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hmm Archie does heavy fighting in the SCA... which means no foam covered boffer weapons :b just a damned big stick with a layer of duct tape on it...
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  • Posted On: Oct 28 2005 1:45pm
someone stole my Wonder Woman costume.

I got a "sexy" SS officer uniform instead. Little dress with military cap and whip.

I can see this ending well.
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  • Posted On: Oct 28 2005 1:50pm
...Who wants to bet she gets shot but a senile veteran?
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  • Posted On: Oct 28 2005 2:00pm
Hey as long as she doesn't actually wear the swastika armband in public she should be fine.
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  • Posted On: Oct 28 2005 2:02pm
the armband is attached to the dress. we're going to try and fashion something to cover it up. I can't imagine there would be many war veterans in student bars on a saturday night but I'm not taking any chances. hopefully it will just look like a dominatrix army officer or something.
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Well then just say that you lost a bet or something.
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Well I had a halloween party last night. Actually it was a long story. It started out at one of my friend's houses and was planned to move to another friend's house, but her parent's were really late leaving her house. So, since my house was empty, we all went to my house for a while, then went to the friends house who we were originally supposed to go to in the first place, hung out there for a long time. She has a bunch of woods behind her house and a pet cemetary so we went there and spooked out all the girls. It was tons of fun cause they were all freaked out, so a bunch of the guys just snuck off into the bush to scare the girls while I stayed with them, meaning when they were all scared and stuff they definately clung to me. After that we went back to my house and finished watching the movie.
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so you didnt get laid? for shame.
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Sex is not THAT big of a deal!

So sayeths the Virgin!