Confederation Leaves Murk to Coalition Interests
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  • Posted On: Jun 3 2015 7:29pm
CCNS Newsfeed - Official Government Announcements

"Today Councilor Harding of Audacia announced that the Confederation would be leaving the planetoid known as Murk.  Murk is a large planetoid situated along the Sanctuary Pipeline in the Moddell Sector that has been mined by the government since the Confederation was part of the Coalition.  Citing its long distance from the rest of the Confederation worlds, and pointing out that the Confederation now has several mining worlds as member, Harding announced that the Council found it ill-thought to keep several thousand of its citizens and personnel in harms way and far from their families in order to continue mining operations.  But that was not the biggest surprise.  Reporter Lecke asked a bombshell of a question from the councilor.

The holo broadcast briefly switched over to show a holo of Harding, who briefly flipped a strand of his graying hair as Lecke asked him a question.

"Councilor Harding, what will happen to Murk after the CMF leaves?"

"Murk will fall into the custody of the Galactic Coalition," said the man slowly.

"Why is that Councilor?  Was there a backdoor deal made-"

"No," interrupted the councilor, "it's a matter of practicality.  If we were simply to leave the planetoid by ourselves without leaving it to anyone in particular, it would be irresponsible of us.  Pirates, smugglers, slavers, crime lords, any number of types of people could have easily taken up residence in there, and would be very hard to get out.  Since we do not want to rupture relations with our cousins so speak, who have colonies and nations nearby, nor those of any galactic government at large, we are handing off that responsibility to them.  In doing so, Murk will become sovereign Coalition territory.  It will be their problem to ensure that if they do not colonize it on their own, that it does not become a nest of pirates and other criminals.  In this way, I am proud to say that we are saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of credits that would otherwise have to be spent on maintaining a garrison on Murk to ensure that that did not happen.  Next question..."