Galactic Proclamations
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  • Posted On: Dec 30 2010 1:47pm
Galactic Proclamation for Force Users

The Galactic Empire hereby declares that its planets, ships, and space stations are now safe havens for force users of any kind, whether they are light, neutral, or dark in affinity of the force, and whether or not at one time they may even have been sworn enemies of the Empire. Any force user, from Jedi to sith, that seeks asylum within the Empire shall be immediately granted it, with any official refusing such to be met with severe and swift punishment. Furthermore, every effort shall be made to rescue force users in dire need of such, even if such acts must occur outside of the Empire's own borders, if so threatened by the Cree'Ar Dominion, with the proclamation lasting until such a time that the Cree'Ar Dominion is no longer considered a valid threat.

Galactic Proclamation for Reavers

The Galactic Empire hereby declares that its planets and space stations may be used by any private, commercial, or man-o-war flying the flag of any Galactic government not at presently open war with the Empire, for the purpose of tending to wounded, repositioning, or repairing such vessels, and in the case of vessels of war, providing munitions or additional weapons to those vessels as needed for the greater good of defeating the threat of the Reavers, until such a time that it can be determined that the Reavers are no longer a valid threat.

Messages delivered via Courier and/or Scout Ships to various Galactic Goverments and Imperial planets one day prior to general press release on Vladet.