2 Decades!!??!
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  • Posted On: Apr 16 2021 11:35pm
Check this out. 2001-10-29 05:53:00 That's the stored age of the oldest post in the database, the venerable Planets List. This year, on Friday, October 29th, TRF will be 2 Decades old. Might be a bit older, actually. We've gone through a few migrations over the years so that date might not be the truly oldest artifact. Next year it can buy alcohol! (It's been drinking for years though, we all know it)

Anyone planning a birthday bash? Hell it's even a Friday night, time to get crazy :-D
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  • Posted On: Apr 19 2021 11:58am
Someone should update the planet's list, hasn't been done in a bit.
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  • Posted On: Apr 19 2021 1:41pm
Hi Titus, Ahnk!

Long time no...post? I hope everyone is well , and 'staying safe'

Missed this place actually...

The years sounds about right Titus (2001) so yes, two decades, not a bad run all things considered. Especially when you factor in all the dramas in the early years (some of which a catalyst for the boards creation to begin with)
Although it has been pretty quiet for a long while.

As for the planet list...


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  • Posted On: Apr 20 2021 3:19pm
Come now, we all know all the stars in the sky belong to me!
Long time no speak yall, no longer remember the login to my main name so checking in on this alt I made and did nothing with so long ago.
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  • Posted On: Apr 23 2021 12:38am
Hey guys!

It has been quite a long time Seth. I check in on the place every now and then to make sure it's still up and running, usually after the database backup notification reminds me that it's been a while since I've done that :).

I've missed the place too, actually. Lotta good memories from the early days, even with the turmoil. Arguing about made-up planets & weapons power requirements using energy output formulae based off of frame-by-frame examination and extrapolation of a movie series made before I was born was the perfect outlet for homebound 16 year old me :-D. TRF kept me out of real trouble, AIM taught me to type fast.

I'm doing well and am safe. Should be getting vaccinated soon, so I'm still social distancing and watching way too much TV. I'm happy relief is in sight, looking forward to a summer full of BBQ and comradeship with folks I haven't seen much for over a year.

How's everyone else doing?

How out of date is the planets list? No applications since 2014 so...... very out of date. Some tomes have been written since 2014.

Mnggal-Mnggal, what did you go by before
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  • Posted On: Apr 26 2021 8:36pm
This is Gue, or Raktus... or however you've known me over the years. Since this place was last active I've gone on to streaming youtube videos: https://www.youtube.com/raktus and streaming on Twitch... https://www.twitch.tv/raktus
More seriously though, I was also diagnosed with cancer and had both surgery to remove it and radioactive iodine, twice. Going back next month to get surgery again. Been a hell of a time. On the up side, second vaccination shot in a little over a week.
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  • Posted On: Apr 29 2021 12:21am
Hi everyone.

First of all: I've got posts ready to go that will require all sorts of updates to the planets list

Also I've probably got a post almost ready for my thread with Omnae . . . sorry Omnae.

I know I missed out on TRF's golden era, and Omnae and Zark are the only two "old school" types I've really had much interaction with, but it has been fun to come back from time to time and continue these stories that I started so many years ago.I've still got posts filed away waiting to be posted, and dreams of finishing all sorts of stories, and it's good to know that there are still people out there who think about this place from time to time and have their own fond memories.. . . and now I guess I've got to fire up OpenOffice and see if I can scrounge something up for old time's sake.  

Edit: I was wrong, Omnae. I already posted the thing that I though I had ready to post. Now I remember that I was too chickenshit to ready your reply when I first noticed it. Guess I'll go do that now . . .
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  • Posted On: May 6 2021 2:59am
How goes things folks? Estro here again locked out of my account but I probably lost that email too. Either way good to see people on here. Nostalgia drew me back.
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  • Posted On: Aug 1 2021 4:33am
Hey Gue!  I was wondering how  you were doing with your illness.  Hope everything is going well with you.  Hey Titus!  Hope that Delta does not come back around to shut stuff down again.  I have a trade show to go to in Switzerland in October so hopefully that is not cancelled (it was cancelled last year).  I see  Seth on facebook being a world traveler and I can only stare in envy.  Smarts, been meaning to add to the rp more.  I just forget and start watching TV.  Estro, hope things are going well for you bro.

Ahnk, when we chat, we never talk about the book.  lol.

Hmmm...Oct 29th eh?  Where is this bash to take place?
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  • Posted On: Aug 24 2021 12:50am
Yeah, had the second surgery... they wanted additional targeted radiation, but I wasn't able to get that done. Go back next month for more scans and such to see if another round of RAI is going to be needed.

You know, at this point it would prolly just be easier to communicate with a discord server. :-P