INS Report: Enemy of the State
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  • Posted On: Aug 4 2008 3:56am
“Two freighter crews amounting to twenty three Imperial citizens were killed during the terrorist bombing of a spaceport on the moon of Nar Shadda earlier today. Estimates place the total number of dead around two thousand, including men, women, and children of dozens of races.

“This was only one of a number of terrorist bombings launched within the region commonly known as 'Hutt Space' today, a region which has recently seen a considerable increase of order and stability as a result of Imperial intervention. The atrocity was apparently orchestrated by this individual―” A hologram of a Ryn sprang to life next to the woman, who instinctively cringed at the sight of the alien “―a male Ryn by the name of Jarvis Ragnar.

“Based on the League world of Ojom and using a security company known as 'The Wandering Ones' as a front organization, Ragnar began amassing warships and weapons of mass destruction within Imperial Space several months ago. Imperial Judicial Forces moved into the Ojom system one month ago and apprehended Ragnar, dismantling much of his organization at that time.

“Unfortunately, Ragnar was able to escape as a result of outside interference from remaining elements of his criminal organization and the tardiness of the Ojom Security Forces to intervene. Several Imperial Judicial personnel were killed, and the possibility of Imperial sanctions against the government of Ojom for its failure to uphold Imperial Law remains a reality.

“Since his escape, Ragnar and the remainder of his terrorist group have begun a campaign of bloodshed and destruction throughout the Outer Rim, culminating in today's multiple bombings. The following message was broadcast throughout the Hutt-dominated region, coinciding with the mass-bombing and amounting to a declaration of responsibility:”

The holoimage shifted to show the face of Jarvis Ragnar, his cold, hungry eyes staring out at all who would look. “This is the face of Vengeance,” It said cruelly, blinking and breathing shallowly. “This is the face of Vengeance,” It repeated.

“Chilling. Unconfirmed rumors that Imperial High Command has specifically dispatched shoot-to-kill orders abound, and Imperial Justice will surely be soon in coming. No one escapes from the justice of the New Order, Mr. Ragnar. No one.

"In other news . . ."