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Mos Eisley Spaceport

Fierce thumping of boots filled the alleyway void all living beings as a group of well-armed soldiers moved through it in a tight-knit formation, creating wall of armor and flesh around their employer. Clad in the fine robes, the bothan merchant stumbled as he tried to match the phase of the bodyguards around him. His frequent panting nor terrified rambling did not deter the soldiers from their duty, each keeping an eye out for any signs of danger, the circle as a whole covering all directions.

The group halted as they approached a sealed security door and at the behest of the commander, two soldiers moved to the door. The first one to the door, began to insert the passcode as the second covered his back as the oppressive atmosphere weighed down on them. They all knew it, something was out there and today they were it`s chosen prey.

The commander spared a look towards their employer as the merchant Hragel tried to regain his composure. A hour ago he was comfortably asleep within the confines of his estate, surrounded by armed guards and state of the art security systems.

He had been violently yanked from his slumber as the entire estate had been shook by a thermal explosive. Followed by fire from a long barreled rifle, each shot found it`s mark and his men on the outside retreated to the estate`s main hall for cover. Whatever security cameras remained in the main hall after the blast, displayed a meshed image of a bounty hunter storming the lower floors of the estate with his blasters blazing.

The pinpoint accuracy of the blasters fell the stunned guards in the hall and when chances to stop the relentless hunter slimmed as it tore through the estate, Hragel abandoned his luxurious estate with his remaining guards. Silent and menacing, the hunter gave chase.

The hunter, clad in a combat armor, that had been ravaged by the elements, silently stalked the group. His entire face covered by a helmet of skeletal appearance with only two black, reflective visors staring back at his prey. Strapped across his back was a long-barreled sniper rifle and the two blasters, that had been utilized for deadly effect in the main hall, were holstered on his waist. His armor and equipment may have changed, but the nature of the hunter, Nebael remained ever the same. He spared few words and even less mercy for his prey.

Hragel had known the risks of the smuggling business and had underestimated the animosity his push to the local market had caused, but his mind the bothan had reasoned, that he could solve any dispute sensibly, in a businesses like fashion. Yet this was not business, this was outright war by an unknown and relentless assailant.

The armored door slid open, triggering the trap laid on the other side, which incinerated the two guards by the door. The group staggered back from the explosion and before they knew it, a flash bang was dropped to their midst from above. The blinding explosion, that ensued staggered everyone. In succession to the explosives, a shot to the head fell the commander of the guard. Nebael descended from the rooftop with his blasters spewing rapid fire at the guards, felling two of them as they staggered back still suffering from the effects of the flash bang.

As the rest of them attempted to offer some form of resistance, Nebael was already in motion, firing his pistols without any pity or regard. He shot the guard closest to him in the fact before proceeding to kick another`s rifle out of his arms and punching him on the torso. Nebael grabbed the stunned guard by the collar and deployed him as a human shield as the rest of the guards opened fire.

Nebael returned fire as his human shield took the brunt of the enemies blaster fire. The four remaining guards fired inaccurate shots towards their foe while attempting to fall back towards the door in an orderly fashion. Nebael`s fire caught two of them in their chests, stunning them for the moment.

Nebael pushed his laser torn human shield forward as he dropped to one knee, minimizing the chances of being hit. Two of the guards fell from shots into their abdomen. As a finishing touch Nebael aimed his blaster pistols at the two staggering guards and shot each of them in the knee`s, sending them sprawling into the ground.

Having dealt with the primary threats, Nebael turned to pursue his target, who had slipped past the security door over the scorched carcasses of his guards. With icy calm Nebael executed the two remaining guards with his blasters. All that remained was the target himself.

Upon entering the hangar, the bounty hunter found the bothan hurrying inside the freighter docked there. Nebael released a torrent of fire from his blasters, that pierced the bothans left foot and lower back as he was running up the ramp. The fire was far from the surgical precision he had displayed before, but it sufficed since the prey was immobilized.

Slowly Nebael made his way to the fallen bothan, who persistently crawled up the landing ramp, scratching and clawing to hold onto his pathetic life. Grabbing the bothan by the injured left foot Nebael tossed the merchant off the ramp onto the floor below. As Nebael jumped beside the bothan, the merchant pulled blaster from his robes and aimed high, the shot gracing Nebael`s helmet.

