IC News & Propaganda Rules
  • Posted On: Jan 27 2003 9:58pm
The IC News & Propaganda Forum, as the name suggests, is only for IC News and propaganda. This means:
<li> Don't flame posts OOCly.

<li> If you're new to TRF, don't post advertisements here. We have an advertisement forum for this.

<li>If you want to compliment someone on a well-written post, use the private message feature, or start a thread in the OOC forum.

<li> When replying to threads, try to stay in character unless what you have to say, OOC, pertains to the thread.

<li>Don't use the guise of being In Character as a way to flame or insult a fellow member OOCily.

<li>Remember that anything said against you is said against your IC counterpart, not you personally.