replied, starting to turn around knowing that their village had been given a reprieve for yet another year.

"No," replied the man, still grinning. After all the agreements the Corporation had made, each agreement weakening the Noghri's overall strength, the human knew they were at the end of their rope.

"No more bargains. No more negotiations." The corporate security that had stood at attention for the past hour behind their man now drew their weapons.

"Unless...." the man raised a finger, "You wish to try to sweeten the deal?"

The Maitrakh stared at the human silently shaking his head.

Only greed causes one to try to squeeze more juice out of a crushed grape.

"There is nothing left to give," the Maitrakh answered honestly.

The human raised his hand and patted young Tekka on the head. "A little short on gifts... Are you sure there is nothing else you can offer?"

The security escort leveled their weapons at the Noghri in attendance.

Was this their time?

"Blood..." the Maitrakh whispered.

The human's grin widened and he lifted a finger while continuing to pat Tekka like a pet. At the gesture, the security escort raised their weapons.

"I like that idea...." he mused, his raised hand suddenly flashing a vibroblade and holding it to the youngling's neck. "What will you give me..?" his voice called out when, in actuality, he was wondering what the Noghri had for him to take.

The two aging Noghri behind the Maitrakh shifted and the leader wondered how long the two witnesses' patience would hold in the face of such dishonorable conduct.

It was as if they were facing carrion eaters who had stripped the flesh off the bone and yet still snapped their teeth trying to get at the marrow. And when that had run dry?

Their teeth would continue to grind at the bone until it was but paste in their mouths, their eyes hungrily glaring about for something else to sink into.

These people are as aggressive as the Empire before. a mocking young voice intruded.

My son... where are you?

You said that they fought for our people... that they would leave if asked. Did they?

Their word turned to ashes.

Have I taught you nothing of human deceit?

Did I not teach you about honor?

Nothing of value offered for our honor...and these.. these people demand more of us?

"Strike True..." the Maitrakh whispered at the memory.