Tyranny of the Masses: Manifest Destiny (Nal Hutta)
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Free State Tower
Consul's Apartment
One Month Later

Estro Sabrino was looking out from his blast protected windows thoughtfully down upon Nar Shaddaa. The Free State Enclave was slowly taking shape as the people of the world found new purpose in their lives. Taxes were being levied and customs fees put in place though that was more to force any smuggler who came to Nar Shaddaa to become a Free Captain. Right now the Enclave needed supplies and resources. Smugglers were Nar Shaddaa's best means to acquire them discreetly.

More recently the Assembly had passed the new law granting the Consul authority to issue Letters of Marque to individuals of interest willing to work for the Free State Enclave. To bear a Letter of Marque meant that one was considered a Free Captain, an individual who supported the cause of the Enclave but did not answer directly to it. It was a means to encourage smugglers and pirates to side with the Enclave mainly via tax incentives and providing a market where they could sell their good legitimately. It was a lucrative deal and a number of underworld types had jumped at the opportunity to enrich themselves while benefiting the Enclave. It also meant there was a good steady influx of supplies with no questions asked as to how they were acquired for the most part.

It was through this system that they had begun salvaging and piecing together a navy often via buying ships that had been seized by more aggressive Free Captains. The influx of new goods was helpful considering the Enclave was awash in the seized wealth of the various crime syndicates that had operated on Nar Shaddaa for so very long. Now it belong to the government and was being very carefully managed and invested. Businesses were being formed to help meet the demands of the changing Nar Shaddaa and Enclave Security was keeping a firm watch on criminal activity to prevent a return of the old ways. Most citizens were happy to pay taxes when it meant they didn't have to pay protection money to some thug.

Now though there was the rumblings of war preparations. Large plazas had been taken to be turned into training grounds for basicaly paramilitary training. The Enclave was readying itself to enact its first step beyond Nar Shaddaa and onto the vile world of Nal Hutta. The various Hutt kajidics were still reeling from the loss of their business haven and the people of the Enclave still craved revenge for the death of Consul Ruthal.

"They seem to be ready to commit themselves to this path," Plurga the Hutt said glumly as he watched Sabrino from his position before his desk.

"War is inevitable, Plurga. Better to guide it now and develop the military rather than let it explode outwards like an unruly mob. The people of the Enclave want this, they want to avenge Ruthal and punish the Hutt overlords who have abused them for so l ong," Sabrino replied casually as he turned back to face Plurga.

"I was one of those overlords, do you think they've forgotten that?" Plurga said in annoyance.

"They will so long as we continue to reinforce the loyalty of you and your entire kajidic. As you not already earning a profit from your new shipping company?" Sabrino inquired with a raised eyebrow.

"Hmph, perhaps but then I have to give the Enclave a portion of my earnings like I was some nobody paying protection," Plurga snarled back.

"Its called taxation, Plurga. Get used to it. For all the woes you'll suffer from it your company will be under the protection of the Enclave which already is forming good relations with the various pirate and smuggler groups in this sector. Soon we'll have a fully functional military once we have the Guarja shipyards secured and begin their expansion," Sabrino noted as he goes to his desk to pour himself a glass of water.

"Honestly, I would think you'd love the fact your clan will be able to have such income from legitimate business ventures. And very soon Nal Hutta will be part of Enclave and returned to the Evocii from whom it was stolen from," He noted calmly as he sips from his glass.

"The bog scum sold that world to us, the Republic upheld the agreement," Plurga said angily.

"And that's the problem with the Republic. The Old Republic. Admittedly the current incarnation will be just as bad given time for corruption to creep back in. After all, it was better than the Empire and their occupation wasn't it? Now your clan will be the only one allowed to live their while we defeat your rivals and seize their assests in the name of the Enclave," Sabrino countered as he drops down into his seat.

"This is all dangerous change," Plurga argued in further annoyance.

"Sometimes you must carry out dangerous change to reap the benefits for a better future," Sabrino said as he looked at Plurga with a very serious expression.

"Fine, so long as my clan is not treated like the others," Plurga said more quietly as he did not wish to press the issue with the most powerful individual in the Enclave.

"I'll make you all look like true patriots, don't you worry about that. You just better live up to what I say about you," Sabrino said in a much more chilly tone.