Amused and slightly angered, Nebael stomped onto Hragel`s hand, crushing the wrist under his foot. The bothan squinted in agony as the bounty hunter applied pressure on the wrist, forcing him to relinquish his hold on the blaster.

"Wait! I can pay you more than whoever`s employing you! 1000 credits!" Hragel begged as any reasonable being would have, if they thought they had a chance of persuading their aggressor otherwise.

"No." Nebael responded with a sterile voice, reminiscent of an automaton as he aimed the blaster at Hragel`s face, who instinctively raised his free hand up as tough to protect himself from the shot.

"3000!" The bothan exclaimed in agony.

Curiously enough, the bounty hunter halted, tilting his head as though he was contemplating his options. "I´ll take that under consideration." Nebael stated calmly, but the barrel of the blaster remained aimed at the bothans face and Hragel could have sworn, that behind that helmet, the bounty hunter was smiling

"Wait! I´ll give you every credit I have on me right now! Here!" The bothan reached into his robes and pulled out datapad containing bank account information on Tatooine. "You can have this, it`s more than my hide is worth. 5000 credits, but in return I`ll need something from you.... a name." The bothan bargained with a frenzied look in his eyes.

"5000?" Nebael uttered, surprised by the offer as he knelt to take a hold of the datapad. After carefully skimming through the datapad and finding the contents to his satisfactory, Nebael nodded. "Dravit, he`s the man you want."

"The rodian?" Hragel uttered with a shred of disbelief, but soon realized, that Nebael was still aiming for his head with the blaster. Hragel stared in silence at his own reflection in Nebael`s visors as he reached for the blaster on the ground, realizing, that no matter he might have done the outcome would have still been the same.

Nebael shot the bothan point blank in the face, twice. After holstering his blaster, Nebael grabbed the bothan by the shoulder and placed him over his shoulder. All that remained for him to do was to collect his due reward.

Nebael stepped out into the alleyway littered with dead guards and a few scavengers, who had appeared on the scene, but fled as soon as they caught sight of the bounty hunter. Fear and respect, the two walked hand in hand, either way once Nebael walked through the bustling streets of Mos Eisley with Hragel`s corpse slung over his shoulder, after today they would all remember his name.
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Plurga Desilijic Tiure sat back in the luxury of his personal yacht, examining the data that had been given to him by Dravit. The rodian remained before the immense Hutt having not been dismissed yet by him. Currently Plurga was examining the data for anything valuable or more so any data he could utilize to find the next targets. The bothan had been employed by the Besadii which automatically made him a target. Admittedly the true purpose of this journey to Tatooine was on Enclave business.

"Hmmm, it would seem Nebael is still quite as talented as ever considering he got this data as well," Plurga said as he waved the datapad thoughfully as he looked down at Dravit.

"Yes, great Plurga. He remains suitable efficient though why did you not simply hire him directly? I do not desire to be pulled into a trade war between Hutts..." Dravit noted with a nervous twitch.

"Bah, be happy I am even paying you for the effort," Plurga countered in a nasty tone as he threw a grub the size of a small cat at Dravit for daring to complain.

"As you say, mighty Plurga. What would you have of me now?" Dravit asked as he flinched away from the large grub as it just barely missed him.

"Bring Nebael to me, let him know who his true client is. I have a new task for him now that I have found where to aim him towards," Plurga said with a deep, rumbling laugh as he settled his gaze back upon the shipping information. If all went according to plan the Tatooine underworld was about to get a lot more violent and ugly.
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Dravit`s invitation had not come as a surprise even after having been delivered everything he had required, but what did alarm Nebael`s suspicion`s was the shuttle waiting for him at the appointed meeting place. That and Dravit was testing his the limits of his patience, something he`d normally never do. Dravit ran a small yet bustling operation from the bazaar of Mos Eisley, constant traffic moved through, this was where he unloaded most of the merchandise from off-world.

Nebael approached Dravit and his thugs with a sense of trepidation, vigilant as ever his hands rested on the handles of his blasters as he stopped, a safe distance away from Dravit, not that he wasn`t afraid of tangling with Dravit or his thugs in close-quarters combat. Nebael moved the heavy cape he had wrapped around himself aside so, that Dravit and his men could see where his hands were resting.

Fear would keep people like Dravit honest, gutless in short.

"Forget something?" Nebael inquired making clear his annoyance over being called again on such a short notice, for one he was no one`s lapdog and he did not fetch as many would have liked to have believed.

