Special Report: Adega System Blackout, State of Emergecy Declared
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  • Posted On: Jul 16 2016 7:33pm
"Oh, 9-3PO! Can't you see our live is forbidden? For an Ithorian and a droid can never find true-"




Your regularly scheduled holosode of ...DROIDS OF OUR LIVES... has been interrupted for a GNN emergency report.

"Republic News and Associated Galactic Press aren't confirming anything so far, no, but we are getting scattered anecdotal reports all throughout the sector-"

"No, we haven't been able to get in touch with our affiliate stations on Ossus for several hours and from what we understand the situation is much the same with all the major networks-"

"The entire Adega system, and scientists are still scrambling to determine the precise imaginary line so to speak, but the entire system is silent-"

"So far, no communications, none at all, have been sent from Adega for six hours now, and we have no way so far of confirming whether any of our transmissions are reaching them-"

"I'm telling you, this is bigger than that. Bigger than the government, bigger than the Jedi, bigger than any of it! The holonet is one thing, but all the space lanes are closed down. I hear they keep sending rescue ships in, and they keep vanishing!"

"The Commonality government has been unwilling to comment so far, but several nearby third party sensor stations have been detecting vast gravitational anomalies from the vicinity of Adega Prime the likes of which many are saying they've never seen-"

"The rioting, which had quieted into mass protests several months ago, has flared up again across several member worlds. Parliament has been tight lipped and, beyond declaring a state of emergency, have announced little save that they would exhaust all possibilities to resolve the current crisis-"

"There was something going on on Ossus long before this 'anomaly'. Call me a conspiracy theorist, call me a wackjob, but there were serious travel advisories in place and a continued press embargo for most of the planet. Now I'm not saying I buy those Reaver invasion nutjobs, but the Commonality was hiding something about Ossus!"

"Its like a bubble. I know that sounds silly, but its really the only way to describe it in any way that makes sense. There is a bubble around the Adega system, so far as we can tell nothing gets in and nothing...gets out."

"I'll tell you why people are scared, and I think its time we talk about what no one wants to talk about, its those final transmissions-"

The following content is considered by GNN to be POTENTIALLY DISTURBING. Viewer discretion is advised.

"Many have called the Ossan representatives overly paranoid about the potential for atmospheric contamination. Officials responded that since there had never been a recorded attack so close to a world's orbit, that the precautions were-what's happening? What the hell is going on out there? I don't understand, its the middle of the afternoon. Dav, Dav where have the suns gone! Its the middle of the...

maker, the stars. Look at the stars! Its...everything."

Transmission ends.