Star Wars books
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  • Posted On: Aug 30 2011 1:44pm
The X-wing Series was the first I read. I definitely like Stackpole's books more than the ones about Wraith Squadron. But I guess that could be because Corran Horn is one of my favorite Star Wars characters.

Still, Zahn's books are a must read for any fan of the books.
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  • Posted On: Aug 30 2011 3:28pm
Zahn's work, of course. A close second for me would be Karin Traviss's stuff, particularly her Republic Commando series. Stackpole's X-Wing series and Stover's Shatterpoint come in third.
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  • Posted On: Aug 30 2011 8:22pm
Are the Wraith Squadron books worth picking up at least, Kamon? I've read the Rogue Squadron series, but have yet to read any of Allston's stuff.
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  • Posted On: Sep 2 2011 2:44pm
Yeah, they're worth reading. I read them, but I preferred the ones about Rogue Squadron.
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  • Posted On: Sep 3 2011 3:06am
The X-wing Series, the Thrawn Triology, I, Jedi. Steer clear of Children of the Jedi, Darksaber, Planet of Twilight, The Crystal Star, The New Rebellion, and the Dark Nest Triology. If you go into the NJO, you should be able to steer clear of the first one (Vector Prime) and not be lost. Also recommend Tatooine Ghost, Survivor's Quest. Optional series would be the Jedi Academy Triology, Black Fleet Crisis (but only if you like fleet battles), Corellian Triology, and I would read the Hand of Thrawn Duology, but you'll want to read the aforementioneds before getting to that.
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  • Posted On: Sep 3 2011 9:23am
Awwww this thread makes me regret (well, a little) donating my Star Wars novel collection to the local library years ago. I owned every SW novel ever released up to the Dark Nest Trilogy (horrible trilogy!). Only kept a few obligatory classics, like the Thrawn trilogy.

As a general rule, just stay away from Kevin J Anderson, Barbara Hambly, and RA Salvatore (basically what Park said) and you should find plenty of good old fashioned Star Wars fun!
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  • Posted On: Sep 13 2011 2:04am
I never actually bought a SW book on my own. When I started RPing I relied heavily on the internet for my background research, as I had only seen the original trilogy at that point.

I did read the Zahn book that came out right after the trilogy, where he didn't know that Leia was Luke's sister. I enjoyed it as I enjoyed the countless other sci-fi paperbacks I'd been given since I was in high school. For prequel books, Michael Reaves is very good. I also like Stackpole for the original trilogy. I'd like to read the Wraith series, never got around to it. The Thrawn Trilogy just got too outrageously coincidental for me to buy into the whole thing. (Thrawn is awesome, look, he thought 13 steps ahead! Oh wait, due to leaving a miniscule clue that Our Heroes picked up on immediately, all is foiled!)

I actually stopped reading Tattooine Ghost, halfway through.

Han's got 101 fiction, 53 reference books. 154 total. He's my go-to guy. And, well, the internet still.
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  • Posted On: Sep 21 2011 3:37am
Planet of Twilight wasn't that bad... And Vector Prime was my favorite NJO book. I never finished the series as I saw all the crap coming... *mutters*

Why the hatred of RA? He did a good job...
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  • Posted On: Sep 22 2011 9:11pm
Out of all the names mentioned, RA Salvatore and Zahn are the only one's I'm familiar with. I've read some of Salvatore's fantasy but none of his SW, and I've never read Zahn. I just know of him by name from his other writings.

Now Patricia Wrede, who did some of the novelizations for the movies, is one of my favorite writers. I used to actually discuss writing with her on the old AOL forums back in the day. She was always very nice to people and helpful. Actually, now that I remember, Salvatore used to hang out there too. He was a little more opinionated and fiesty though, if I recall rightly.
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  • Posted On: Sep 26 2011 3:03am

I like RA's fantasy work. Vector Prime was actually what made me start reading his stuff, though.