"Ah yes..." The rodian began timidly, but hurried to continue after looking Nebael in the eye`s. "Your employer wants to meet with you, he is on orbit and I´ve arranged this shuttle to take you there."

"So you never commissioned Hragel`s death to begin with?" Nebael confirmed as tough he had already known, that the rodian had not been behind the hit.

"No, too much of a hassle to be honest, but now that he is out of the way I can concentrate on what`s important. I apologize for the deception, but the boss isn`t a very lenient person. Now please, if you would..."

Nebael paced quickly over to Dravit in a relaxed manner, but halted next to Dravit with both of them facing the opposite directions."Who is this employer of mine, then? I am beginning to think I know him since he chose to hire me."

"Plurga the Hutt." Dravit named the mysterious employer with a lowered voice.

"Plurga" Nebael stated the Hutts name as a matter of a fact. "Fancy that and here I thought I had fallen from his good graces."

Nebael boarded the shuttle with a sense of unease he had not felt for a long time, not ever since the Union had dissipated and he had been left on his own. Plurga of all people had always been one of his most trusted contacts in the past until, that whole debacle with the Union infighting and everyone going their own way.

Nebael was merely amazed, that he had not run into the Hutt earlier.

Plurga`s Yacht

After the short shuttle ride Nebael was lead into the depths of the ship by Dravit, who had chosen to tag along. Dravit was no doubt attempting to scurry favor with Plurga by functioning as an intermediary between him and Tatooine. Nebael had seen a few people like Dravit before, for some of them it did not well.

Dravit and Nebael finally entered Plurga`s room, which was as Nebael had imagined it, luxurious. One thing about the Hutts was, that they were never shy about displaying their wealth, the exact opposite of Nebael and quite possibly every other bounty hunter in the galaxy. Yet amusingly enough the criminal underworld drew these two polar opposites to co-operate countless times.

"I have brought him as you instructed great Plurga." Dravit groveled as he approached the Hutt with Nebael alongside him.

"Plurga." Nebael greeted the Hutt with icy calm and added a respectful nod to his greeting. Should the Hutt expect the same amount of disingenuous grovel from Nebael he might just find himself looking down the barrel of a blaster. An amusing thought, but one best left unattempted.

"I can`t say, that I did not think this day would come. I assume have more tasks lined up for me, now that you had me brought here?"

Nebael inquired, sparing Dravit the shame of having to grovel any further. Granted, Had Dravit been able to feel shame to begin with.
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Plurga gives a deep laugh as Nabael asked that question before giving a dismissive gesture to Dravit to banish him from his presence. Dravit ran out leaving them alone now. The massive Hutt's large mouth spread out into a wide grin as he shifts his weight some to regard Nabael with his orange eyes.

"Hah, quite observant. Yes, I do have more targets for you. There are a number of individuals who need to be taken down. Tatooine is about to go into a major change and I can't afford to have that being disrupted," Plurga noted as he pointed to a datapad on a pedastal nearby.

"The names are all on there, each with an appropriate fee matching their status and likely difficulty. Do this for me and perhaps there might something more for you. For now simply be prepared for the world to erupt into violence. There have been some major political shifts that are making some rather large waves," Plurga said as he looks on at him.

"Do you have any questions?"
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Plurga was refreshingly to the point and seemingly honest as always when dealing with the bounty hunter. Needless to say, there were a number of questions brimming inside Nebael`s skull, but further inquiries could wait. Nebael wasn`t all too picky when it came to his employers, but he preferred to be dealing with the devil he knew. That however did not mean he trusted Plurga by any stretch of the imagination, but he knew that Plurga always compensated him well for his work.

"A few, but they can wait until I`ve completed the assignments."

Nebael said as he reviewed the datapad and the information on his targets, a very select group of influential people, who could make an impact on the planets political climate. Nebael wasn`t particularly fond of anyone amongst them, but his former association with them could work as a means to gain access to them and the fee on their heads was equitable.

Granted, that no one knew of Plurga`s involvement in the bothan`s demise nor of his presence on orbit. Yet Nebael didn`t doubt, that Plurga hadn`t taken every measure conceivable to hide his presence here, considering the recent infighting amongst the hutt`s.

