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  • Posted On: Jul 14 2015 4:09pm
I threw together an archive site last night: http://archive.rebelfaction.org with the old Rules and the Biographies forum. I'm going to keep working on it tonight and get it to a place where I can export the entirety of a forum and its children: ie: the content of a group forum.

So, speaking of content, how sensitive is all the stuff in the group boards? This archive has no support for permissions, it's literally just a way for me to export a board to flat HTML that someone could store anywhere (easy to save to your personal computer). I imagine some people would rather that content of the old Group forums didn't become public en-mass? Or does anyone really care?

It's easiest for me if I create one big massive archive with no regard to former permissions, but if there is a concern about previously private conversations, I can switch things around and produce group-specific archives that group owners could receive and handle as they see fit.