Jaina Solo query...
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  • Posted On: Oct 7 2013 4:56pm
Well, I trust Ember not to cause a similar debacle.

(If you do, it'll probably be another 11 years before anyone can try again, lol)
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  • Posted On: Oct 7 2013 4:59pm
There is Damalis Skywalker... :p ..over on the Astoria.

I did ok Ember doing her thing not remembering the Skywalker debacle.. so if she goes off the deep end, that is on me. Well, her...but yeah..
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I am far from debacles. Besides, that is why I am doing my research and reaching out to the right people before diving in and just doing it. Ember is not all powerful, expected to be the next big thing, or have some hidden away fleet ready to conquer the galaxy with. In fact, she barely has anything at all. Aside from being able to twirl a saber around well, she is not even that great at using the force.

I can assure everyone that if at anytime I am told to stop, I can. I am just really excited to use this angle for this character.

Plus it just feels good to be posting again. :)
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Jaina does exist. She's just not a "Solo" and she is not very old.

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my Damalis isn't a Skywalker by blood, her family adopted the name two generations back... never did get around to figuring out where her people are actually from and who they were... never RP'd enough for it to be necessary... so doesn't apply to me :D
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They were Skitznittle coming from the old country into the Republic and so Skitnittle became Skywalker since the Immigration Officer could not spell or pronounce Skitznittle.

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  • Posted On: Oct 8 2013 1:33am
Does exist.

Or did. Several times, with the most recent attempt being Ember.

Multiple people have made attempts at the character Jaina Solo over the years (mostly during the TGC era). Because I took the canon Leia in a completely non canon direction, all ended in failure. I was rather inflexible with my back story, and it seems nobody could get over the "Leia never had kids with Han" hurdle.

As a matter of really old history that predates most of you...

Before TGC completely separated from SWFans, there were actually 3 canon Leias existing in the same universe. One was married to Han and lead the Republic (Leia Solo), one was a Master on the seat of GJO (Jedi Master Leia Solo), and one was a Master on the seat of TJO (me, Leia Organa Solo).

Crazy times.

TRF has largely disregarded most early TGC storyline, so most storyline pertinent to me is largely unknown by this community.
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Oh, and I almost forgot all of the evil clones!!!
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Ye gods! I remember that...just.

It threw me at the time, I remember thinking Jeez, she RP's everywhere, lol

Until i saw a thread with all 3 of you posting.

Then I just felt dumb.
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leave me out of this.