Beaking the Bank (Messert)
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Provisional Coincil Chambers

The newly elected Senior Council sat at the head o the small table surrounded by a mix of Wookiee, Bothan, Human, Bimm, and Linnak. The Human Senior council had been elected by a planet wide undertaking and from what Colonel Connors had seen over the last three weeks the world seemed as stable as it was ever going to get. It was time for other business. His marines had returned to Ventil II the week prior and he and a small command retinue remained to wrap up the post liberation work. He had also taken the time to interrogate the previous provisional council members and learn what he could of the Imperial how had escaped in the final battle. He has lost so many on the world. Too many in his mind. But he had gained a competent commander in the wookiee Vryyr. He and his wookiees had been given a small task force and troop support to chase down the Trandoshin slavers and free any and all slaves they find in the process. He felt bad for the slavers and the mercenary when the wookiees found them. The council ended its business and the Senior Council walked over to Connors.

"Colonel, I would like to thank you and the Alliance for your help. We have a long way to go here but with the collective support of the Randoni I am confident we can teach the few prejudices hold outs that we can all be equals and reside here together. I hope we have not kept you too long."i

Connors waved the comment off, The Senior council knew Connors had business to attend to and he knew the man ws more worried about his time than trying to hurry him off world.

"Not at all Council Jamer, I have already set into action the next part of my plan to find this Imperial. The Alliance is more than willing to keep me here as long as it takes. I do think you and the Alliance regiment i have stationed here will be more than capable of maintaining the peace. That is why I must leave. My job here is done, I think Randon is left to good hands."

The Council reached out and grasp Connors hand. The two men shook hands then turned and walked out of the Council chambers and down the short corridor to the executive landing platform. The doorway slid open and Lieutenant Beriu stood guarding the small shuttle which had been left for Connors use. The Council and Connors exchanged one last courtesy and Connors walked up the ramp of the shuttle fallowed by Beriu. He took a seat in the co-pilot seat and strapped in. The trip to Ventil II would be short but Connors needed the time to think. His next move was a risky one but one which was needed. The Imperial must pay for his crimes. Pay for his part in the death of Connors marines.

Ventil II
Rejuvenator-class Star Destroyer – Courageous
Colonel Connors awaited Admiral Holt in his office. The Admiral had taken command of the newly formed Mid-rim Fleet and had swiftly began to assemble any and all assets under his flag. III corps had been one of these assets. General Forlon and the Paladin had been reassigned as the flagship of 3rd fleet under Admiral Reshmar following the disaster at Sullust. Now III corps answered to Holt. Connors did not mind. The two men were polar opposites but he respected both. Holt was a man of few words and those he did use were direct and to the point. He had been a commander in the republic navy during the clone wars seeing as many battles as anyone currently serving in the Alliance. His command style was relaxed compared to Forlons but the man was still demanding. He heard the door slide open and he stood and saluted. Holt walked in and dismissed him with a hand gesture.

"Please remain sitting Colonel, You deserve the rest."

Holt walked around the desk and sat in the chair acroos from Connors. He took a data pad out of a drawer and slide it to Connors.

"Colonel, It is good to see you again, I hope you did not get too antsy on Randon. Your men needed the rest and you needed time to calm down. I know how losing so many can weight on a commander. We also needed time to figure out what the hell happened on Randon. With what you and Fleet Intel got out of those Randoni and with some help from Alliance special Operations we know know where your phantom Imperial is hold up. He seemed to have some support in the sector and has managed getting himself the position of Governor of Messert. The Imperial have a sizable garrison there. They are trying to hold onto the money in the region and with Messert owning ninety percent of the mining rights plus their connections to the Banking Clan your Imperial will be a tough target at best."

Connors looked over the data. The Imperial had a name after all. Colonel Fress Galinn, decorated officer under Fossk. That made sense. The warlord General had a tight grip on the central mid rim until the alliance showed up.

