Fallout 4
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  • Posted On: Nov 17 2015 3:24pm
@ Seth - The settlement thing threw me at first and then I found I could breakdown a ton of stuff for materials and I proceeded to build a wall around my settlement turning into a compound (what is it with Americans and their walls?).  I left one entrance open and stuck 4 turrets (2 outside x 2 inside) covering the entrance (if attackers can knock down walls I am going to be seriously pissed...lol).

I also walled the Drive In and found that settlements do not share resources.   I did not realize that when I helped a nearby town, that also became a settlement who's happiness I need to worry about it.  I stuck a couple of turrets there to keep the locals in line (ha ha!).

I am still figuring out the power situation and how it wall hooks together.  My people have beds but forget chairs.  They need to be working the farm, not sitting on their butts.

Man, this game really brings out the dictator in oneself!

Battlefront - I think it comes out today and I will be getting this as well at some point.  Let me know what you guys thing.  Can I play a stormtrooper and gun down me some rebel scum?
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  • Posted On: Nov 18 2015 1:06pm
You get switched back and forth on sides between battles, but yes, you can.