A Fading Ember
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Several weeks earlier…

Mumbled voices argued from behind closed doors…

“I am telling you, the girl is far too much of a danger.”

“Not just to herself, but to those around her.“

“Two masters have tried to train her. Both are now dead.“

“The girl even came close to getting herself killed.”

“She is far, far too reckless to be trained.”

Outside, Ember was sitting on the floor with her knees to her chest and leaning back against the stone wall behind her as the echoed voices pierced her ears like sharpened blades. Her head was low while the sensation of feeling both ashamed and unwanted filled her heart. Ember was quite careless and she was smart enough to know it yet she never seemed to come to the realization when the time demanded.

Her first master was killed when she got into a confrontation with an insane nightsister who stabbed her through the chest, nearly killing her. Ember’s master was able to make the nightsister retreat, but received a mortal wound which he died from shortly after returning to the temple where he barely managed to save Ember‘s life. Ember still bares the scar upon her chest as a reminder of that incident and the memory of her former master.

This most recent incident also proved fatal to Ember’s master when she was reunited with the same foe who had nearly killed her years earlier. The nightsister has disarmed Ember and given her quite a beating for being so arrogant. When ready to make a final blow, Ember’s master had intervened and deflected the strike. When the battle was over, and Ember had regained consciousness, her master was dead and the night\sister nowhere to be seen.

As the debate went on, Ember’s eyes became watery yet she would shed no tear for herself. She tightly held her mother’s light saber, formerly her father’s, in her hand as a child would their favorite stuffed toy. It was all she had left of her parents who had seen fit to leave her long ago. Ember wiped her eyes then clipped the weapon back onto her belt before walking steadily towards the exit of the temple.

The time had come to move on.

Ember entered the pilot seat of a small craft and fired up the power system, readying for take off. The canopy closed and she found herself taking one last look at the temple she was leaving behind. Ember took in a deep breath and, as she slowly exhaled, her lip subtly quivered. She then closed her eyes tightly to clear her mind. There was no time for sorrow nor regret. Not anymore.

The small ship lifted off and shot into the sky where it would disappear into the stars above.

Present Day…


“Why am I here?”

The question kept traveling through Ember’s mind, replaying again and again like some bad song that would not go away. In truth, she had no idea why she was there. Since leaving Ossus, Ember traveled from planet to planet for no particular reason at all. She was lost. Not just in the traditional sense, but lost in which direction her life should go in next and she was in a daily battle with herself over the confusion is brought to her.

Coming to Capricia was a last minute decision. Was she lead here? Was she drawn here? There was no telling and Ember was not trained well enough in how to truly decipher how the force might be guiding her. It was not as if the training was not offered to her, but more that Ember was more interested in learning use the force to swing her lightsaber more efficiently than to focus on the more important facets of strong mental training that was key to any Jedi.

Taking a glance around, Ember could only sigh as her hands came to rest on her hips. “Now what?”
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Nestled inside a quaint little café that operated alongside just one of many of Capricia’s local but large squares, a Jedi Master sat slowly nursing a cup of extra large stimcaf. There hadn’t been much drinking to take place, far from even sipping. Just a pair of almond shaped brown eyes passively looking into the mug was all that seemed to be taking place. Reflecting. Thinking of all the things that had been said to somehow change her mind. Amalia’s mind, to accept her standing as a Jedi Master, when she profusely thought that her mind had been stamped permanently with impression. It made her appreciate the value and power of words.

It had literally been years since Amalia had accepted a student of her own, but then again, it had taken the brunette just the long to accept every piece of who she was. That alone wasn’t enough. It was so very easy to resign to glorious temptation and retire, but she would only be cheating herself, along with someone else, an opportunity unlike any other. Unlike any other because Amalia still had time and potential to make a difference. In her life, and in someone else’s life, as she had done many times before. A chance to provoke change, for the better. Such as there was the power of word, so too was there power of the people. There was someone out there across the vast galaxy waiting for her, needing her.