"Admiral, I know the timing is bad but I request your support in this. I need to bring this man to justice. I also do not think I am the one to command this mission. My mind is not right when it comes to what must be done. I think in the end i would kill him if given the chance."

Holt smiled and poured a glass of water. He took a drink then sat back in his chair. Connors remained silent but he was anxious for an answer. Connors hated saying what he just had. He hated acknowledging any weakness but he knew his temper would win out when confronted by the Imperial. He was too close to this to be in command.

"Colonel, I have faith in you. You are the best tactical commander in 3rd fleet. Anyone but you would not be able to pull off what would be needed on Messert. It has to be you and I'll be damned if I let you psych yourself out and screw this up. Man up Colonel, you are a commander in the most elite fighting group in the navy. Hell most of your men are special operations caliber. I guess you will just have to do what you do Colonel, what ever that may be. Just do not frak this up Connors. Use whatever is in your mind causing this uncertainty and point it at the imperials. You have my support and when the time comes I will personally be there to drop the final axe on that bastard. But i need you to get dug in and prepare things planet side."

Connors mind was awash with feelings. Anger, fear, pride, shame, they all mashed together in the pit of his stomach. He knew he had to get past what he felt, what boiled inside him. He had to be the man Holt wanted him to be, the man they both knew he really was. Disgust in himself boiled and his mind was set afire as he set his thought to one thing. Being who he really was, being a solider.

The fallowing days were chaos, he had to plan the infiltration and preparations for what would be the largest operation yet in the mid rim. Holt and his battlegroup would be the hammer which drove the nail Connors and his team were to plant into the heart of the Mytarranor sector. His marines were ready as were the twelve regiments assigned to Holts fleet. The bulk of his regiment would arrive with Holt and the invasion force. Only his marine recon team and a pathfinder squad would go with the first group. It had been some time since Connors had commanded a covert operations. His men would all have different insertion times and locations. Each working with cell leaders on the world to form the foundation of the initial uprising which would kick the operation off. The plan was unimaginable ambiguous and depended on a lot of luck. Connors knew his team would do what needed to be done. He just hoped he could resist the urge to kill the Colonel Galinn.
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Messert orbit
passenger line Westwind.

Connors stood at the forward view port looking out at the world below. Messert was an independent world, at least it was meant to look like one. It housed the banking and financial hub of the mid rim and was open to any and all markets.The civilian population was adamant about neutrality yet it was no secret the Imperials had a strangle hold on the world. General Fossk had kept the world in line and filled the pockets of many corporations and mining franchises in order to keep the Imperial involvement more so his involvement in the worlds business and its coffers. The world was a sprawling ecropolis with many large cities tied together by star ports and parks and other sporadic natural environments. A large mountain chain running up the center of the northern continent split the city in two sections. The world reminded him of Denon or Coruscant but not as heavily developed. A female walked over and stood beside him. She held a glass of some green colored drink and smiled at Connors when he noticed her. She leaned against the banister on the front of the observation deck and looked over the edge at space below. She took a drink from her glass and turned to speak to Connors.

"Is it not amazing? Her we are in space. Nothing between us and vacuum but this transparent hull. I guess someone like you is used to this by now"

Her words caught his attention. What did she mean someone like him. Sure he was used to space he spent most of his life there but how did this woman know. Was she just assuming? Maybe just making small talk. Connors admitted he had not been around women socially enough to understand the nuances of one flirting with him. He thought about how to remark then just spoke.

"It's cold."

All he could say was It's cold? Come on man you can do better. He let his mind relax. Even if she knew him and was an imperial agent worse case was he had to kill her. Which would have been a shame because she was filling out the evening gown fairly nicely. But he would kill her if he must. The she smiled and spoke again.

"The sun is nice this time of year on the southern shore. I may take a trip there and enjoy the beach."

Instantly Connors relaxed she had given him the pass phrase. Now he had to counter.

"I do not swim and the sun burns my skin. But I hear they have a grand casino down south."