Which was more than an indicator as to who was pulling Plurga`s strings and commissioning these kills. Personally Nebael paid little heed to politics, the need for a hired killer would remain ever constant in the galaxy in spite of politics. The political shifts, that Plurga was referring to would certainly prove detrimental to his current employers businesses on Tatooine, but since Plurga was willing to accommodate him with more work, it all evened out.

"I can`t say I will miss any of them and the compensation seems fair, I`ll return once done with the assignment."

Nebael agreed after going over the details concerning the targets. He tucked the datapad in his pocket and proceeded towards the exit.


In the cover of darkness Nebael positioned himself at the edge of the roof, staring at a building some 200 meters away from him, across a plaza. He aimed his rifle at the building and took a glance through the scope, surveying the perimeter. The location was ideal for a sniper, a lot of open ground and few places to hide.

A few feet away from him laid the corpse of a bleeding mercenary, who had the unfortunate luck of being posted to stand guard on the rooftop Nebael had chosen as his sniping position. The target in question was Aramno, a local slave trader, who headed a very profitable operation, with the hutt`s blessing naturally.

Unlike most of his kind on Tatooine, Aramno was a very low-key figure, who had managed to avoid any kind of detection for a long time. Not that there was any actual authority or law there to stop him, as far as the hutt`s were concerned almost anyone and everything was free game. Slave traders were the scum-of-the-earth as far as Nebael was concerned, but that never meant they were harmless or stupid about how they went about their work. Yet sometimes being simply smart about business isn`t just enough to avoid unforeseen consequences. Aramno may have been the lowest of the low, but he still retained some measure of power and had enough mercenaries in his pocket to put up a fight should there be an armed conflict.

If Plurga`s information was solid, Aramno would be leaving his compound to meet up with his off-world supplier concerning a new shipment of slaves. This would be his best chance to take Aramno out with one clean shot and avoid the debacle akin to the one, that occurred with the bothan only two days ago. Ancorhead was not within Nebael`s usual comfort zone and he rarely visited the locale due to unlikely amount of criminal elements within. Worse case scenario he would have to go in blasters blazing and cause an unnecessary amount of commotion, albeit he suspected he wouldn`t have to bother with that, if what Plurga said was true.

After a sluggish quarter of an hour, mercenaries began to emerge from the building and a number of speeders arrived before the compound. These mercs were your usual two-rate rabble, but they had overwhelming numbers on their side. Nebael took a deep breath and the air hissed through his masks ventilator as he took aim.

The moment the guest of honor waltzed through the door Nebael had him in his sights, Aramno certainly didn`t wear much to indicate he was a slave trader or filthy rich for that matter. Nebael would have had a hard time picking the man out of a crowd, if he had to, but amongst his mercenaries he stuck out vividly.

As Aramno climbed onto his speeder, flanked by two guards, Nebael held his breath and shot twice in rapid succession. The first shot graced Aramno`s shoulder, burning a bit of his clothes and as he was about to take cover the second shot pierced his neck. The slave trader collapsed in his seat as the mercenaries began firing haphazardly at the rooftops around them, not having been able to catch sight of the assassins position.

Nebael quickly withdrew from his position and slung his rifle over his shoulder before disappearing into the night before the mercenaries could trace him. One scum less on Tatooine wasn`t going to change much, but to Nebael there was a certain satisfaction in killing a slaver. Yet Nebael knew better, in the overall scheme of things, the death of one man would change nothing. One of his lieutenants would step up and take his place, eventually when all the chaos and infighting would have subsided.

Those slaves coming in would still remain slaves and the ugly circle of life would keep on going. Aramno`s death only satisfied his own ego and disgust towards slavers. The bounty seemed inconsequential in light of the bigger picture. His lot in the galaxy was a thankless one indeed.
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Over the course of the next day, Nebael systematically hunted down three other crime lords of Tatooine. The sudden power void created by their removal sparked a conflict of interests between those with the incentive to grab whatever power was to be had. In response to the string of murders The Hutt`s were organizing a hunt for the culprit, but fortunately Nebael had managed to avoid being identified.

The last remaining target was Ubhrak Bavo, the hutt`s number one man on Tatooine, who handled most of their day-to-day affairs. Bavo was a reputable character, as well as a criminal could be, and was often taken for a mere bean counter with no higher aspirations than serving his hutt overlords. Indeed Bavo was a loyal to a fault despite being a very forward thinking being, gifted in calculations and deduction.