Outside, rain began to suddenly but heavily pelt down from the sky, and because it did, it was enough to distract Amalia from the extra large mug she was relentlessly staring into. It was a damn good thing too, because if she’d been naturally stubborn enough, she never would have noticed the brown haired, hazel eyed, twenty year old female standing outside without some means of protecting herself from the pouring rain. Not even thinking twice about it, the older female stood up from by the round table she had been sitting at, and walked to the entrance of the café. Lightly pulling open the door, brown eyes softly peered onto the female that was just an inch or two taller than herself, studying her for a moment from afar.

“Hmm .. she’s lost,” Amalia whispered to herself, already knowing with ease of recognition that it was not just in the sense of location. The girl was literally, lost. Amalia knew that look and had worn it well, often.

“Hey!” Not that Amalia was one for yelling out toward a complete stranger, but the rain was so deafening, it was really all she could do to gain Ember’s attention. The girl was dripping wet, bordering on being soaked, so Amalia could not worry too much about making a good first impression right then.
Waiting a heartbeat or two for Ember to catch her line of focus, Amalia spoke out to her again from the inside of the café, still holding the door open with invite. Their eyes seemed to meet.

“Better get inside before you catch a cold! Come on!”

For extra measure, Amalia lightly moved the door, indicating to Ember that she was being invited to come inside. Had this been a situation thrust upon the Jedi Master years before, Amalia would have exemplified a great deal more of patience that she found herself being able to exercise. With her patience weaning, and still no response, Amalia tried another approach.

“Please? Will you come in? Maybe you’d like something to eat or drink?”

Another heartbeat, she lightly bit down on her lip, the impatience becoming just slightly evident in Amalia’s manner.

“Are you lost? Maybe I can help you find whatever it is you’re looking for? I’d like to, if you just give me a chance? You have to come inside first, though. Where it’s warm. It might not stop raining for a while, better for you to be inside so you won’t get sick. Come on, I’ll buy you lunch, my treat, all you have to do is come inside. What do you say?”

It didn’t really matter too much because what Amalia hadn’t said out loud was that if Ember declined somehow, Amalia would drag her in, even if she decided to kick and scream her way in.
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It had been nearly an hour that Ember wandered around with no particular reason. She had maintained a mild temperament until the weather took a turn and a heavy rain had moved in. There she was, standing in the roadway as she quickly grew soaked in the downpour that ensued. A gentle rumble of thunder echoed in the distance and gave clear indication the storm was not going to end soon.

“Great,” Ember thought to herself as her hair was now thoroughly soaked and water trickled down her face. She came to this world for no reason. She wandered around for no reason either. Now she was standing in the rain and extremely annoyed with herself as her mood went sour.


Ember suddenly jumped as she heard a voice break the gentle beat of the rain hitting the ground beneath her. She scanned to her left and, over her shoulder, she saw a woman at the door of a café. She quickly looked the other way, assuming she was yelling at someone else such as a friend or acquaintance. Seeing no one was there, Ember slowly looked back as her eyes narrowed and her head tilted slightly showing her confusion.

The woman persisted, shouting at her more and coming off a bit more insistent. She sensed her impatience and knew it was over Ember’s lack of a response or any movement on her part. There was no apparent indication the woman had any ill intentions which was what led Ember to slowly and cautiously make her way towards the door now being held open for her.

“Something to eat would be nice,” Ember said in a very low tone as her eyes remained fixed upon the woman as she walked by her and into the small café. Once inside, Ember paused and took a look around. She was always anticipating something bad to happen and was not used to this sort of kindness.

“Lost?” Ember finally cracked a small, yet sarcastic, smirk. “I don’t think you can help me…” She sat down slowly, scratching at her wet hair in frustration. “I’m not even sure what I am looking for in the first place…”

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed another table where an elderly woman sat quietly alone. Several tables away was a younger man who seemed rather interested in what she was doing. It caught Ember’s attention until it was broken when a waitress had came tot heir table and blocked her view. “what would you like, honey?”

