Vellixum Enterprise Owners Revealed...
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  • Posted On: May 1 2010 3:59am
MC80 Luxury Liner Vellixum, in orbit via Denon

The green-skinned columi leaned in the back of his hoverchair, contemplating the stars outside the bay window viewport. The alien sighed. They will soon be here. The door chime rang, and several beings floated through the doorway. The alien’s wide eyes bored into each of their eyes as they entered.

“Thank you for coming, gentlebeings,” stated the Columi plainly, “I understand you have some questions for the company.”

One of the journalists raised his hands, “Why did you hide the original ownership of Vellixum Enterprises?”

The columi remained motionlessly, “Coming back into the galaxy of decades of isolation was a controversial choice for our people. And it remains so for many of our people, and given the democratic nature of our people, it took some time to discuss and vote on this change. I am pleased to say that the majority of Vellixum Enterprises shareholders have to decided to reenter the galactic society. No longer can we hide in isolation from the rest of the galaxy. We have realized that we can no longer hope to survive in this tumultuous galaxy without outside interaction.”

“Is that why you have decided to travel around the galaxy in this liner?”

“Yes,” said the Columi, “we have decided that we must have face to face interaction with the galaxy. That is why we meet in person now. That is why we have reassigned our former agents to other tasks.”

“Rumor has it that you are here at Denon to discuss a takeover of Stellar Enterprises. Is that true?”

“I will not answer that question.”

The journalist pressed harder, “Rumor has it that it was you you used Columi telepathy to engineer those takeovers of other companies.”

“As the CEO of Vellixum Enterprises,” said the Columi, “I can tell you that those statements are false…”