Imperial High Command, Asleep?
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  • Posted On: Dec 14 2007 5:42pm
Imperial High Command, Asleep?

Simon Kaine, paragon and paradox, retires. In his stead Bhindi Drayson is elected to his former position and entrusted with the safe keeping of the Imperial New Order. But then what?

It seems that since the retirement of her predecessor Drayson has been increasingly elusive and withdrawn from the galactic stage. Our readers wonder, why? Following a period of intensified hostilities with the Galactic Coalition of Planets and the Contegorian Confederation, and perhaps a result of his many years of service, Simon Kaine abdicates power. And then very suddenly the Imperial High Command goes silent.

This journalist wonders what has transpired among the governing bodies of the Confederation, Coalition and Empire that so swiftly following his retirement the wars should go silent. Have we entered a new era of hidden hostilities; a cold war? Or is it just that with the loss of Simon Kaine the New Order can be compared to a headless chicken?

One wonders in this time of confusion; where is Regent Hyfe and what are his opinions on the matter?

Conversely, during this time of silence on behalf of the Imperial High Command, off-shoot branches of the military, namely the Imperial Guard and Imperial SS, have redoubled their activities at home and abroad and again this journalist wonders what the fate of the galaxy will be so long as these elite military subsidiaries are allowed to operate without oversight or cooperation with the High Command?

It is time to call out the Imperial High Command, silent these many months, to restore faith and order in the possibly ironically dubbed “New Order”. How long until Imperial law is violated by these independent factions within the Empire? For a societal government so bent on structure it seems a most perilous thing for the Empire not to present a unified direction now.

Rumblings abound about an invasion, planned by the Imperial Guard and aimed at the Contegorian Confederation, which was called off due, possibly, to this inequality in command. If such acts are allowed to exist, fruitless or not, this journalist asks why the Empire would continue this pretense without rules?

It is time for a change, as called for by Simon Kaine upon his retirement, but where is that change? Is silence the new edict for the Imperial High Command, or is it simply inactivity?

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Written by Iam McLoving, Independent Press Alliance.