The woman turned and reached into the cleavage of her dress and pulled out a small data chip. She discretely handed it to him and walked away. He pocketed the chip and continued to look out on the world in the distance. A world caught in a spider web of lies and greed.

He walked back to his cabin and pulled out his case. He popped the bottom off and opened the small cover which hid a data pad and a small blast pistol. HE slide the chip in and keyed in his access code. An image appeared of the same woman he had just met on the observation deck. But this time she was much more purposely dressed in camo fatigues.

"Colonel, I am Miriti Dresdin. I was to be your contact here on Messert. I managed to make this disk and if your watching this I succeeded in getting it to you safely. I am being watched and I am sure you are as well. Plan accordingly because I am sure the Imperials tailed me to the meet. I can not risk openly talking to you are any of your people. Instead I will send an emissary to our secluded meet. He will be clean and will not have a tail I assure you."

The screen flickered then the image changed. A map appeared which laid out a area around a large banking complex. The image exploded into a three dimensional view outlined floors and sub levels. Access vents, lifts, crawl spaces, and even a secret floor was illustrated on the map. A set of instruction popped up laying out how to access the floor and the secured areas. Connors looked over the data for a moment then the woman reappeared on the screen. I have included everything we have on the building and hope to be able to assist you when the time comes. For now I have to work on getting rid of this tail, I suggest you do the same. My mans name is Besor Dewe, he will know the phrase and have identification. I included a picture of him in the files. Make sure it is really him when you meet. I do not put it above these imperial bastards to kill him and take his place. Just be careful and good luck."

The image was gone leaving the room eerily silent. Connors knew there was a chance imperial agents were aboard the liner. He counted on it actually. If the imperial knew where he was they did not know where he wasn't and that was important. After all that's what bait does.
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"Sir, its time."

Connors opened his eyes  and took in the chaos around him. Beside him stood Major Marks, who had just joined his team. The man was a competent warrior but as of yet had proven himself to Connors. He had lead a Company at Randon  after the main force landed and worked to clean out the last hold puts from the city. He was so far a good man. Connors wanted him to be more. The docking umbilical from the liner to the star port was longer than most he had seen. the liner had docked in a berth far to large for a ship its size. He waved that thought off. he could not see any reason for that to cause alarm. And besides he was just a businessman, he did not want to make it seem he was anything more. Even though he knew he was being watched. No reason letting them know he knew. The port was  a large triple level ring around what looked like a tin can. Stores and trading posts lined the lower level and went as far as the eye could see. the upper two levels were more refined and offered short term accommodations and fine dining for elite guests.

The rest of his team were scattered out among the denizens of the station. He and Marks were the last to arrive and were the signal for the operation to begin. The lower shuttle ramp was crowded  as most were during peak transit hours. The hand full of guest shuttles awaited boarding  while private shuttles took their time awaiting clearance to transit to the planet below.  Finding transit privately was expensive and rare on most worlds in the Mid-Rim. Major corporations and financial conglomerates owned most of the shipping and shuttles on the major worlds. The changes the Alliance was making on worlds like Randon and Entrus was not setting well with these entities and flamed their dependence on Fossk and his covert agents to keep the remaining world not liberated by the Alliance in line.  Messert was a prime example. People disappearing, small businesses destroyed or bankrupted. The Imperial agents were abound here and That was the true battle to be fought here not the military or leadership. Messert was a free world  and the population knew very little about the real power  which swayed the worlds future.  The shuttle was small but well built. Connors sat in a seat and buckled in. Marks was two seats down and talking with a man next to him about tabanna futures. He was sticking to the part which was good. Connors had studied everything for his part but was the first to admit he did not know enough to really go into depth about anything financially important if he had to.  He watched the vid-screen at the front of the shuttle advertising this and that. Lake resorts, retirement homes, financial planning, things visitors here would be interested in. He had to put up some sort of cover. 