Ember looked down, never noticing the menu that had been offered to her. She opened it, scanned it quickly, then ordered a small meal and glass of ice water. The waitress then began talking to Amalia while Ember leaned back and around the waitress. It was in time for her to see the woman get up and get confronted by the man who grabbed her bag.

Ember jumped up, shoving the waitress out of her way and igniting her light saber. She lunged forward, flipping the table upwards with the force to throw the man off balance. The older woman cried out as Ember held her blade out towards the man now on the floor. “Back off…”

The elderly woman, shaking nervously, reached out and tugged on Ember’s arm. “Please, Miss, it’s alright.”

“It’s okay, I’m a Jedi. He won’t bother you anymore,” Ember said quickly as she interrupted.

The woman tugged harder. “He was kindly offering to pay for an old woman’s meal.”

Ember froze. She then glanced over her shoulder at the old woman who let go of her arm and smiled as she shook her head. She then looked down at the man on the floor as he held his arms out with an irritated smile upon his face. Ember then deactivated her weapon and backed away nervously. “U, um, and sorry. From there it looked like, erm, well…”

Ember made a quick retreat and rejoined Amalia. She glanced up and noted the glare the waitress had given her as she set down her glass of water in front of her. “Sorry,” Ember muttered under breath while she looked away.

As the table was put back into place behind her, Ember took a sip of her water and hoped to avoid talking about what had just happened. “Ember,” she added. “My name is Ember.” Ember suddenly set her glass down and glanced up at Amalia, tilting her head again and winced. “I’m sorry, but who are you and why exactly are you being so nice to me? I’m not used to running into anyone kind in this galaxy anymore so I am a bit confused.”
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Even before it took place, Amalia knew what was going to happen, if only because where Ember might have thought she was distracted, she was definitely aware. The force told her so, as if to warn her. Not one of those bad warnings, but something to pay attention to. So her focus easily fell from the waitress and onto Ember. Though, it honestly had not been that hard for Amalia to tell that Ember was distracted. She easily exhibited the signs. Although she could have intervened, Amalia did not and watched as the scene took it’s time to unfold.

After all was said and done, and Ember returned to their table, introducing herself, Amalia ceased to introduce herself right away. Instead, more keen to impart a small lesson, without so much vocally doing so. Amalia was still very much the stranger, but she understood that this Jedi lacked focus, possibly even discipline. Great care would be required, especially since she understood how lost Ember seemed to feel.

In silence, Amalia pointed with a finger to her head, and then pointed to her eyes with two fingers as she shook her head no lightly. It was a quiet indication for the younger Jedi, that in that instance, perhaps Ember should have stretched out with the force to feel her way, instead of rushing up to leap and react because of what she assumed she was seeing with her own two eyes. If Ember did not understand it, she would explain it, but only if Ember asked her to. The instance almost made her smile, bringing back fond memories of times with Leia, where Amalia had gone through a much similar experience. She saw much of herself in Ember, and in the quiet spaces of her mind, this pleased Amalia. Pleased her, because she was just as lost as Ember was, and happened to be looking for her own answers.

Slowly, she was beginning to realize that one of those answers was Ember. Figuring that was all Amalia needed to say on the matter for now, she set her hands in her lap and focused in on Ember.

“It is my belief that one should never apologize for trying to do the right thing.“

Amalia thoughtfully went silent a moment, giving Ember a chance to muse over the words, and then went about introducing herself.

“My name is Amalia Braska, and I am also a Jedi.”

A moment’s hesitation as Amalia struggled with letting the words hit the air.

“A Jedi Master,” she finally said, but with the words, seemed to permeate a very slight resistance to the words.

“So, Ember, the Jedi, mind sharing with me just what it is you’re running from?”