Plurga simply nodded and slitherd out of the apartment, taking that as a dismissal. Sabrino watched the bloated slugh leave before tapping in a few commands to bring up a hologram of Nal Hutta. Praetor Xim would be here soon enough for them to begin discussions on how precisely to assault and seize the major compounds and urban centers of Nal Hutta.
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Enclave Flagship
Orbit of Nal Hutta

"Citizens of the Free State Enclave, you have spoken and I as a public servant must carry out this duty. We are so very young, only a few months in but already we show signs of change and growth. The industries of Nar Shaddaa have been repurposed to suit our needs, not the needs of crimelords. The warrens of Nar Shaddaa are being cleansed and improved, as is fitting for a truly free people. Many of you come from different governments. Many of you believe in different philosophies. What matters though is that all of you believe in the Enclave," echoed the voice of Consul Sabrino through the comm systems of the entire Enclave fleet.

Xim stood quietly on the bridge of the heavily refurbished Providence-class destroyer as he listened to that speech. These ships had seem some use in the final years of the Clone Wars, often utilized by Separatist commanders due to their excellent design. He personally was rather fond of how modular the ships were made to be considering they could be structured to operate as combat cruisers, support carriers or a combination. Even more so they could serve various other purpose with the correct modular sections installed which was why the Enclave military had elected to resurrect the Providence-class.

It had proven admittedly easier to track several still functioning models down used by pirates and purchase them. Some planets with private fleets had even managed to be goaded into separating with them for the right price. In total the Enclave only had ten but thankfully all have been heavily modified to make them capable of taking on ships of the current era of warfare. It had required time and patience put paid off with the new schematics of what was now dubbed the Providence II. A new ship for a new era in which the Enclave would show the galaxy what more intelligent application of such designs could achieve.

"Praetor, the Consul have given us permission to begin the attack. The Desilijic fleet is already moving into its position to hold Guarja while we initiate hostile action," reported Captain Voth Milax quietly so as to not speak over the Consul's speech as it broadcast.

"Very good, Captain. Signal the ships to initiate phase one. Are all of the proxy troops and fighters set?" Xim asked calmly as he looked out at the vile polluted home of the Hutts.

"Yes sir, all proxy divisions are prepared. Their command squads have all reported in. Admittedly this will be the first time such a tactic has been utilized," Captain Milax noted with a curious expression.

"A necessary chance, Captain. We've trained the men hard but we need the droids under their command to act as force multipliers. Its been shown battle droids need directive supervision. Relying upon massive battle computers to direct combat is foolish save for keeping track of enemy movements. Machines lack the creative capacity to adapt to new situation though admittedly our new battle droid models should change that," Xim noted as he rubbed his chin a little in thought.

He looked around the bridge at the entirely living crew. Another policy Xim had enforced fiercely was that all ships needed living crews with droids only to act as support staff. He was sure his genetic predecessor would have approved and on a deeper level he felt an ironic satisfaction in deploying such a host to avenge the original Xim the Despot. Where the original had failed before the might of the Hutts, the clone would succeed and crush them utterly.

"Give the signal," Xim ordered and turned to walk from the bridge to go down to his command center. He would need to direct the conflict directly and leave the Captain to run his flagship.

Within the hangars of the ten destroyers familiar shapes start to hum to life within their fighter racks. Those who studied history would have recognized the rather infamous Vulture droid models save these were painted with the markings of the Enclave. They were another part of the new military scheme as the droid's true pilots ran to their remote operations stations aboard each warship. Remotely operated with a droid brain ready to take over should they lose signal. The Enclave military was determined to create a truly unique synergy between mechanical and organic military forces.

Battle droids of more solid build that the old B-1 units began to march into landing craft. Each squad being lead by a figure in full combat armor recently designed for the Enclave's living soldiers. The vast wealth of criminal empires seized had helped finance all these developments and rapid adjustments. It was all mainly refurbishment with droids and ships. Installation of new better systems that were smaller in proportion while operating on a high level. Xim's philosophy was playing out clearly as the war machine of the Free State Enclave prepared for its first war. Throughout the fleet all could hear the speech Consul Sabrino was giving before the Assembly and being broadcast across all of Nar Shaddaa.

"...and so it is with a heavy heart that we must go to war, my people. For too long have the Hutts been allowed to ruin the lives of those they lorded over. For too long has crime been allowed to govern in stead of justice! The Republic failed to protect the Evocii. The Empire continued the travesty and simply occupied the world. What justice is that, I ask you?"