Nebael had in fact worked for Bavo on a number of occasions and they usually had a mutual understanding of what was good for business. Nebael would have preferred to have spared Bavo, but the Chiss was too loyal for his own good. Taking out Bavo would take out a vital handler of the hutt`s affairs and military. As expected Bavo was now holed up in one of the most secure places on Tatooine, the hutt palace.

The Hutt`s palace was a fortress protected by scores of droids and mercenaries, enough to give any bounty hunter a run for his money. Nebael was never one for confrontations, he preferred to attack from the shadows and disappear after the kill. Trained since youth, these habits died hard. He approached the palace via a cliff side, which presented a challenging climb, but afforded him secrecy to enter the palace undetected via a secret exit. An exit created for the purpose of sneaking in and out of the palace for various reasons, but privy to a few.

The entrance would most likely be guarded, but if the guards could be taken by surprise, infiltrating the palace would be far more easier than via any other route. Nebael had learned of the route from the info, which Plurga had been kind enough to provide for him. What can you do when your enemy knows your every dirty little secret? A frightening thought, one that the hutt`s must have ran through their heads ever since Plurga`s defection.

Nebael approached the entrance, which was concealed in a cave by the cliff side. He moved to the entrance of the cave and took a peek inside, two gamorean guards were posted at the door. Surprisingly light security, but there were sure to be more beyond the door. Nebael grabbed one of the stun grenades hanging on his belt and activated it before rolling it along the cave floor towards the gamoreans.

The two guards managed to open their gaping mouth`s as the grenade rolled into their feet and knocked both of them unconscious. As the gamoreans collapsed onto the ground Nebael was in motion and moved to the door, which required a passcode.

He reached for his armored wrist and pulled a small wire from the bracelet, placing it into the door console. A series of numbers and letters appeared on the bracelet`s holoscreen. Nebael quickly hacked the console with the program running through plausible combinations at incredible speed.

The door opened after a few moments had passed, revealing a dark hallway and ascending stairs. Nebael detached the wire from the console and proceeded into the hallway with caution, blaster in hand. Nebael moved to the top of the stairs without encountering any more guards, indicating that his arrival had gone undetected. At the top of the stairs he found another pair of guards loitering around, but based on their blissful behavior they had little idea of what was going on.

Nebael weighed his options, the two men blocked his passage, but killing them might bring unwarranted attention. He hadn`t even located the target and being detected now would not help his chances of success. Thankfully after an agonizing wait the two guards continued their patrol and moved on, allowing the assassin to slip by unnoticed.

Nebael knew the layout of the palace fairly well, he had visited the place once or twice, and had a good idea where to begin looking for his target. He headed for the conference chamber located in the east wing, just before the residential area. Nebael moved quickly towards his destination and examined the entrance of the conference room.

The entrance was being guarded by two battle-droids. Nebael spun into the corridor and opened fire, destroying the droids before they had a chance to react. Time for subtlety was over, it would have only been a matter of time before the dead guards were found and an alarm sounded. Nebael moved to the entrance and gazed inside, to his astonishment Bavo was present, alone.

Bavo sat alone at the conference table, alarmed by the sudden sound of blaster fire. Nebael emerged from the dark hallway and walked right into Bavo`s line of sight with his blaster leveled at the Chiss. Bavo startled at first seemed ready to jump out of his seat, but at the sight of the blaster he collected himself and sighed heavily. Bavo showed little fear let alone any emotion as he placed his hands on the table. Nebael slowly approached the table with the blaster aimed at Bavo.

"I had the apprehension, that you of all people might be behind the chaos. I had hoped not, but I supposed Plurga`s has troubling influence even amongst some of our trusted associates.... It was him, who hired you, did he not?"

Bavo speculated with a calm voice. Nebael didn`t flinch even as he stared at the man before him. Bavo however smirked at the certain of his conclusion as Nebael`s silence spoke volume`s. The bounty hunter was suddenly convinced, that all of this was an elaborate trap to reel the killer in and expose his employer.

"Who else would it be?" Bavo said spreading his hands to his sides. "I always suspected Plurga was pulling your strings all along, but alas I lacked any concrete evidence."

Bavo`s intentions were painfully obvious, he was playing time so that the guards could save him and there was no telling what other measures he had up his sleeve. Security systems and droids hidden in the room to spring up on his command?

"In the least his bounties amount to more than the scraps you`ve had me feeding on." Nebael stated, acting along and surveying the room for hiding places.

