Essence of the Distant Past
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  • Posted On: Mar 12 2014 7:16pm
With the darkness of the evening falling over the temple, Ember found herself alone and lost in thought over her mother. Her mind was also upon the crazed woman she was sent after. Ember stood silently in front of a large mirror staring at the scar upon her chest. She traced the old injury with her finger as she recalled the moment she received the near fatal wound at the hands of Lexus. Ember could still see that red blade protruding from her chest and that smell of burning flesh in the air. She could feel the chilling sensation that ran through her body as Lexus pulled the blade back out and let her fall to the ground where she remained motionless. Ember softly gasped for air as her body began to go into shock while her master at that time sprang into action to fend of Lexus and save Ember’s life while losing theirs.
The memory was still very fresh in her mind as if it had just happened and it was a heavy weight upon Ember’s shoulders who felt guilt over the incident. Amalia had helped her mature to some degree that now she saw how very reckless her actions were at that time. Her mind then ventured to her mother and picturing something similar happening to her. Ember then broke out in a cold sweat and began to shake as she dropped to her knees as she began to experience a severe anxiety attack. She gasped for air as if she had just gotten done with a grueling run and while her hands nervously came to her head.
Ember closed her eyes and began to control her breathing. She allowed the force to enter her and help calm her nerves and entered a brief meditative state. Her shaking slowly stopped as did the sweat pouring from her skin. Ember slowly opened her eyes and slid up the mirror at her back to return to her feet. She brushed her hair from her face and glanced at her utility belt sitting on the end of her bed. Her eyes became fixed upon her light saber remembering the loving emotions she felt from the moment her mother gave her the weapon and it gave her the strength she needed. The old Ember would have been hell bent on revenge by simply pushing aside the Jedi away as she saw fit and running off alone to save her mother. “Not this time,” ember said to herself knowing how foolish such an action would be.
After getting dressed into her dark colored clothing, Ember clipped her utility belt on. She again studied herself in the mirror before ruffling her hair into place. She turned and was about to pick up her light saber when she stopped. Ember’s eyes remained fixed upon the weapon as only her hand reached out and let the force flow through herself and used it to reach out to the weapon. The light saber slowly lifted and hovered to her hand where her fingers wrapped around it. A smirk fell upon her face as she then attached the weapon to her belt and she headed out the door to her chambers.
Just outside her door was R2 waiting patiently for her to step outside. “Come on, R2, we have work to do. Master Amalia will be waiting.” Ember and R2 made their way outside of the temple and headed towards the hanger bay. She felt no fear and instead held out to confidence that Amalia’s training had her better prepared to deal with Lexus again. This time would be different.