More Enclave soldiers were moving into their stations, swarms of Mark 2 Vulture droids were pouring out of launch bays. The warships had begun to unleash their opening salvos to weaken planetary defense to create viable landing zones.

"True democracy has failed time and again. Rampant imperialism has failed as well. It is clear neither can work in its pure form. For they failed to undo the injustice committed by the Hutts! But no more, my people. No more shall the criminal reign. No more shall the impure command. No more shall justice be ignored! We know this for we are free men! For we are the Free State Enclave! We. Are. Justice!"

In historical archives it would be noted that this speech would be the foundation for the Free State Enclave's philosophy of manifest destiny. Consul Sabrino would become the driving figure behind this aggressive expansion apparently in the name of justice. Unsurprisingly after the various disasters and rising threats, Sabrino's message would find large numbers of supporters often amongst the frightened or downtrodden. Many were curious to see if the Free State Enclave truly could make a change for the better. Only time would tell what this new government would be capable of.
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Besadii Kajidic city
Day 10 of Enclave Invasion

Notho Besadii Virunde was besides herself with rage over the invasion of Nal Hutta. Most of the Hutt Grand Council had been but their forces were becoming stretched thin. The Enclave Military was a ruthlessly efficient which seemed to match the methods of their Praetor who dared to call himself Xim. Notho was the reigning head of the Besadii Desilijic, having ascended only with the aid and permission of Plurga Desilijic Tiure who had come to dominate Hutt politics. All of the Hutt clans save Desilijic despised Plurga for they viewed him as the willing puppet of others.

That initial enmity had come from the mysterious backers who had seen to slaughter the last Besadii clan head who had been challenging Plurga. Following that had been a suspiciously fortunate series of unfortunate events that had lead to the Desilijic Kajidic cementing its dominance as the most powerful clan. It was terrifyingly like having Jabba around again only Plurga was obviously in league with others, cementing lucrative trade deals with other powerful syndicates while they ignored or squeezed the other Kajidics hard for money. It was blatant economic warfare and admittedly all perfectly legal under the rules of Hutt Tradtition.

Admittedly if it hadn't been Plurga was in the position to say what some of those rules had been but he had never dared to turn upon the other clans like this. Now their 'Glorious Jewel' was being soaked in the blood of Hutts and their various agents and servants. What's worse was reports leading to whole detachments of Evocii militia being brought in fully trained by the Enclave to help secure Nal Hutta. Likely trained and fed by the Enclave to butter them up and ensure their loyalty to the cause. Admittedly the message of reclaiming Nal Hutta for the Evocii was incredibly upsetting, enough so that every Hutt Cartel ship and soldier not under Plurga's thumb was being pulled into try to stop it.

That damnable Estro Sabrino was the true puppeteer behind these events, Notho was sure of that. Plurga had dealings with the Jutraalian Syndicate which Sabrino had been known to run before he disappeared from public view for a number of years. Now the mysterious and dangerously influential Jutraalian was making his move on the galactic scene it seemed. Hutt Cartel trade routes were being harried and harassed by pirates claiming to be Free Captains of the Enclave. Smugglers were refusing to do business with them, preferring to unload their goods on Nar Shaddaa whose market was booming due to the influx of refugees many of whom were now being employed in various new industries created to feed the needs of their new government.

"Damn that piece of Bantha Fodder!" Notho cursed allowd and slammed her fist on the pedestal by her side, scattering a platter laid with large grubs to the floor.

"My lady, Jigunna is still holding, we have a chance though we have taken the necessary precautions," replied Moil Lo, her Twi'lek majordomo and Jigunna's actual governor.

"Ah, my yacht stands ready? Have the shields been boosted enough to hold off the firepower from those damn warships Sabrino managed to scrounge up with all our stolen money?" Notho said with a snarl.

The Hutt Cartel, or more the portion still loyal to the Hutt Grand Council and not Plurga was enraged over the Enclave's willful plundering and seize of Hutt assets. What was worse were the slicer attacks that were siphoning off even more funds. Its seems Sabrino had wasted little time in recruiting every criminal element he could and finding some means to make them part of his new society. Various slicer gangs on Nar Shaddaa were said to have flocked to Sabrino's offer of public amnesty for serving the cause of the Enclave. Even more so the Slicers were allowed to keep ten percent of any wealth they stole from those who were deemed enemies of the Enclave. Sabrino had used the ship of state to literally convert normally criminal activities into acts of patriotism that were heavily lauded by the Enclave Holonet. He had that scum, Maximillian Vertigan harping away at how such actions were truly acts of service to the people of the Enclave. The worst part was, most of the Enclave listened and agreed.