As the shuttle moved away from the starport he spotted lieutenant Kingsly at the far end of the shuttle. He was ghosting them and from the way he was watching a group across the shuttle from him he had made one of the tails. He calmly looked away again knowing Connors had picked up on the sign. Now he knew for sure he was being tailed, not that he had any doubt. Imperial Intelligence was good and he knew the cat and mouse game had only two outcomes. He prefered the one with him still alive. The shuttle landed on a massive starport pad in the center of Messa, the capital city of Messert.  He walked out into the bright daylight shielding his eyes as they adjusted from the dim lighting of the shuttle. Marks  shook the man he had been conversing with on the trip down's hand and walked over.

"I will get us a transport, wait here."

Marks walked over to a group of transport drivers awaiting fars. Connors watched him haggle with a driver  and kept an eye out for the man Kingsly pointed out to him. The man was with a female who looked to be in her late fifties. They were looking at a map of the city and discussing where to go next. He saw Marks and the man walk to a speeder taxi and Marks motioned for him to join them.  Connors scanned the port one more time looking for anyone out of place or just too in place to be real. He walked over and joined Marks and the driver. The two got in and the speeder rocked to motion. Behind him he saw the man and woman getting in their own taxi. They had not seemed to intrested before about it but now they were climbing in. In his mind he could here the Imperials mutter the timeless phrase. Follow that taxi. He chuckled a little silently then watched the speeder climb into traffic. They had made it to Messert safly. But that was the easy part. Now they had to do what they had come here to do. and if possible end up alive when it was all over.
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The Dark lower levels of the city were like any other city in the galaxy. How the less desirables found it to the lowest point on a planet conjugate was beyond him. But in every major city he had visited it was here  he ended up and here he found the people he generally worked with. The small pub he currently found himself in seemed a little less kept than most. Many of the denizen seemed like the normal sort he expected  but a few were far less behaved then most who chose places like this to meet and hang out. These three seemed to be looking for confrontation. And by the look of others  who grew tired of their banter they would get it. He sat quietly at his table waiting for the contact. An hour passed then another. He was ready to leave when the inevitable happened. One of the belligerent men said something that drove a group of Devorians to action. The three jumped across the table and the fight was on. Slowly it spread to others and soon an all out brawl was underway. It was then a man walked past him and dropped a data chip on the floor beside him.  He looked around at the chaos and then out the corner of his sight to the man as he jumped on a Devorian and knocked them creature to the floor.  A chair flew past his head as he leaned over to pick up the chip. he looked around to make sure no
one was watching and he pocketed the chip.  He stood and nodded to a man on the far side of the bar. He moved around the table and was nearly knocked down as a man slammed into him. He threw an elbow into the mans back and knocked him to the floor and continued to traverse the chaos of the brawl. Before he had made it to the doorway three other slammed into him  as they were thrown by others in the brawl. One he stepped aside and let the mans inertia carry him past and to the floor. The other gained his footing as he landed on the Colonel and turned and jumped back into the center of the brawl. Connors smiled and walked out the door and across the alley to the man he had signaled. 

"Rough bunch that was." 

The man said as he turned to walk down the alley with Connors.

"Yes they were. Did you see the man make contact with me? I believe he was the one the Devorians were kicking as we left." 

Lieutenant Drape shook his head. 

"No sir, he must have made a clean plant because I was watching and did not see."

Connors nodded and handed the data chip to Drape.

"Get this decoded and back to me by fourteen hundred Lieutenant."

Drape nodded and the two split up and walked down different alleys. He was sure  the exchange was witnessed. he had been watched since he arrived. He was not too worried about Drapes, he could take care of himself.  He was former SpecOps and pathfinder rangers, He generally seemed unafraid of anything. It was himself he worried more about. He was out on a limb here on Messert. He did not like being this open. He knew it was for a reason but he still did not like it. Now was time to see about shaking his tail. 
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"Excuse me, Can you point me  to Jacobson International?"

