2 Decades!!??!
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  • Posted On: Aug 24 2021 3:07am

Hmmm...Oct 29th eh?  Where is this bash to take place?

Here, probably, I hope :) Something modest I think, maybe like 10 posts a week?

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  • Posted On: Aug 24 2021 8:42am

Wow, this is a blast from the past. Are you guys still brainstorming storylines or mostly just using the board to keep in touch? I wouldn't be against getting back into the swing of things if anyone has anything available for me to jump in on.

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  • Posted On: Aug 24 2021 1:28pm

Hey all.

Doing well. Already fully vaccinated (second dose kicked my teeth in) and otherwise doing alright. Gainfully employed and keeping mostly out of trouble.

Finished Path with Ahnk so I guess no more yearly post from me :P

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  • Posted On: Aug 24 2021 5:00pm

Hey Frank -- over the last few years there's been some stories moving forward, and some keeping in touch. It's not dead yet! I'm not up to speed on what stories are open for additional contributors but I'm sure there are some out there.


Hey Itar, yeah that 2nd Moderna dose put me down for a solid 30-some hours, but the BBQs and meetups after recovering was more than worth it. Sounds like I'll have to get a booster shot in a few months, whee!