Anybody know this guy?
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  • Posted On: Nov 10 2011 12:59am
So you're leaving for real this time? Like really, really leaving? Or really, really, really leaving?

Just checking because this is the second time in one thread you have left...

I'd like go back to enjoying our stories while you go back to yours.

*Joins the laughing while shaking head club*
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  • Posted On: Nov 12 2011 3:01am
Hahaha what is this shit?
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  • Posted On: Nov 13 2011 6:53am
Awww, fuck.

Did I miss it? Shit.

Only fuckin' excitement around here in what seems like years and I miss it?

I blame Xilen.
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  • Posted On: Nov 14 2011 12:52pm
I thought Zark summed it all up pretty well to be honest.

For the record 'twas I who set the CT joke for new members, I thought it was amusing at the time.

At least I think it was me, it was so long ago now, I barely remember doing it.
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  • Posted On: Nov 15 2011 5:24pm
Trolls suck no matter where one goes
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  • Posted On: Nov 28 2011 12:02am
That's it. I'm turning this damn car around.
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  • Posted On: Dec 4 2011 9:57pm
Aw man...