The League of Nations leaves the Empire only to join… the Empire
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  • Posted On: Jun 10 2015 11:10pm
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The League of Nations leaves the Empire only to join… the Empire
Ambassador Fyodor Tsibul, of the former League of Nations, is noted for taking a stand against tyrants and warlords.  The Office of the Speaker clarified this stance when he made mention that the name held by their association of planets was “thrust upon us” by the Empire.  Obviously, there seems to be no love lost between the League of Nations and the Empire and probably for good reason.
While the current animosity between the two organizations may be well deserved, when one harkens back to the actual creation of the League of Nations, one wonders what actual benefit the existence of the League brought to the Emperor?  There had to be some self-serving element to the creation of this League and yet, for the most part, member worlds were granted independent-nation status.  The only trick being that it was up to these nation-worlds to figure out a way to work together towards a common goal as long as such goals were not contrary to the Empire.  However one may look at this, it was a very un-imperial act at the time and we all waited, holding our collective breath for the Empire to reverse its decision and simply conquer the organization whole.
Ironically, the Empire need not have bothered.
For while Ambassador Fyodor Tsibul is noted for taking a stand against tyrants and warlords, he also, in the same breath, took exception to two other qualities that raise one’s eyebrow, namely, neutrality and independence. 
Now, that cannot be as bad as it sounds right?   As long as the League of Nations becomes an organization noted for making decisions that would differentiate them from their Imperial founders, wise decisions based upon careful consideration and due diligence, why not?
The League obviously hated that their decisions had to be marred by Imperial considerations and so broke free to become truly an independent organization.  But, according to Ambassador Tsibul, that was not far enough.   It was not enough to simply stop taking into account Imperial considerations but to go farther, wanting the League to act opposite whatever Imperial considerations there were.  Again, we all waited, holding our collective breath for the Empire to reverse its position and conquer the organization whole.  Or at least, hurt it with great retribution.
Again, the Empire need not have bothered.
For the Ambassador’s (and the League’s) grand direction and wise decision making took it into the arms of the Commonality.  At first glance, one might think they were merely changing their name to further distance (and sever completely) themselves from their Imperial roots.  And yet, the Commonality, based out of Columex, is not unknown on the galactic stage.
So, fleeing the Empire’s sphere into independence, the League went ahead and shed their independence and fled into the sphere of the Commonality.
Naturally, the activities of this Commonality would echo the sentiments of the Ambassador as well as the rest of the League of Nations, yes?
So let’s take a look at Columex’s major policies:

  1. They joined the Confederacy, an organization that was instrumental in destroying the Galactic Republic and giving rise to the Empire.  In fact, many Confederate worlds, representatives enjoyed good favor within the Empire.
  2. Then, as a member of the Empire, they worked hard to maintain profit and good business relations.  And when those profits ran dry when Palpatine was defeated, what did this organization decide?
  3. They refused to join the New Republic, an organization that could not be farther from the Empire’s ideals!

Of course, one may bring up the point that all that was in the past.  Look at what the Commonality is doing now and so, yes, let us take a gander.  They have brokered a relationship with the Jedi Enclave on Ossus.  Surely, that in itself is proof that the Commonality wants nothing to do with the Empire, yes?
Except that, by linking themselves with the Enclave, they position themselves against the Cree’Ar Dominion.
Except that, by positioning themselves against the Cree’Ar Dominion, they are also siding with the Empire, who is in a state of war with the Cree’Ar and has offered Jedi safe haven within their borders.
Yes, the League has gone so far that it has come full circle.  No doubt, the Empire welcomes their association.
~ The Statesman