STawkward WARS!
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  • Posted On: Apr 7 2013 3:17pm
Just thought I'd put this here.

It's a tumblr with some funny Star Wars themed gags I've drawn. It's just starting out, so expect growth.

Also, ideas are welcome.
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  • Posted On: Apr 8 2013 5:22pm
Hey, whatever happened with that comic about the kid that sneezes and upsets time or something?
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  • Posted On: May 6 2013 4:42am
Moving house disrupted that idea. Plus I like the notion of drawing single-panel gags far more currently.
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  • Posted On: May 11 2013 7:05am
Did you draw your profile pic, Watcher?
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  • Posted On: May 31 2013 7:59pm
Looks good so far. :]
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  • Posted On: Jun 2 2013 2:26pm
At first I thought the title was weird, then I realized that it makes sense in an Australian accent. ^_^
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  • Posted On: Nov 14 2013 12:20am
Nah, didn't draw my profile pic.

And yeah, I've been lazy. Work and life have robbed me of energy to do anything creative, which makes me sad. And yet, I remain caught in the cycle of wanting to change it, but not having enough energy, so I don't.
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  • Posted On: Nov 19 2013 5:37pm
Are you going to draw more comics, Watcher? Huh?