Agent Black waited for the security guard to point him towards the door at the end of the hall. He knew of course where it was. he had been there three times that day. Keeping himself recognized and known among the guards in the building would work for him later on. He thanked the guard and walked down the hall and into the offices of Jacobson International. The office was large and the receptionist knew him by now. He had become an almost permanent fixture over the last few days. The woman waved him in and he walked into the office of Chief Financial officer Kir Lorton. the man stood and shook his hand and motioned for him to sit.

"Mister Web, I trust your lunch meeting went well. I have begun work on your transfer and have been told all should be ready by seven this evening."

Black smiled and released the mans hand. He sat back and watched as the executive did the same.

"That is wonderful news, My uncle will be happy to get this money in a safe place. ever since these terrorists have taken over worlds in the sector he had grown more and more paranoid about his mining operation and its financing. He will rest far better knowing your institution now secures his financing."

Lorton smiled and typed a set of key strokes into his terminal not knowing the small ghoster was recording each and saving it for Black to use later. The an looked over the screen that popped up and sighed under his breathe. 

"I understand your uncles dismay. These terrorists have cost us a lot of accounts let alone the credits they have siphoned as these worls were captured. At least the Imperials stole from us openly, these freedom fighters as the call themselves just do it as they wish without ever confronting us. I will tell you this, When Fossk finally crushes these rabble I and most of the other financial officers of Messert will be pleased. Freedom just costs too much."

Black laughed at the mans comment and offered a wave of his hand.

"I can imagine, I myself have seen loss to this as I retained a island summer home on Entrus which as you know know claims it is liberated and a free world and seemed to be refusing any and all correspondence with me  as I am an firm Imperial Supporter. Now I am going through the process of  dealing with this new independent government they have which is a nightmare let me tell you."

"Oh the sounds problematic, is there anything I or Jacobson International can do to assist in the facilitation of this matter?"

"Oh no, that is ok, I will just have to wait and let this all go through the red tape these things require. and I can imagine at the rate jacobson charges I could just buy another estate cheaper."

The two laughed then Lorton passed the finalization paperwork data chip across the table. Black took it and looked over the data. then he placed the data card in his case. He closed the case ans stood. Lorton stood as he did and the two shook hands once again. Black ran the entire exchange over in his head as he left the office and walked past the guard post. He waved at the guard who had helped him and smiled then got on the lift and was gone. He stood silently in the lift as it dropped the four hundred stories to the lobby. The chaos in the lobby was refreshing. He liked chaos, it let him be what he really was, a shadow. And just like a shadow he melded into the background and was gone. 

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Mosses had spent most of the day walking through the cities many markets and visited the famous Mortinse, Mortinse was know for their baked Drando fish and Connors know knew why the meal was great and he would make sure he visited again after this was all over. He had spotted one tail and managed to keep track of her but he knew there were more. His team knew of at least three others and each had been tagged at some point with a locator. His time as bait was drawing to a close soon and he would be ready to put an end to this cat and mouse stuff. For now he would continue to play along. 

The message he had been given in the pub earlier that day had troubled him. The realization that he and his team were not the only Alliance presence did not seem right. As per his last mission package he and his team were the only Alliance team on world. The bulk of this operation was going to be civilian and local militia. Now he was in a bad spot with the local militia. It seemed he was lying about the level of involvement he and the Alliance was to play in the liberation of Messert. His contacts had been clear they did not want alliance troops on the ground. Somehow he had to look into this and  with him being fallowed he knew it would be very difficult. For now he and his team were on script and no matter who  or what else was on Messert that needed to remain the situation. For now he was ready to rest and work out this new info in his head. Something was not as it seemed either the Locals were wrong or The alliance had left him out of the loop on something. he hoped it was the Locals because if something else was going on here he feared it would interfere with what he and his team were doing.  He passed major Brier who was watching the door into the small group of apartment the Alliance had been using and slid his keycard through the door then walked in. He pressed the light switch and as they came on he reached for his hidden blaster under his shirt. The man before him held up a hand and spoke.

"There is no need for that Colonel. Please sit we havemuch to discuss.""