Hey Imperials (and Staff), look at this! I'm taking your planets away!
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  • Posted On: May 28 2015 8:53pm
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So, you are saying 6 worlds for no more interference by you into TNO affairs, yes?  
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  • Posted On: May 28 2015 9:01pm
Uhh, not me; I will of course continue to interfere in all sorts of dastardly, Rebel-ish ways. But this endeavor, led by Jarvis Ragnar, has come to an end, and the constituent parts of said endeavor have ceased their hostilities against the Empire, either by total subjugation or mutual agreement. 
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Did you save the convo where you and Kraken made the agreement?
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  • Posted On: May 28 2015 11:26pm
Our correspondence was by PM, so I've still got all of it. Here are copies of all of the relevant bits . . .


6:38pm 17/01/11
Hi there.

I don't know to what extent you are aware, but I spent a good deal of time in Cataclysm (as Jarvis Ragnar) establishing rebel operations in both the Kathol and Elrood sectors. At the end of the thread, the Kathol Republic declared its independence from the Empire, and it now appears as an independent group in the Planets List. The individual planets of the Kathol Republic that were held by the Empire, however, still appear as belonging to the Empire.

This may be an oversight on Omnae's part, but I doubt it. I suspect he didn't want to hand over five planets from one faction to a rival faction without any input from the group being taken from.

What I'm hoping is that you would be willing to work out a "deal" of sorts, an rp where the total independence of the Kathol Republic is established, while at the same time the rebellion in the Elrood Sector is crushed (maybe dealing some damage to the mainline Alliance forces, as well).

I have various and sundry ideas about the potential rp, but I don't really want to bother discussing it unless you're interested.


1:10am 18/01/11
Yes, I'm interested. That sounds like a good compromise to me, and would fit in well with a planned storyline of mine. As for Sullust, now that Wes is back, I'll be discussing with him whether or not he wants to finish the thread or have me go ahead and finish it.

There's a good bit of exchange here where I pitch my plan to Park, he tells me I'm an idiot, I explain how I'm not an idiot, he disagrees, I explain further, and he finally says:

4:45pm 16/02/11
Okay well, that could just be the case of intention never having been written. In that case, I guess we can proceed with the thread as you've outlined it.

Then a lot of time passes, so I check in on Park again to make sure I'm not stepping on any toes . . .


6:51pm 19/09/13
So we've talked before about the current and future state of the Empire, but it's been a while, and I don't know what your plans are now, so I thought I'd check in and see what was going on. At present, I've got four separate points of interaction my various characters are likely to have with the Empire, so I'll give you the briefest version I can of each, and you let me know what you can about how they'll work with your plans.

1. Jarvis Ragnar, my Alliance character, is going to try to take Elrood Sector from the Empire. I want him to fail, hard, preferably with the Grand Fleet teaching him a lesson, if it's still around. We could actually set that slightly into the past, if it helped you any, anytime up to the conclusion of Cataclysm, actually. As a result of the particulars of this story, Bothan Space and the Kathol Republic would be abandoned by TNO. This is a plan we had agreed upon back in the day, but I understand that things change, if you're no longer satisfied with that . . .


9:28pm 19/09/13
This actually works out quite well for my plans in regards to the current Imperial/Republic conflict started by Zark in the current thread. 

The End theme would be for TNO to lose some of it's isolated worlds, ideally the less fortified ones, while retaining some of the other ones thanks to reinforcements . . .


10:01pm 19/09/13
Great. Awesome. Wonderful. If that's the case, I'll probably start working on my first post with Jarvis soon. You can get an idea of what he's planning, and see how sad it's going to be for him when you totally kick his ass.

Then Force Wars happens.

First Jarvis Post: 3:55pm 21/09/13

First Park post: 9:44pm 30/09/13

Second Park post, acknowledging “Non-Aggression Treaties” with the Kathol Republic and Bothans, and ordering Imperial shipbuilding infrastructure to be removed from Bothawui: 6:41am 11/10/13

Second Jarvis Ragnar post: 8:47pm 07/11/13

(At some point, probably somewhere in here, Park is no longer active. So I finish the thread.)

Final Jarvis Ragnar post: 8:40pm 08/01/14

Then Park starts an OOC thread saying he's officially going inactive at TRF. He pops back in months later, saying he's back in action, and asking if he missed anything. I answered him with:
I did go ahead and RP the defeat of Jarvis Ragnar's rebellion in the Elrood Sector at the hands of the Grand Fleet of the Mid Rim Protectorate, though. That's in the Force Wars thread. Also the Empire gave up its claim to Bothan Space and the Kathol Sector as part of that story.

He never responded. The end.
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  • Posted On: May 30 2015 5:32am
Well, it looks like things are well in hand then.  I don't have an issue with Kathol stuff going to the Alliance.