New EU
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  • Posted On: Mar 18 2015 3:38am

Apparently they're going to set out on a publishing spree to set up the EU of the Disneyverse. The Aftermath seems to be a trilogy to condense all the goings on between Return of the Jedi and Force Awakens.

So. What things from the old EU do people hope will make the cut?
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  • Posted On: Mar 18 2015 3:10pm
Well, at the very least, I'd like to see Admiral Thrawn make it through in some sort of decent version of the original.

I'd also like to see the Black Fleet Crisis trilogy and the hunt for Zsinji stay relatively intact.

In fact, I like most of the original EU work with the exception of the I, Jedi and all of the related Vong-related expansion.  I will not miss the Vong, at all.

I'm also kind of expecting to be disappointed, but I guess we'll just have to see how it all turns out.
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  • Posted On: Mar 29 2015 3:53pm
Wait, you didn't like I, Jedi?

I don't expect them to carry much over from any of the existing EU.
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  • Posted On: Mar 30 2015 7:59pm
I know, right? ;)
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  • Posted On: Apr 17 2015 6:59am
Really excited by some of the familiar faces that popped up in the latest trailer.
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  • Posted On: Apr 19 2015 2:01am
You nerds get so angry about the weirdest things sometimes.
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  • Posted On: Apr 20 2015 9:47pm
The new trailer and new Battlefront trailer got me all excited. I definitely think that after/during this new Trilogy's release we will begin to see SW movies at a pace comparable to what Marvel has been putting out.

The universe is diverse enough to support so many stories not connected to the main storyline.
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  • Posted On: Apr 21 2015 8:01pm
Haven't seen the new Battlefront trailer.   But after seeing the new SW VII trailer I could not help but think of the many hours of arguing around here there would be of someone finding a mostly intact, crashed ISD on a planet's surface. 

Of course, it still looks cool.

I would also say that Chewbacca seems to be aging well if not for his statements seeming a bit on the repetitive side.  Old age strikes us each differently I guess.
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  • Posted On: Apr 22 2015 3:23am
Speaking of Marvel pacing, anyone see the Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One teaser? It hasn't been released officially yet, but you can find some semi-shaky cam vids from Celebration. Apparently its set between the prequels and A New Hope and its about the plan to steal the Death Star plans. (Edit:

And Om, I know EU is pretty null and void but even back then, wookiees didn't reach old age until they were like 400 or so. I think Chewie was a teenager or something during Attack of the Clones.
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  • Posted On: Apr 28 2015 2:01am
I caught some illicit footage of the Rogue One teaser, seems promising. The link is DOA now though.