Dear Organa.
  • Posted On: May 20 2004 3:14am
I don't really feel like dragging this into a public forum, but I just thought I'd make this thread so you don't delude yourself into thinking that you throwing a fit and demoting me because I refuse to read your posts will shut me up.
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  • Posted On: May 20 2004 3:26am
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  • Posted On: May 20 2004 3:38am
Agreed. :S


Translation: "I'm Gash Jiren, biatch!"

:rollin :rollin :rollin :rollin :rollin

Sorry Gash, but you kinda had that comment coming.

The situation... not so much, IMO. But who knows? I might be next.
  • Posted On: May 20 2004 3:43am
Not likely. Didn't you know Ahnk? I'm the source of literally all problems on TRF.
  • Posted On: May 20 2004 3:45am
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  • Posted On: May 20 2004 4:01am
Meh. I dunno.
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  • Posted On: May 20 2004 4:02am
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  • Posted On: May 20 2004 4:15am

Nobody is 'next' and I don't seem to recall having ever accused Gash of being the root of all TRF problems. Yes Gash, you are the devil and I dedicate my every online moment to devising a way to foil you because I have this horrible old personal vendetta.... :gshifty

Nor am I stupid or arrogant enough to openly embark on some self righteous crusade to make Gash turn into something he most obviously is not, or any other person here for that matter. Not only would that imply that I think myself superior to everyone else (which I don't), but damn would it be naive. Like it isn't obvious that by stepping out of bounds and demoting him of my own accord I have somehow challenged him to prove some point, which he probably would be most happy to do.

Not to mention I seem to have effectively found the thinnest patch of ice on the pond and stomped on it till it cracked. But let's face it.

- Gash shouldn't be staff, it isn't good that he rarely troubles himself with displaying common decency, intead usually choosing to shoot for the remark that bites most.

- I shouldn't be ezop because things like this happen, and...

- Ahnk should have that nomination for sexiest Canadian of the year but he doesnt.
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  • Posted On: May 20 2004 4:30am
Godammit, now what?
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  • Posted On: May 20 2004 4:36am
Godammit, now what?

Recon started it.

And... wasn't it you who just told me anyways that if you had something to tell someone, that was what AIM was for? (when you were criticizing the 'stupid thread' I had with Gue about Alderaan).

Uh, no, that would have been me.