Fess up...
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  • Posted On: Sep 13 2013 8:10am
dunno if it's speed reading, I've always seen that portrayed as scanning a page then turning it. I've just always read really fast. I had college level reading comprehension when I was five so books have always been my thing.
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  • Posted On: Sep 17 2013 1:31am
seriously, this is weird but I will fess up to the fact that I thought this fellow on my FB was Seth for like six years now... he sent me a friend request at like the exact moment Seth said he was sending me one... and he lived in London and was a Dj so I thought it WAS Seth... but I guess Seth sent me a friend request at a later date and I never realized who was who :-p I have honestly had this stranger on my FB for six years thinking it was Seth...

:O o_O :D

Its weird, I haven't even looked at my FB page in over two years, one day I shall have to remember my password for the site.

I keep telling my friends this, and yet I still get messages from FB saying someone sent me something about something.

I am, 'socially unnetworked' , generally speaking.

This past year or two I have been in a kind of purposeful self-isolation, which I am slowly emerging from.

I won't bore you all with the details, but its nice to see the place being visited again. I have posted on and off.

How is everyone? Good I hope?
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  • Posted On: Sep 17 2013 2:31am
Welcome to the land of the living!

Of course, coming from TRF, that's ironic...
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  • Posted On: Sep 17 2013 2:37am
Hey, brother!

Exact same situation, bud. Past four years the SSRIs had me depressive phasing fairly consistently, aka Hermitsville USA with brief bouts of social mania.

Now that I'm finally on meds that work, I'm REALLY manic and reconnecting with EVERYONE, especially YOU guys. The Force Wars is as much an ode you you, Omnae, and Ahnk as it is anything. Wilkar, too. WHERE IS WILKAR?

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  • Posted On: Sep 17 2013 2:47am
I damn well hope not!

And thanks Om! Heh, i feel the time is right, ;)

You've certainly been busy Zark, and I did get your messages, they threw me somewhat initially, lol

(FB messages get sent to my email)
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  • Posted On: Sep 17 2013 10:55am
Well if you or Omnae or ANYONE has Wilkar's contact shit, forward him my blast and we'll see what we see.
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  • Posted On: Sep 20 2013 3:43pm
Yo Zarkus, I'm finally out of university so looking to start writing again. I'm not on AIM anymore but check you PMs for my email
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  • Posted On: Sep 20 2013 7:55pm
Hey! Welcome back amigo!

Good timing!

Also, Happy Belated Birthday! (Pretty sure it was a day or two ago, depending on timezones. )

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  • Posted On: Sep 20 2013 8:05pm
you know, it's been so long ago that the last I heard of most you was that you were in college... what's every one up to now a days?