Brown eyes softly came to light up, and Amalia’s mouth quietly formed a roguish faint smile. It wasn’t that she found amusement in it, but rather, she found astonishment in a way that made Amalia feel almost as if she were looking into a mirror as she looked at Ember.

For now, Amalia avoided the question asked of her by Ember, other than to offer her name. It seemed more imperative that they get down to the heart of the matter.
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Ember suddenly coughed when she took the next drink of her water upon Amalia’s revelation in being a Jedi Master. Her eyes then became fixed on Amalia as she wondered if this could be the reason she was drawn here. Then again, how could it be? Ember had created enough damage to her former masters that she could not be in line for a third.

“Running?” Ember cleared her throat. “Running you say?” She scratched her head nervously and leaned back in her seat. “It’s complicated,” Ember replied through narrowed eyes. After just meeting Amalia, it was a bit too soon to begin opening up and sharing all her dirty laundry with a stranger. Jedi Master or not, Ember still had no idea who she was sitting down with and just why she was being so nice. “I mean, it’s a long story and not a very entertaining one.” Ember smirked and shook her head. “Besides, it’s not so much as running as it is just making a decision that was best for everyone.”

The waitress returned and placed a plate in front of Ember which she quickly began to eat. She had not eaten a good meal in days and was quite hungry. “Listen…” Ember began speaking as she was chewing her food. “I really appreciate the kindness, Amalia. Erm, I mean, Master.” Ember swallowed the food in her mouth before she continued. “Forgive me, I should respect your rank.” Ember looked away and back down to her food. “It’s nice to see some Jedi can make it that far,” she said under her breath.

Ember continued eating, chewing loudly until her plate was cleaned off. She wiped her mouth with the napkin given to her and set it down on the table before leaning back and enjoying the sensation of having a full stomach for a change. Her eyes slowly looked up and she seemingly studied Amalia for a moment. She then did something surprising.

“I’m not running. You can’t run from a place you’re just not wanted.” Ember’s eyes slowly looked down at the table as she fiddled with the napkin she had just thrown down. “I have not seen either of my parents since I was very young. They visited me, of course, but the visits soon ended. I was left with a strangers. Strangers I came to call Master. Masters I…” Ember stopped as the hurt she was keeping in her heart painfully emerged. “Master I got killed.”

Ember’s eyes grew teary, but she wiped them as not to let them escape down her cheeks. “I’m trouble, Master Amalia. Nothing but trouble.” Ember reached for her glass and drank down the last of her water, setting the glass back down when she was done. “So, like I said, I’m not running. I don’t really know what I am doing.”
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Clearly, in Amalia’s mind, Ember wasn’t ready, but like herself, she also knew that Ember, to some degree, was hiding away from the truth. Amalia knew because it was an experience she was quite familiar with. She knew the signs and didn’t require an experience of the force to tell her so. Ember had feelings of abandonment, possibly even feelings of rejection, the question was why. Hopefully, over time, Amalia would come to figure the why out. For now, she was content with listening and observing as best she could.

The more Ember spoke, the more fascination Amalia felt. The young Jedi thought it had been her fault that her Master had got killed and she also thought herself nothing but trouble. No wonder she felt lost. Amalia had been down this sort of thinking path before, and it had sadly, taken her years to remove herself from it. She did not desire the same fate for Ember. Without a doubt, more and more, Amalia understood that this young but lost woman was someone she needed to help. A woman that Amalia hoped she could make a difference for.

“I know this is something you may not want to hear, but you need to hear it. I wish I didn’t have to be much of a stranger when I said it to you, but it’s something you need to hear. So I hope you listen to it, and believe in it.”

Amalia sat up and forward in her seat, giving clear and direct contact to Ember’s gaze as she said the words.

