Corise - Question about Kashan
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  • Posted On: Aug 13 2015 7:58pm
Hey Corise,

I have the impression that the Kashan were Alderranean refugees and I would like to know if that impression is true or not.  I started writing the next Curse the Darkness post and before I get too far into it, I thought I better clear that up.
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  • Posted On: Aug 13 2015 9:35pm
The first wave of settlers were a mix of Alderaanians and Kuatis, but the second wave brought in a variety of people from across the galaxy, but they were people known to the original settlers.  A good number of the Houses are of Alderaanian descent (House Thorn 100% alderaanian, House Lucerne (50% Alderaanian / 50% Kuati).  There's probably a couple more minor houses that I've written as being purely Alderaanian, but I don't recall them off the top of my head.
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  • Posted On: Aug 13 2015 9:57pm
Here was my train of thought:

I was using your House Wars from Kashan as the origin of the mysterious bad guys who, behind the scenes, subvert Confed and, to a lesser extent,  Co-op.  In thinking about the reasons for that House War to come about I found myself hitting a wall because you write your people as pretty reasonable people and what makes reasonable people unreasonable is the interjection of emotionalism.   :)

So I was thinking if your refugees were Alderaanian, a source of conflict between these Houses could be Identity.  Some still viewing themselves as Alderaanian, as victims and therefore holding onto the hatred and anger regarding the loss of their world due to whims of others.  They would focus on past.  Then there would be those others who seek to put the past behind them and create new identity as "Kashan" looking to future.  That clash of identities could spill over into war... and those that lose would be the ones that just could not move forward.   And it would be those that lost who would love to drag down those pesky, industrious Contegorian creation that the victors went on to build.

Anyway, what do you think?
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  • Posted On: Aug 13 2015 11:53pm
Evil Alderaanean? For some reason I like the sound of that.
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  • Posted On: Aug 14 2015 12:22am
Evil Alderaanians is something they've explored in SWTOR, apparently, with evil Royal Houses, no less.

Om, I regret that I haven't fully finished "Prelude to a New World" ( ), but it's at the point where the seeds for the House Wars are laid down, and the war is about to ignite soon.  I'm not going to give out all of the plot or its twists, but the nature of the House Wars as I've written it is that a certain Alderaanian House Lord (Lord Kellington) is attempting to make his holdings on Kashan a Rebel Alliance safe haven.  He's been smuggling in a variety of rebel sympathesizers through the ship's he's borrowed from Matthew Lucerne.  

The powerhouse trio of Kashan (House Lucerne, Tier, & Thorn), are trying to maintain a neutral, hidden area during the Galactic Civil War.  It's a problem for them to have Alliance forces on the world; especially since they worry it'll bring back the Empire to Kashan.  So in essence, I was going to have the House Wars be about the powerhouse trio of Kashan leading most of the other houses against House Kellington, a couple of other supporting houses, and the Rebel Alliance.

Feel free to shoot me a PM about any specific questions.  I'm going to try and not give away too much more of the plot quite yet.
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  • Posted On: Aug 14 2015 12:45am
I think they should seek vengeance by creating a giant space station (perhaps the size of a small moon?) with an Uberlaser that can blow up Cree'Ar planets.

You could call it a 'Doom-moon'
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  • Posted On: Aug 17 2015 6:52pm
Good to know.  I will think of something else since you are going to be throwing in some twists to your origin story.  I look forward to reading when you continue it..