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  • Posted On: Jul 12 2012 3:48pm
Well, you ditched us so you are somewhat of an ass.


Drama? Really?
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  • Posted On: Jul 13 2012 3:53am
Actually, about the time I quit here I pretty much quit everywhere. Then I came back to some other places, then I quit again, then I came back, quit again, and now I'm back.

But yeah, whatever, lol. I see Zark on AIM sometimes and chat with him. Seth dropped by when I was on Descension once.

Half tempted to start something up here with one of my other chars.
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  • Posted On: Jul 13 2012 12:08pm
That's just crazy talk right there. We don't RP here, we are professional lurkers now!
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  • Posted On: Jul 14 2012 6:12pm
*lurks behind the lurkers*

actually, I kinda did have a plan to get writing again with Ember and Amalia a couple of weeks ago... but, then life happened... again.

Just keeps happening.

Suppose the time to really worry is when it...stops, :p

Oh and Hey Kamon... ;)
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  • Posted On: Jul 15 2012 4:41pm
Sup, Seth?

And pro-lurkers eh? How much does that job pay? :P
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  • Posted On: Jul 17 2012 7:46am
I have the flu. It's not fun.
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  • Posted On: Jul 24 2012 9:39pm
I don't know if I even count as a lurker.. I stop in every few months and then disappear again... heh
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  • Posted On: Jul 25 2012 3:09am
Hi Damalis!!!! Sight for sore eyes.
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  • Posted On: Jul 27 2012 1:21pm
hewwo :) I never really go away completely...
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  • Posted On: Aug 28 2012 6:38pm
At least I'm not the only one.

I'd love to know what some of you old-timers are up to these days.