“What happened to your Masters was not your fault. They took an oath, as Jedi, the same one you took. To both protect and serve. Now, they may have died trying to save you, but that is what a master does for their student, as I am sure you would do for yours. Not only that, but this is what a Jedi does. We risk our lives, for the greater good, Ember, everyday. Death, sometimes, it is the ultimate sacrifice, but it is, and will never be your fault, because they were trying to protect and or save you. You were cared for.”

Something compelled Amalia to reach out across the table to place her hand on top of Ember’s, not so much thinking about if she would startle the other Jedi.

“Nor are you trouble, you may have things that you need to work on as a student, but we all do, Ember. Even me,” Amalia shared, quiet smirk playing upon her lips because such words would have been hard for her to admit, and here she was committing them to a young female she didn’t even know.

“It’s a part of growing and learning. If we were all born perfect, why, we’d have nothing to learn, and growth and knowledge would be something of nonexistence. You’re still young, Ember, and your journey as a Jedi is still likely just beginning, no matter how many weeks, months, or years you’ve been serving as a Jedi. Give yourself time, Ember.”

Squeezing her hand gently, Amalia let it go, only to sit back in her seat. She took a strong sip from her extra large mug and smiled into her cup. She could already see that Ember was going to do her a world of good. A great deal.
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Ember found herself actually listening to the advice now given her. It made sense, for the most part, though Ember would still carry her fair share of guilt. As she continued to listen, her body instantly tensed the moment Amalia’s hand came to hers. Her eyes looked down and she felt confused. Confused because affection was not something Ember was familiar with. Her first master, who essentially raised her, really did not take a parental role. Instead, he would regularly tell her to be more like her mother or more like her father. It was something Ember came to resent in time and an unwanted reoccurrence with her last master.

When Amalia had finished, Ember took in a breath as if she were going to speak, yet she hesitated. Her head tilted slightly as she ruffled her hair. As much as she wanted to pose the question and ask if she could perhaps remain with Amalia, she just could not get the words to escape her mouth.

A pain suddenly interrupted Ember’s train of thought as she began to rub the scar on her chest. It was a circular scar and one any trained eye could see was made by the blade of a light saber. Ember nervously glanced outside as a flash of lightning illuminated the walkway just outside. “Excuse me,” Ember said beneath her breath. “I have to check something…”

Ember slowly walked towards the door, opening it and cautiously stepping outside. The rain was still falling heavily and the skies were veiled in the darkness of blackened clouds. Ember’s eyes scanned the area as if she was looking for something. Something or someone she was all too familiar with. She took several steppes and was now standing nearly in the same place she was when Amalia had discovered her as rain began to soak her hair once again.

“This isn’t right,” Ember thought to herself as her eyes narrowed and she continued to look in all directions. When the scar upon her chest began to ache again, Ember grabbed her light saber and ignited it’s blue blade which began to gently hum. Leaning back upon her right leg, Ember was at the ready. Her right hand held the hilt of her weapon allowing the blade to pass close to her cheek, illuminating her skin blue, and continue down her outstretched left arm. It was similar to a stance Master Kenobi was known to use though Ember’s was different and unique to her.

A blot of lightning shot down from the sky and directly on top of Ember who quickly jumped to evade the blast. She twirled through the air and landed on her feet in the mud creating a large splash as her feet hit the ground. An eerie laughter echoed all around and people began to run in fear. Ember, however, remained still since she knew who it was that was nearby. “Show yourself, Lexus.”

More laughter came from all directions. “Why would I make it easy on you, Ember? This is much more fun.”

Another blot of lightening fell from the sky followed by another and another. Ember was dodging each of them with the last barely hitting her when she had almost slipped in the mud. When Ember landed soon after, Lexus showed herself as her glowing red light saber crashed against Ember’s. Her evil grinning teeth were now showing as she pushed her blade closer to Ember’s throat.

Ember dropped to her knees, throwing Lexus off balance and she slid right between her legs, jumping up behind her. Ember swung her saber at Lexus who deflected the blow. Crackling and crashing followed as their blades struck one another several times and several people were watching as the young Jedi faced her arch nemesis showing no sign of fear in her eyes.