"Avarice, how droll." Bavo lamented sarcastically.

"Not quite" Nebael interrupted as he reached for another explosive with his left hand.

"How so?" Bavo shot a rapid fire inquiry back at Nebael.

"Each regime, in their own way, have need of a man with my talents. Be it the Hutt`s or Fegal, people will always look to me to handle their dirty work. The name and faces might change, but at the end of the day they all need me to act on their behalf." Nebael said as he grabbed onto a thermal detonator on his belt.

"And you think Plurga and his Enclave master have any intention of sparing you once this is over?"

That was the first time anyone had said it out loud, but it had been an unconscious reality in the background of this assignment. The Enclave, roused from the oppression of Nar Shaddaa, had become a veritable revolution from within the hutt criminal empire. Bavo thought it was something, that could be quelled and contained, but there was something he was missing.

A vital piece of information he and the most of the galaxy were not privy to. The man behind it all, Estro Sabrino, the chancellor of The Enclave also had another creation before this day. The Union, a league of criminals, terrorists and businessmen, who had come together under one banner. Invisible to the galaxy, The Union had reached out to a group of bounty hunters and employed them.

Nebael had been one of them and was privy to the greatest criminal conspiracy the rest of the galaxy had never known of. If the man at the head of that organization was behind The Enclave, what kind of resistance could the hutt`s hope to muster? Nebael knew his best bet was to side with the victors and helping them along the way would carry a lot of weight.

Nebael chuckled uncharacteristically as he activated a thermal detonator in his left hand and stared back at Bavo. The Chiss seemed slightly disconcerted as he was certain Nebael was somehow having fun at his expense.

"Care to share the joke with me?" Bavo asked with a tense tone in his voice.

"They would find, that killing me would not be worth the effort." Nebael answered sardonically.

Both of them had heard enough, two masked bounty hunters burst into the room from their hiding places. Nebael sent the thermal detonator flying at Bavo, who immediately sprawled for cover as Nebael drew his other blaster and faced the two new opponents. Needless to say the explosion tore Bavo apart and completed Nebael`s contract, from here on out it was a matter of survival.

The explosion sent the three bounty hunters to the ground and it would be race to gain the initiative. Thankfully for Nebael his helmet protected his head from most the explosions effect and he was able to dodge the incoming staff weapon whirling at his torso. Nebael drew a small blade from his back and deflected the next spinning blow with a painful tremor running through his arm.

His opponents weapon was now unable to respond however as Nebael willed himself forward and grabbed a hold of the shaft while plunging his blade into the bounty hunters exposed throat.

The other hunter offered little respite as he fired a torrent of blaster fire at Nebael who instinctively threw himself on the ground, leaving his blade entrenched in his opponents wind pipe.

The laser fired nicked his helmet, scarring and even denting the metal, leaving a blazing lines across the side. Often at times Nebael dreaded to think, if he did not wear it for any other reason than to protect himself.

Nebael resorted to his blasters as fast as he could when the remaining hunter enclosed on his fallen opponent. Nebael returned the favor and shot underneath the table between them, piercing the hunters legs, bringing him to the same level and ending his life with two shots to the chest.

Battered and startled Nebael rushed to rise up, the commotion would be enough to attract every guard in the palace, which ruled out going back the way he came. Nebael collected his blade from the dead bounty hunter and made a run for the window, which dropped directly down the cliff side.

Nebael shot a small dart from his wrist armor into the wall and prayed the wire would be enough to see him safely down. Nebael took the gamble and threw himself out of the window, grappling down the cliff side. Only a short distance from the safety of a leveled terrain, the wire failed him from above, detached by the guards, and he suffered an excruciating fall. The landing knocked the wind out of him and the air whistled through his mask as he gasped for air.

Nebael had a distinct feeling he had broken or at least fractured a bone, but shortly he was moving towards his speeder and making his escape.

Plurga`s Yacht

Nebael entered the room with quiet unease, after all the chaos he had sown on the planet beneath him, he fully expected an army of hunters to be snapping at his heels. Nebael stopped a safe distance away from Plurga, who hopefully would be pleased with the results.

"This does present a rare opportunity to The Enclave, doesn`t it? An insider disrupts the enemies chain of command and creates internal chaos while they swoop in to reap the harvest."

Nebael expressed his thoughts openly as he stared at the planet revolving beneath them.