Spiral News Debut: Evocar Liberated!
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  • Posted On: Feb 16 2012 3:12am
Static sparks across the open holonet channel, it had been so for some time before suddenly the snow of nothingness stuttered and faded into a swirling galaxy emblem. Music began to play as the camera zooms out from the image to a table with a man in a black suit, grey hair and glasses sat with a few pages before him. The music built to a crescendo before finally dying away as the man gave a charming smile to any soul watching before beginning to speak.

"Hello, one and all, I'm Max Vertigan and this.... is Spiral News. We are proud to be the first transmission and news program to begin broadcasting on the Enclave Holonet though admittedly you may be viewing a rebroadcast from various relay stations as the Enclave Holonet is free to watch for all galactic citizens," Vertigan said with a grin as he shuffles his papers and turns to face another camera which cuts away so he's facing the viewers again.

"Our inaugural story is one of great celebration. The Free State Enclave has just completed its liberation campaign of Evocar," Vertigan said almost smuggly before blinking as if struck by a thought.

"Ah yes, for those of you unfamiliar with galactic history, the world in questions was and has been referred to as Nal Hutta for the past several millenia. However, for a better look at this story you may query: Nal Hutta, Evocar, Evocii and Liberation. We now go to Voma Dilg for an on planet report. Voma?" Vertigan asked as he looked off-screen to a monitor.

The channel shifts to a Rodian female standing in what seems to be the center of a city under reconstruction. Droids and soliders are helping and moving about while civilians are also clearing debris.

"Thanks, Max. As you can see behind me, Enclave efforts have already begun following the rather swift and overwhelming campaign carried out by Praetor Xim and the Enclave Legions. The war was like most in this era, short and brutal. Whole city blocks were sadly leveled in the fighting though thankfully civilian casualties were low," Voma said as she looks on the camera before the screen split as a second image box opens to show Vertigan's face.

"So, Voma, would you say spirits are high on Evocar since its liberation?" Vertigan asked curiously.

"Quite high, Max, considering the world was notorious for the despondent poverty gap maintained between the wealthy Hutt overlords and the rest of its population. It is no wonder that when the Enclave started its attack many locals rose up to support it, the only fighters left for the Hutts were mercenaries and those deeply entrenched in the Hutt control structure," Voma replied smoothly.

"Quite interesting, so what of these Hutts who sided with the Enclave?" Vertigan inquired with a raised eyebrow.

"Consul Sabrino has issued a general amnesty for what he is referring to as their patriotic actions. They will be granted Enclave citizenship while those Hutts who resisted and were taken alive are being transferred to Nar Shaddaa for their eventual trials," Voma said as she shifts stances some.

"I understand there has been some debate in the Enclave Assembly over this, yes?" Vertigan pressed.

"That's right, the Militarists are pushing for military tribunals in closed sessions while the Populists want open public trials. The Moderates have been trying to find a middle ground that all parties will be able to find acceptable. So far its looking to be closed civil trials with news feed access simply for security purposes. Admittedly Roban Hol's faction in the Militarists are still trying to press for closed tribunal. Consul Sabrino and his Moderates are remaining steadfast in their compromise though," Voma said with a slight nod.

"Ah, so then how about the settlement plans? Are the Evocii taking to their retaken home?" Vertigan asked after sipping from a glass of water given to him by a staff droid.

"So far the Evocii are eager to reclaim their stolen home world, Max. They praise the Enclave for its actions and help. Admittedly it will take years to truly make the world theirs again, but the Sabrino Foundation has stepped in to offer what assistance it can with make Evocar worth living on for its returned children," Voma said and pulled out a handkerchief to wipe away what might have been a joyful tear.

Images of Evocii being helped by aid workers all with armbands bearing the Sabrino Foundation insignia on it can be seen. Sights of sickly children being given medical treatment or of workers helping to set up new homes and structures. Others are of workers helping to hand out supply packs before this all cuts away back the the grinning visage of Max Vertigan at his news studio.

"Thank you, Voma, we hope to hear more from you soon. For those of you interested in the long term plight of the Evocii since the theft of their home world, stay tuned for our documentary special: Orphan Race, The Suffering of the Evocii. For now, I'm Max Vertigan and you've been watching Spiral News. Stay tuned."

The image fades to the swirling galaxy emblem with music playing.