A speeder parked nearby began to shake behind ember who was still focused on Lexus. When she deflected several more blows, the speeder shot towards her. Ember barely had time to drop to the ground as the large vehicle soared over her and crashed into a nearby building. When she returned to her feet, Lexus had once again disappeared. Her echoing laughter was clear indication she had not left nor was what was about to happen.

Several large objects were thrown at Ember who was sliding across the mud and jumping through the air with the help of the force to dodge each one. Ember tried to reach out and stop the objects but Lexus was easily overpowering her abilities to manipulate the force.

When a large dumpster had crashed into a speeder next to her, an eerie silence fell over the block. Ember was still at the ready when Lexus appeared behind her. Their blades crashed together and, as Lexus pressed down, she struck Ember across the face with her fist, sending the girl to the ground. Ember attempted to get back up when smaller objects were thrown at her while Lexus stood over her with a smile upon her face.

Ember was bruised and bleeding and was crawling on the ground after a large metal crate had struck her in the head. “Look at you, Ember. Crawling on your hands and knees. You are so pathetic…” Lexus kicked Ember in the abdomen, using the force to strengthen the blow. It sent Ember in the air and landing almost ten feet away.

Lexus slowly walked over to where Ember was laying motionless. “I’ll make this quick…” When Lexus ignited her light saber and pointed it at Ember, Ember jumped up as her blade ignited and slashed her blue blade across Lexus’ chest. Lexus cried out, but her scream turned to one of anger as her teeth tightly clenched and she lashed out. From her fingers came a barrage of force lightening which sent Ember to the ground screaming in pain.

Ember was now laying face down in the mud and barely able to move when Lexus pressed her foot down on the side of her head. She aimed her red blade in the middle of Ember’s back, nearly in the same place she had stabbed her the last time they had met, and began to raise it so she could drive it through her body. “Time to die, Ember…”
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“I think not,” Amalia’s voice called out, just as she came to ignite her purple lightsaber. The weapon had not been used in years, kept under safe keeping by Leia. She had thought that the next time she would have to use it, she would hesitate, struggle with acceptance. Such was not the case now, holding onto reason. It hadn’t taken Amalia long to go after Ember, the force having directed her to do so. It didn’t seem to matter to her how rusty she truly was with the instrument, all that mattered was Ember, and saving her.

“How about you pick on someone who is more than capable of taking care of herself.”

The words were not said out of a lack of confidence for Ember, but the odds were against her from the start. Ember was a padawan, incapable of steadily challenging Lexus with ease.

“What exactly do you want from Ember anyway?” All of this had come out of nowhere, and it made Amalia thoroughly wonder how Lexus had even come to realize Ember was on Capricia. She suspected that there must have been some sort of tracking device on the ship she had taken to get here. Regardless of the how and why, Amalia now assumed that her presence was somehow catching Lexus off guard. If she knew Ember’s tracks, she likely knew that the girl no longer had a master at her side. The action to strike when Ember was most vulnerable, Amalia considered this a weak maneuver.

For the moment, Amalia stood in a defensive position, but she seemed heavily anxious to move if Lexus decided to make any sudden movements.

“I’m not leaving until you’re gone. “

If there was ever a time to give Ember a bit of hope, it was now, and she would do whatever she could to convince Ember, without saying the words, that her fate wasn’t destined to be as she had always known. That not all was lost. She could give Ember something she never had before and not even the threat of Lexus could come to stand between it.
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The world around Ember had turned a bright white with a radiating light all around. She was lying down in the same fashion she had been just before it seemed Lexus was about to kill her, only here there was no rain. No mud was sticking to her skin and she felt no pain from her confrontation only moments before. Ember slowly sat up and glanced at a figure standing at her feet.


Ember was staring up at a beautiful woman who indeed resembled her mother. She was draped in white and smiling down at her. She said nothing and only stood in an angelic fashion. It was calming, warm even, and gave Ember the sensation of being at peace with herself.

