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  • Posted On: Jul 21 2015 1:44am
Anyone out there got one?

If so, and up for some multiplayer,  give me a shout….


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  • Posted On: Jul 21 2015 3:16pm
This might happen for me in the near future. My 2nd 360 finally gave up the ghost and started red-ringing.

Not that I game on consoles much (aside from too much Mario Kart on 64 and GameCube), but I like to have one around for when guests are over. The PC isn't really that great at local multiplayer, sadly.

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  • Posted On: Jul 26 2015 1:36pm
A good system, I'm happy with it (so far at least) and some really interesting games coming up.

Current games worth looking at: Witcher 3, Dragon Age inquisition, ESO (if you want some MMO action, not bad) , Destiny (a very solid multi-player shooter, along the lines of Halo) , The Last of us (awesome game) , Journey (very imaginative) and others like: Far Cry 4, etc...

Up-coming Games to look out for: Fallout 4 (of course), No Man's Sky, Last Guardian (RPG), Horizon: Zero Dawn (looks amazing) and some other good stuff.