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  • Posted On: Jan 11 2013 6:44pm
Are you saying Zahn is aware of our existence now?

OH GOD! We need to clean up! Put out some fine linens or something! *runs around frantically*
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  • Posted On: Jan 19 2013 12:55am
Cool that you got Zhan. I can't skype as I have no camera or mic, but I can give you my number when a date is set. Mon-Thurs evenings are good for me.
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  • Posted On: Jan 29 2013 12:04am
We had Alan Dean Foster a few weeks back too... Wednesday its Steve Sansweet time!
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  • Posted On: Feb 1 2013 7:06pm
Episode 67: Science Fiction Master - Alan Dean Foster


Hosts: James and Jeremiah

Guest: Alan Dean Foster

Synopsis: James and Jeremiah discuss Christmas, finally, going over their Star Wars Christmas gifts. After Jeremiah revels in finally finishing KOTOR 2 yet is still confused over what he just played through. James tries to assist but after discovering they cannot they move on to new "Ask Bombad Radio" questions talking about the source of Ket's name, their early writing, and what is to come this summer. Alan Dean Foster, writer of Splinter of the Mind's Eye, Alien 1-3, Transformers, A New Hope, Star Trek the Motion Picture, Terminator Salvation, and much more joins in to talk about his projects, the background of many classic films, the Star Wars universe and much more!

On Alan Dean Foster:

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Episode 68: Its Steve Sansweet Ladies and Gentlemen!


Hosts: Jeremiah and James

Guest: Steve Sansweet

Synopsis: Steve Sansweet, former head of Fan Relations with Lucasfilm joins us, after of course I rant about Disney XD and the canceling of Star Wars in 3D. Prepare for one of the best interviews EVER on Bombad Radio!

More on Rancho Obi-Wan:
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  • Posted On: Feb 7 2013 1:53am
My husband has talked to Zahn, Alan Dean Foster, and Kevin Andersen at cons so we can possibly do podcasts too. But he gives them our card and we get nothing. How do you do it?

And when's ours coming up?
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  • Posted On: Mar 9 2013 6:07pm
We had Kevin J Anderson as well.

I WANT you all on I wanted you on a while ago but with schedules it seems no one can? I Want a TRF, EPICS mashup etc... here is what I can do.

Email me at peolpe who want on and I will make it happen this month even if its separate
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  • Posted On: Mar 15 2013 10:59pm
Okay, email sent. But I'd prefer it be a group of us than just one on one. I'm a very boring conversationalist. :p
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  • Posted On: Apr 4 2013 4:34pm
Been out of pocket for a while. Am back. I am available this weekend though it may be too late. How did your interview go Sam?
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  • Posted On: Apr 7 2013 3:19pm
Congrats on the guests!

You're really hitting stride, Bane.
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  • Posted On: Apr 10 2013 1:26am
I enjoyed hearing everyone but you guys need to slow down! Love to do it again though. I felt like every time I had something to say, I had to literally talk over everyone just to make them shut up so I could say it. :p I even revealed my real name in there, I wonder if anyone caught it. (If you did, don't post it please.)