"Indeed, mighty Notho. Admittedly the Praetor has been pressing our position hard. I do not know how much longer we have before he breaches the walls of our great city. What is worse is the Evocii are marauding and sabotaging our factories. Never enough to destroy them but enough to make them useless in our current situation," Lo noted with irritation.

"Of course now, Sabrino and his Enclave want to preserve the industries for themselves and the Evocii scum. I would burn it all to spite him if they were pinning us within our own cities," Notho grumbled in anger as she moves to look over a table displaying of Jigunna and the battle raging around it. Praetor Xim's forces were being patient, waiting for the Evocii militias to do their sabotage and weaken the Hutt positions.

"Have we heard from Sobol? Has Bilbousa managed to withstand the attacks?" Notho asked in annoyance.

"I fear Xim had breached the defenses there. The fighting has broken out into the streets. Enclave Marines and battle droids are flooding into the city and the shield generators are failing. I fear Bilbousa will fall soon," Lo noted with a grim tone as he rubbed his wrist some.

"Bah, we have lost here then. Order my yacht to prepare to leave. I shall not be taken here by these scum!" Notho bellowed in rage as she shoved Lo aside and moved to climb onto her repulsor skiff to make a speedy retreat to her hanger.

As the bloated Hutt finally vanished form view with her entourage in tow, Lo was the only one left standing in the palace commander center. He sighs and pulls out a communicator to tap its activator. An image appeared of a strongly built man in black combat fatigues and a leather jacket with a blaster pistol and vibro sword as his hips. Few wouldn't recognize the image of Praetor Xim now after his open demand for the Hutts to surrender their 'stolen' world. The rsponses had be rather vulgar even by Hutt terms.

"Is the deed done?" Xim asked as he looked on at Mori Lo.

"Yes, Praetor. I will get amnesty for this, correct? That was our deal," Lo said in an almost desperate tone.

"I am a man of my word, Lo. So is the Consul in matters like these. We might even give you a medal, but none the less you will be allowed to remain the head of Jigunna at least until elections are held. However the Consul has assured me the Moderates will back you for election, a likely win for you. Welcome to the Enclave," Xim said with a cold smile as his image vanished.

Mori Lo sighed in relief as he walked out to look at the hanger where Notho the Hutt was preparing to make her escape. It was her or him and Notho never really liked her that much in the first place. Too many threats of personal injury and the overbearing Hutt arrogance typical of the speices had gnawed away any attachments of loyalty long ago. He taps in a few commands into the console, first locking Notho out of Jigunna's systems and then lowering the city's shields.

"Notho! What's going on! What are you doing?!" Boomed the image of Notho the Hutt as it appeared behind him in the room's holoprojector.

"Whatever do you mean, mighty Notho?" Lo asked with a now cruel smile.

"You have lowered the shields! The damn Enclave forces are starting to breach! How dare y-"

Notho's verbal explosion was cut short by the more literal explosion of bombs dropping on Notho's hangar. The small mushroom cloud generated from the ordnance being dropped was beautiful in a grim sort of way. It marked the end of Hutt dominance on their own homeworld and more so Hutt Space. Mori Lo could tell which way the wind was blowing and had jumped ship to join the Enclave on its rise to power.

Geosynchronous orbit over Jigunna

Xim watched with savage delight as Notho the Hutt's hanger erupted into a hellish storm of smoke and fire as her ship detonated. She was but one target out of many as the Enclave moved to ruthlessly decapitate the Hutt Clans. Every major clan head not willing to surrender was to be killed, those were direct orders from the Consul himself. Admittedly the deaths were to be made to look like coincidental collateral damage as the Hutts 'went down fighting' but in truth is was deliberate targeting and assassination.

"So, Mister Vertigan, are we providing sufficient war footage for you?" Xim asked as he turned his head to face a man in charcoal suit and grey hair with glasses.

Maximillian Vertigan was a man with an agenda and generally that involved rabble rousing. He'd been a pioneer of the failed Galactic News Network and had been forced to flee his home when the Cree'ar invaded. The man now had turned his interest towards operating the Enclave Holonet which was being slowly established. For various reasons it was to as much create a separate network simply so the Empire or Republic couldn't go spreading their propoganda in Enclave space easily. On a more defensive level it was to inhibit communications trickery which might draw Reavers though admittedly the Enclave was determined to engage that pestilence and destroy it.