“Am I dead?”

The woman’s smile grew as she slowly shook her head in disagreement. Perhaps this was merely a vision on her own from deep within her mind? Whatever it was, the woman bent over and held out her hand to Ember as if wanting to help her stand up. Ember looked at the woman, offered a smile back to her, then took her hand and felt her body lifted to its feet.

After a bright flash of white light, the sound of the rain falling all around had returned as did the gentle echo of thunder in the distance. Ember felt the cold mud that was clenching to her skin and the pain from the bruises and cuts now scattered upon her body.

Ember opened her eyes only to realize she was still lying down in the mud of the street where Lexus had left her. Slowly lifting her head, Ember looked around only to discover she was alone and Lexus was no where to be seen. As she took a step to return to her feet, Ember cried out and stumbled. Her right knee seemed to be hurt badly and barely able to support any weight.

Partially buried in mud only a few steps away was Ember’s light saber. She lifted her hand, reaching out with the force, to cause the weapon to jump from the ground and into her hand. As she tightened her teeth, Ember stood up and limped for a few paces, scanning her surroundings through narrowed eyes. She could still sense Lexus was nearby, but where was she? What did she leave her on the ground without killing her?

A cold shiver traveled down Ember’s spine as memories of the past returned. Could Amalia have intervened? Did her actions cause another to lose their life attempting to save hers?

The answer was soon clear when she heard Lexus’ shrieking scream. A scream she used too many times before when Ember faced her. The one she used when she attacked.

Ember attempted to walk briskly, forgetting her injury, which made her stumble back to the ground. “Damn!” Standing back up, Ember closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. She exhaled slowly, feeling the force around her and calming her emotions. As her eyes opened, Ember felt Lexus, and more importantly Amalia, were very close.

Ember limped ahead for nearly a block until she came to an intersection. Peering around a building, she spotted the two battling one another. Ember dodged back behind the building, leaning her back up against the concrete wall. Too many times had Ember charged in without thinking. This time was going to be different. She had work with Amalia and think this through to outsmart Lexus.

Peeking her head back around the building, Ember stared at Amalia, trying to reach out to her so she knew she was there. With any luck, Amalia would feel Ember trying to reach out to her and push Lexus back towards her direction where she could spring her trap.

After closing her eyes and resting her head against the wall behind her, Ember felt something. Someone else was close by and Ember quickly looked around, spotting another woman just across the way. She was directly across the street, standing adjacent to where Ember was. Her grip upon her light saber tightened until she began to feel as if the woman was no threat to her. Was she as concerned for Amalia as Ember was?

With her eyes fixed upon the woman, their eyes finally met. Ember offered her a single nod, indicating to be ready when Lexus was close enough. With any luck, and luck was not always on Ember’s side, this new arrival would be of some assistance to the situation at hand. A situation involving a mentally unstable nightsister who could very well claim another life before the day would end.
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Lexus did not waste much time, rushing toward Amalia the moment her insane scream seemed to quiet. Sending a snowball of fire that was two fist sizes put together of her own furry toward Amalia, the Jedi Master countered the element with a blast of water to match the size and shape of the ball that Lexus fostered. This went on, wasteful for several minutes, the two engaging in a battle of elements of fire and water, before the female seemed to give up and Amalia awaited her next counter.

No wonder Ember found herself not standing much of a chance up against Lexus, the woman seemed to be well adapted.

“I’m afraid it’s going to take a great deal more than that if you stand to offer me much of a challenge, Lexus. Your flames of furry might cause a reaction with others, but as you can see, I’m naturally well versed in the elements.”

The force had always been her strongest supporter in battle, it was weaponry that tended to do her in every now and again. With that alone, her reaction didn’t have her making much sense by that accord when she lifted her saber out of the need to have Lexus recognize it.

“How about you grow a set and we do this the hard way ..”