Orilcian Times: League of Nations Dissolves, Forms Commonality
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  • Posted On: Nov 8 2013 4:10am
League of Nations Dissolves, Forms Commonality
by Charle Metheus

In a stunning display today on Obroa-skai, capital of the infamously neutral League of Nations, the League Assembly has voted two thirds in favor of ratifying a new Constitution of Laws and restructuring its entire system of governance.

Moving away from the loose trade and mutual defense agreements that until now so dominated its legacy, the League has adopted a new monikor as Commonality officials remain tight lipped on the nuances of the process.

Ambassador Fyodor Tsibul was available for comment and provided the Orilcian Times with the following statement:

"Today is a new beginning, not just for the League but for the people of Columex, for my people. For too long, we have lived in fear of tyrants and warlords, clinging to our independence and hiding behind our neutrality.

Today, the League of Nations decided to take a stand, a stand I am proud to be a part of. May the Force be with you; may it be with us all. Long live the Commonality."

In the coming weeks, a Galactic Congress will be formed to debate and eventually ratify a Constitution relevant to each individual Commonality world, hopefully ensuring fair and equal representation of member worlds, a chief complaint of certain League constituents throughout the past.

The Office of the Speaker released this brief statement shortly after the announcement of the vote's results: "The League of Nations began, many would argue, at the behest of an Empire so confident in their supremacy that they felt they could manipulate us with words as well as with action.

The name was thrust upon us, and in the spirit of what the League has become today, we stood up in the face of the greatest force of might the galaxy had yet known, and we said: we are independent.

But now is no longer a time for independence, no longer a time for each of us to go our own ways. We face threats all around us, threats that care not for our political aspirations or trade negotiations.

We have always, as a people, come together in times of great need and crisis. We are not becoming a Commonality, we always have been one. Today, we merely cast off the name given to us by those who would have deigned to call us subservient, and make a new name for ourselves.

The Commonality holds within it the traditions of Columex and the hope of Obroa-skai. It holds, too, my hope for the future of this galaxy.

Long live the Commonality."

Rumors flew earlier today that Obroa-skai would no longer be the League capital, but as we get more information it seems it will be sharing the responsibility of federal governance with Columex, each responsible for ensuring the interests of provinces local to their power base will be heard.

Many member worlds are still reeling from the news, and the question remains: could this spell the death of the League as we know it? A number of delegates from Coreward worlds are already whispering secession, viewing the auxiliary federal government on Columex as an attempt to undermine Obroa-skai's authority.

Only time will tell if this grand endeavor of Columex and Ossus will result in a new galactic player, or complete anarchy amidst one of the most potent political forces in the galaxy.

This is Charle Metheus, reporting from Obroa City, bringing you up to date coverage as the story develops.