"Hmmmm, yes. Its definitely going to be quite some juicy data clips," Vertigan said with a wide grin. He was a man who loved sensational stories and the advent of the Enclave was as sensational as you could get. Admittedly some believed Vertigan was drawn in by Sabrino's more sober and calculating methods as Consul in establishing a new player in galactic politics. Vertigan obviously wanted to be their recording and reporting all of it.

"Hah, I figured you'd say that. What shall we say for Notho? She went out in a blaze of glory?" Xim asked with a wicked grin.

"Ah! An excellent play on words, Praetor. One I think I might just use to describe it actually. I mean she obviously intended to trying to engage our forces with her yacht to hold onto Jigunna. Seems her greed got the better of her," Vertigan noted with delight as he already considered how to spin the news of the deaths of the various Hutt Clan heads. Admittedly he didn't need much help considering some would be said to have died while trying to flee. The Enclave was making no apologies about willfully targeting Hutts for assassination.

"I see the Consul found the correct man to head the Enclave Holonet. I understand you'll even be heading a news program yourself?" Xim asked as he tore himself away from the various battle reports pouring in. Nal Hutta was falling, it would just take more time to complete the endgame as the Enclave's soldiers and droids swarmed over the planet.

"Oh yes, we'll be calling it Spiral News. I hope to make quite the impact as we begin our first galaxy wide broadcasts," Vertigan noted eagerly.

Xim simply nodded at the media mogul's delight which he couldn't blame him. The man had been given authority over the Enclave's man communication network and his own news show to operate on. He would be quite the useful little propagandist as the Enclave began its expansion beyond the reaches of Nal Hutta's home system.

"So then, do you have time for an interview?" Vertigan asked jokingly with a wide grin as he moved to look down at Nal Hutta as well.

"Another time, Mister Vertigan. The Consul wants the campaign seen to completion quickly and effectively. After all, the sooner Nal Hutta falls, the sooner we can begin reactivating its industries in the name of the Enclave. More so the Evocii will have their world back. That should be quite the public interest story for you and an excellent opportunity to show the Enclave is for true justice," Xim noted as he tapped in commands to begin the full occupation of Jigunna.
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Conul's Flagship
In orbit of Nal Hutta

Estro Sabrino sat on the bridge of his flagship, resting in a command chair thoughtfully while he listened to reports of damage and casualties. The various crewmen moving about in the white and black uniforms of the growing Enclave military. The war for Nal Hutta had been short but brutal, the people of Nar Shadda celebrating already but awaiting the victory speech soon enough to be delivered by himself. The Enclave's first true military victory after its establishment, a rather swift one which would elate and inspire the citizenry of one of the galaxy's most populous worlds save for Coruscant or Taris. Even that wasn't true so much anymore after at attack on Corusant which had triggered off a flood of refugees.

The Enclave was practically made up of those refugees, survivors of the madness from societies all over the galaxy. The Enclave had become the happy compromise for those who had lost faith and found new purpose with then ew government. Admittedly Sabrino himself had cleverly maneuvered to ensure there were incentives to keep the world fed while liberating vast quantities of wealth from the crime lords they were targeting. Clever investment and lucrative incentives allowed the Enclave to develop a large and powerful grey market economy. Bringing pirates and smugglers into alignment with the Enclave had been necessary to ensure not matter what, the Enclave would have a thriving market system.

It also means I have all that scum under my thumb to do things that the Enclave can't be seen doing publicly...

Sabrino gave a cold smile at that, for he'd understood what he needed to do to remain in power. The Enclave was a democratic government even if he as Consul had a great deal of power. The people of the Enclave had to be kept happy and on his side if he were to remain in power. The people of the Enclave were angry and jaded over the failure of their old rulers to guide and protect them. They had all united under the Free State Enclave which was already making moves for expansion in the name of justice.

Honestly, its amazing how easy it is to justify war to people. I suppose that why the Empire has worked so well to this point. Even the Republic of old was ready to fight at times. It would seem organic life thrives on conflict. Oh well, who am I to resist my base instincts?

Sabrino chuckles to himself at that thought and tapped a few command in, bringing up a display which had the Enclave's insignia upon it which faded to the visage of Xim.

