Lightsaber Theory
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  • Posted On: Jan 27 2022 8:59pm

Big fat SPOILER WARNING for The Book of Boba Fett. Stop unless you're all caught up.








HOLY FUCKING SHIT I just about fanboi'd myself to death watching Mando try use the Darksaber. I am so BRIMMING with questions and theories.


- Lightsabers having their own inherent momentum and needing to be worked with instead of against is on the table!

- All that stupid twirly saber shit from the Prequils may now be explained away as Jedi working with their lightsaber. Preserving momentum, whatever. 

- He instantly slices his own leg, probably about as close as we'll get to someone darth-mauling themselves by accident.

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  • Posted On: Jan 29 2022 5:16am

We're discussing Book spoilers in the Discord. Did you know TRF has a discord?


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