How about we contact some ex-TRFers?
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  • Posted On: Sep 24 2013 5:11am
I propose we compile a public list of people we'd like to see return to TRF and begin RPing again. That way, if anybody has contact information for one of those people, that person can contact our lost soul and say something to the effect of: "Hey! Get back to TRF, dummy! Everybody's asking about you!" That way, we can both pool our contacts, AND provide a slightly increased chance that any effort to shame one of these people into returning to TRF will work!

So, let me begin:

Dolash (although that would be slightly awkward for me, as I'd have to explain what I'd done to his precious Galactic Coalition, but whatever, I'm willing to take one for the team)

Jan Dondana (sp?)

Joren Logan

Marth Meer

Telan Desaria

Wes Vos (Who Iratar says is NOT coming back)

Corise Lucerne (who I once secretly thought might actually be Wes playing a very, very sneaky trick on us, or vice versa)

Kach Thorton

Leia Organa Solo (Zark says she knows all about it but, like, has things to do, and stuff)

DemosthenesX/Bhindi Drayson/Istaal (right? I'm taking somebody's word on that, because it was before my time)/Trinity/IDON'TKNOWWHOELSE

that Han Skywalker guy (who was apparently a big deal way back when, but came back as a bird guy for a little while, and then went away again)

Various former Union guys who weren't actually Estro/Trachta (who, I am happy to say, has returned to us, and is busy scheming as I type this very post)

Anybody else?
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  • Posted On: Sep 24 2013 3:34pm
Well, if no one has yet, someone should go over to SWFans. I know a few who jumped ship here went over there over the years.

Last I checked, Han was writing over there. But that was a couple of years back.

Otherwise, your guess is as good as mine.

I talked to Wes, and to Taja, and neither have an interest in returning.
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  • Posted On: Sep 24 2013 7:12pm

I also posted at Epics and TGC. THE POWER OF MANIA.
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  • Posted On: Sep 24 2013 8:26pm
Wes was doing a D&D thing when I last spoke with him (which has been a while). He seemed to want to make his own game.

Dolash coming back would be cool. But would the President of the United States be allowed to rp?
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  • Posted On: Sep 24 2013 8:54pm
oh my god, it is seriously strange to think about but I bet Dolash is old enough to drink now... O.O
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  • Posted On: Sep 25 2013 4:03am
Shit, I'M old enough to drink now.
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  • Posted On: Sep 25 2013 4:48am
I'M bold enpough am drunk
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  • Posted On: Sep 25 2013 6:52am
Looks to me like you're drunk now.
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how are you accuse me. You havve no evi dance.
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  • Posted On: Sep 25 2013 7:20am