"Consul, are we on schedule? Should we be expecting you in Bilbousa at the expected time?" Xim asked curiously.

"Indeed, I shall be arriving shortly to give my speech. Congratulations on your victory, Praetor. Hopefully its shall be the first of many in the name of justice," Sabrino said with a calm smile.

"My thanks, Consul. I and my men are honored by your recognition. I'll have everything ready here for you by the time you arrive," Xim said with a slight bow of his head before ending the transmission.

Sabrino grins to himself more as he steeples his fingers thoughtfully as he looked on at the polluted cesspit they had taken. It would take years to repair the world's ecosystem, but its industries would serve the Enclave well. Its shipyards would be expanded to ensure the Enclave fleet would grow extensively, its economy re-purposed to serve the Enclave's needs. The first Governor would obviously need to be elected from amongst the Evocii for what he had planned.

Five Hours Later
Victory Square, formerly Desilijic Square

Soldiers lined the square in uniform order, but more so were the various citizens of Nal Hutta who had joined the Enclave's fight to overthrow their Hutt overlords. Admittedly here and there in the crowd was a rare Hutt, usually smaller ones who had been underlings and found the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon but all viewed them as loyal to the cause for now.

Estro Sabrino stood upon a repulsor pad surrounded by an honor guard. His vehicle glides along the main avenue that was left open to allow his entry though many could see the shield bubble around the vehicle to halt any assassination attempts. After the death of the Enclave's first Consul from an assassin's bullet, security measures had been greatly increased. None minded for they desired to see their leader alive and well to give his latest speech, to hear the new declaration. Soon enough, the pad was at the podium where it settle to the ground so that Sabrino and his honor guard could climb the steps. Sabrino moves calmly up the stairs to take his place at the podium as another shield bubble flickered briefly to life around him before stablizing so it was not longer visible. Holoprojectors hummed to life behind him to project his image on a larger scale so they could see him better as the audio system went online.

"My people! Look at what you have achieved! A world ruled for millenia by corruption, stolen from its rightful owners has been liberated!" Sabrino said and held his arms out towards the crowd.

The soldiers and civilians all erupted into sudden applause. Sabrino smiled and took in the cheers and cries of victory before finally holding his hands up. The crowd grew quiet quickly.

"Know that this was a just war, that the Evocii had been victims for generations! The Republic allowed the Hutts to steal their world from them! The Empire perpetuated that decisions. You tell me, is that justice?" Sabrino demanded sharply.

"NO!" The roars that came in response were resounding and made the square practially shake as that happened.

"Indeed! For too long have such injustices been allowed with the excuse that we should let the past be! The Empire dominates through force! The Republic, Coaltion and other democracies dominate by lies and wealth! We shall not be like them! We shall be free! We shall be united! We shall be the true liberators of justice!" Sabrino bellowed at the crowd with practiced eloquence as he held his arms up but clenched his fits. A bit of theatrics helped to get the crowd really listening, to convey his words better.

More cheering had come and Sabrino paused to wait until the died down enough to continue.

"For too long have the people of the galaxy allowed themselves to be slaves! For too long have those with power spat upon those without it, used them as pawns! No more, I say! No more lies! No more slavery! No! More! Injustice! Our armies shall spread across the stars and help those who would be free! Our navies shall sink the vessels of our oppressors! This world is the first strike! The Hutts shall bow their heads to us! They will join us or be discarded as the criminal scum they have constantly chosen to be!"

More roars of encouragement and some cursing the Hutts which made Sabrino hammer his fist on the podium as if in reprimand.

"But we must not forget, my people! Not all Hutts are scum, not all are fools! Some have joined us and they are the greatest of patriots! To turn against their own blood and clan to help us is true bravery! They are our brothers in arms and we must offer our hands to them in friendship! They will aid us in re-establishing the Evocii as a race with a homeworld. They will sign the treaty that will declare Nal Hutta to once again be..." Sabrino gave a dramatic pause to draw out the moment. ".... Evocar!"

The crowd exploded into roars of celebration as many Evocii in the crowd cried and hugged one another or their alien brethren. Sabrino smiles and finally lowers his arms to step back as the projectors and audio system cut off. He then made his exit through a back entrace to a waiting repulsor convoy that would carry him back to the spaceport. The Enclave had not only taken Nal Hutta so utterly but they had renamed it for its oringal historical name, for the species that had suffered so long at the hands of the Hutts.