Xionti - Boon for the Confederation or Silent Declaration of War by the Coalition?
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  • Posted On: Jun 8 2015 10:31pm
*compressed data packet*

Xionti – Boon for the Confederation or Silent Declaration of War by the Coalition?
While the state of the galaxy seems to be eroding at a rapid rate due to a multitude of problems (you know, like war or pestilence), it seems what will be the final stab in our collective brains putting our civilization out of its misery is stupidity.

Case in point:  With the Reaver pestilence carving out a sixth of our galaxy, a race of brutal beings known to carry out acts of piracy on a variety of fronts and enslave worlds feigned concern over the galactic ramifications (if any) of the planet Xionti leaving the Galactic Coalition and joining the Contegorian Confederation.  Even if the audience could buy that the program representatives of two different, violently opposed people (enslavement can do that) put aside their divide to come together for this galaxy-shattering report, did they have to use the audio/visual component of the holonet?  I would say that I would have preferred a program regarding the fascinating story of how both the slaver and enslaved came together to work out their differences to a point where they can stand each other’s company for such a program.  What successful changes did their respective cultures implement and perhaps the ramifications of a greater impact on intersystem affairs if applied on a galactic level or some such?  However, they would probably still broadcast over audio/visual holonet signal rendering their audience moot….since they would be dead.  Or Reavers themselves.

The Reaver scourge has not been eradicated and while there has been some success (most notably the Cooperative) in removing this scourge from certain worlds, they have not been able to render the area themselves ‘Reaver Free’.  Space between planets, between systems is immense and in that space can hide certain doom.   The effect of the Reavers in galactic commerce has been crippling impoverishing many once wealthy planets.  The effect to galactic communications even more so given the remarkable attraction such comms have with Reaver vessels.  God help me, it is not the Reaver fleet over an Outer Rim backwater world that haunts my sleep as much as the single infected ship in orbit around an ecumenopolis.  By necessity, holonet communications galaxy-wide has diminished to unprecedented levels with the destruction of transmitter/receiver relays by conflict and the voluntary shut-down of the system in and around Reaver space the taxing of the remaining grid has been extreme.  Many governments have begun to implement and enforce text only transmission packets to alleviate the stress to the system until such a time as the Reavers can be eradicated and relays replaced. 

Perhaps these Young Tofs did not get the message.  Perhaps common sense has just left them.  Perhaps it was always absent.  For if I were to risk attracting Reavers by downloading the large file transmission, I would hope that file would be something more…substantial.

Perhaps, perchance, how they achieved racial peace when it seems to evade most galactic groups?

But that is just me.  Imagine my disappointment.
While we waited for these Young Tofs to go back and forth as to whether the timing of both the Galactic Coaltion’s and Contegorian Confederation’s announcement hid a more nefarious purpose, we began to realize that we have wasted several minutes of our lives (and possibly Reaver travel time that could better be used packing).  Of course the Galactic Coalition and the Contegorian Confederation knew of the change in alliances with the planet Xionti prior to the announcement.  An inhabited planet withdrawing from a greater planetary union will inflict change on said union.  To simply sever immediate and irrevocable association before laying the groundwork for such severing would greatly damage both parties.  Again, a generous application of common sense would have allowed us the time to at least pack our underwear before the Reavers attack.  A friend sells his hovercar to a neighbor one day.  The next day, they announce the sale to their friends and family.  Does that mean the sale happened at the moment of the announcement?  Of course not!  This is not an attack of a Tof pirate on an unsuspecting Nagai cruiser.  So too with planetary associations, treaties and alliances. 

But no matter, these Tofs are, after all, young.
What is the excuse of the people of Xionti?
It seems they spent most of their association with the Galactic Coalition in various attempts to leave and join some other group or faction.  With each unsuccessful vote, the government seemed to change hands and another attempt made with yet another galactic association.  The question remains:  Why did they join in the first place if they were going to invest so much of their time and money leaving?  And secondly:  Why didn’t they just leave already?

It is not like they had to have another galactic government lined up before they could secede.  They could have just up and left.  But no, they just could not decide on which other galactic government they wanted to saddle with their ungrateful presence with.

What was the issue that finally prompted action from them?  The people of Xionti seemed to take exception to the Galactic Coalition’s Eastern Province capital, Teth, honoring its treaty obligations by taking in refugees.  You see, it seems that the Xionti do not consider Coalition citizens forced to seek refuge on another member world as Coalition citizens.  Since they are not a member world (if they do not have a world), the Coalition treaty no longer applies.  I guess they assume the planet itself makes the treaty rather than its people!

It is truly a lesson in extreme cultural narcissism and lack of empathy for their fellow Coalition members.

In this one’s humble opinion, the Galactic Coalition is all the more better with the Xionti departure.  And what did they get out of the deal?  An uninhabited world with mining rights for needed resources.  For, with their proximity to Reaver Space, there will be other refugees that the Coalition’s Eastern Province is more than capable of taking in given their experience during the Dragon conflict.  

Personally, I wouldn’t wish the Xionti on anyone until they tasted a good measure of humble pie.  Which is why, I wonder if the Coalition did not secretly encourage the Confederation to offer Xionti membership.  It would have to be truly a despicable, deplorable act and one tantamount to a declaration of war.  I joke but, really, what does the Confederation benefit from a planet full of Nimrods?

 ~ The Statesman