If any of you are interested.
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  • Posted On: Aug 23 2011 5:25pm
Yes, I know I am an Admin at TGC, yes this does relate to TGC as well but since I have been here a while and I've known many of you even longer I thought to drop a line here at TRF. TGC started a Podcast a few months ago, headed by me and Ket Limelight (SWFans if you know him). The focus is on of course Star Wars and discussions we make at TGC regarding it. We invite members to help us discuss on the air from topics ranging so far from the prequels, to star wars fandom, to takeovers, to factions, to Aliens and Conspiracies etc. We're also working with Lucasfilm to get other guests onboard.

As the host, producer, editor, hell I pay for it all etc, I am inviting you all to listen and join in if you have any input or if you want to be involved. We put up a new official episode every other friday (this Friday will be the newest). You can find it at: http://thegungancouncil.podbean.com or you can find it on itunes under The Gungan Council (in the podcast section). Each episode is usually around an hour with us working to keep them closer to 50 minutes.

If you are interested, take a listen, leave feedback, all is quite appreciated as I want to make it the best experience possible for everyone. If you would like to get involved, drop me a line, many of you know how to contact me or if you dont contact Ahnk, he knows how as well. If you're not interested, I apologize but I do encourage you to give us a listen, Star Wars fans should be sticking together afterall and this is a cool way to get our voice out there. The voice of Star Wars Roleplayers everywhere!

Thanks for your time and may the force be with you!

Bane Nathos
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  • Posted On: Aug 24 2011 8:06am
Sounds intriguing Bane, thanks for the consideration.

Good luck with it all. ;)
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  • Posted On: Aug 24 2011 2:17pm
Thanks! The offer stands, if anyone wants in feel free! Or of course give us er me a listen and drop us a review or rating!
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  • Posted On: Aug 26 2011 3:09pm
*flicks Bane in the nose*
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  • Posted On: Aug 29 2011 5:19am
Yes sir. That flick was a nice one yes?
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  • Posted On: Aug 29 2011 6:00pm
Yep. Naturally.
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  • Posted On: Sep 13 2011 2:24am
I think it's a great idea. I am not sure about the hour long length - I'm not on the radio long enough to hear it all and certainly don't want to listen to an hour's worth of dialogue while surfing.

Also, about combining multiple topics. It was rolling right along and quite interesting and funny until the part where suddenly there was a fire and that kid with asthma died. I have asthma. I looked at the time stream and realized there was still a long way to go and decided to give the rest of it a pass. I have been in the hospital 3 times (1st time 9 days, next two were two-night stays, first was w/surgery) since the end of April so I'm sensitive, I apologize.

Maybe if you separated some of the serious issues out and kept each podcast to one theme? You could still do a serious one but we'd be warned in advance.

Still love the idea and would like to hear other podcasts. :]
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  • Posted On: Sep 24 2011 12:29am
Thanks for listening! We try to focus on a single major topic but when it comes to wath has been going on we dont really know and our guests are well, guests. We were not expecting that comment but Chaos has been away for months and a lot of TGC wanted to know why and it was a compelling story.

Some are Hour+ some are Minus. What were your thoughts on other episodes? We have quite a few on our feed of varying length. We would love to hear your input. This month we should have 12 or so. (As in between now and the end of October)
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  • Posted On: Sep 27 2011 3:52pm
Also this Friday we are releasing our interview with James Arnold Taylor (FFX, Clone Wars, Johnny Test etc)
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  • Posted On: Sep 30 2011 3:07pm