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  • Posted On: Jul 7 2021 9:57pm
For those of you who aren't aware , England just beat Denmark 2:1 to reach the final of Euro 2020, the first time we have been in an actual final for a major tournament for 55 years. We beat and knocked out Germany 2:00 along the way (long overdue that one, lol) and now we play Italy in the final on Sunday.

Pinch me, I think I am dreaming.

Hope you are all staying safe and well! 

I just really needed to get that out of my system, those who know me , know, lol

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  • Posted On: Jul 8 2021 4:39am
Viva Italia!
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  • Posted On: Aug 1 2021 4:39am
Go England!
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  • Posted On: Aug 2 2021 2:12am

I appreciate the sentiment , but alas, Italy took it in the end.
Final score was 1-1 , so it went to penalties, and Italy got the better of us, so the wait continues.

Shame, the lads played really well, scored a fantastic goal, Italy managed to get a bit of luck with theirs (bit of a scramble in the box)

While I concede the better team one in the long run (and congrats to Italy for it) I was not happy with some of the Italian players, some of the 'tackles' were pretty shocking to be honest. Got away with some really cynical stuff. It's a shame (IMO) since Italy had actually been playing some wonderful football throughout the tournament, kinda spoiled it a bit for me. 

All in all, the lads did well to get there in the first place, and what's even better, is they are a young team... roll on the world cup. ;)

Hope you are both well! 

I am watching the Olympics atm... we're doing quite well...

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  • Posted On: Aug 3 2021 11:08am
Footballs never coming home.
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  • Posted On: Oct 9 2021 7:55pm

Lmao.... Almost did, Italians got lucky this time.


Cheeky Canuk!