Senator Ekan
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  • Posted On: Mar 6 2021 3:32am
Really digging Shattered Mirror.  I especially appreciated how  you incorporated that rubbish called 'the Sequel Trilogy".  Very interesting story.
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  • Posted On: Mar 14 2021 2:44pm
Trying to make sense of our timeline is always going to require a little mental gymnastics, but I think the ideal thing to do is to say "listen, TRF has no official timeline; here are a few timeshapethingys, that might be hypothetical timelines, but, if you want to make your own temporal circle, sure, that's okay too, there's no such thing as a canon timeline, we prefer to think of TRF as canon balls in a cyclical orbit".

I dislike the idea of a canon timeline to begin with because it means having to either disregard the EU or disregard what Disney does going forward. I say, why not both?

That said, getting compliments from you always leaves me feeling sort of weird. If I could describe it in a soundless video, it would be thus.

BTW, I buzzed you on the book and haven't heard back. What's the best way to reach you?